Monday, November 29, 2010

Out w/ the Old and In w/ the New!

Cade said goodbye to his big boy bed last Tuesday!

For a queen size bed! I can't believe my baby is sleeping in a queen size bed! My in-laws gave us this bed when they moved. We didn't really know where to put it so, we thought why not put it in Cade's room. This way we actually have a room/bed for guests. This was Cade walking in to see his new bed. (Oh I'm waiting on his new bedding to arrive in the mail. I found a really cute quilt and shams for only $25, it was on sale plus I got free shipping!! I'll put up better pictures of his bed when that arrives.)

His reaction when he got on the bed! Connor was just as excited.

He got a little too overly excited, and threw a little temper tantrum.

Cade and Connor both trying out the new bed. They were both really pleased.

Cameron was concerned that maybe Connor might be jealous but, does this look like a jealous face to you? I doubt he realizes that the bed isn't even his!
The next morning when Cade woke up I asked, "Did you have a good night sleep?" He replied, "Cade's bed!" I think he slept just fine ;) Oh and then he went on to try and block Connor from getting on his bed.

Kiddo Table & Chairs!!

Cam's brother, Dave, and his wife, Lisa, gave us this table. It was originally used as a coffee table, but it's actually a bit too high for that. So, I thought it would make a perfect children's table! I forgot to take a picture before I started painting, but you get the idea.

Since I had the table I thought I should find some chairs so I could use them for Thanksgiving. I found these being sold on KSL with a table. I thought it was cool that it had a bench too! I talked them into giving me just the chairs, w/o the table, and for half the asking price, I still think they should've sold them for cheaper though, ugh.

Here they are finished, just in time for Thanksgiving!

I tried to antique the table, but I'm obviously not that great at it yet. I might go back and just pain it solid black.

I thought we needed some red furniture, so I chose the chairs.

The bench. I think they turned out pretty good. No I just need to figure out how to clean up all the black and red dust in my garage!!


Last Tuesday we went to the Legacy Center Pool with Lindsey and her son, Gabe. We had a lot of fun.
Lindsey hid her face right as I took the picture, not even on purpose! This was the only spot I could get my boys to play. Everywhere else they were freezing and whining.

I think the big bucket was dumping out in this picture, that's why Cade looks very surprised.

Connor liked to try and drink the water.

Cade did eventually get brave and play in the shallow end by himself....

And would run for his life whenever the bucket dumped the water. He was a little late this time.

Cade looks so grown up!

I just think Connor looks so dang cute here.

Connor likes to occasionally come up to me and grab my leg and give me hugs. I caught him in action here! His face is so precious.

Cade wanted to go up the stairs so bad, but he just couldn't find enough courage, poor little guy.
Thanks Lindsey and Gabe for the invite, we had a great time!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Buh-Bye Papa and Grandma!

Bye Papa 'Teve and Grandma, we will miss ya'll!
Cameron's parents just moved to AZ this past Friday. We are already missing them so much. I'm so sad my boys aren't going to have grandparents living near by. We hope they enjoy their new home and warm weather! But, hopefully we get visits often!

November So Far: Busy, Busy...

My friend Annie had a baby not too long ago, and whenever he comes over the boys can't keep their hands off of him!

I have tried Bountiful Baskets twice now, and I'm loving it! This is what I got the first time I tried it out. All for $15, and it's worth well over $50! It's cool b/c it forced us to try things we normally wouldn't have.

One day Connor just went up to Cade and sat in his lap out of no where! They thought it was funny.

Cade and Connor ganging up on their Daddy.

So, some of you ladies get just because flowers, well I got just because gelato!!! Yeah you better be jealous, it was so good! Cam knows how much I love this stuff ;)

Cade cleaning the spatula after making brownies. I told him not to get any on himself, of course he didn't listen ;)

The boys fell asleep on the drive home from visiting Cameron in Salt Lake one day.

The other day Connor KEPT climbing on this chair and KEPT getting stuck under the table. It's like he never learned! Seriously, he did it several times! Look at his face, haha. He was not happy.

Cade thought it would be fun to switch off pj tops and bottoms. It was cute!

I finally finished decorating the alcove in the hallway upstairs!!! My mother-in-law gave us the little tree and tricycle. I had the other stuff up there for a while now, I just didn't really know how to complete it. What do you think? Should I hang the picture or leave it leaning on the wall? Cam likes it leaning, I just don't know...

A close up.

Cameron bundled Cade up one day in this blanket, he loved it!

Does this need any explanation whatsoever? He's so dang cute!

Animal Farm

Earlier this month, Wed. the 3rd, my friend from out old ward, Kristina, called me up out of no where and asked if I wanted to get together! She came over, we had lunch and after my boys woke up from naps we went to Animal Farm. It was so fun to get together again.

Kristina and her little guy Kade.

Connor walked around like he owned the place.

Cade was so excited to ride the pony.

I love getting the boys these suckers when we go, they're like smarties, so no mess!

Cade didn't want to take a picture w/ us.