Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Here!

So, I have been saving this wall for a temple picture, I didn't know when I'd ever get it, but I was saving the wall anyways. Cameron ordered this beautiful Nashville Temple picture for me for Mother's Day from Cultural Hall Home Decor. If any of you have been looking for a good looking Nashville temple picture then you know how hard it is to find, but I saw this one last Nov. or Dec. and have been wanting it ever since (we were married there). I wasn't expecting it for another couple of weeks (due to reasons told in a few posts earlier), but it came today!! I am so excited! It's perfect. He did a great job choosing the size and what to say on it. The top left corner says, " Long Family, Established August 2005, Nashville Temple." Have I mentioned how much I love it and how perfect it is? Great job Cameron!!! I love you!

Right in the entry way, just as I have imagined it! Can you tell I'm excited?!
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Cade's Big Boy Bed!

We are seriously horrible parents! Since we have moved into our house, we have made poor little Cade sleep in a pack-n-play! I bought him a toddler bed right before we moved but we didn't have a mattress to put on it. We have put off getting one up until Monday!!! I feel so horrible Cade has been so uncomfortable sleeping in that thing all this time. When we put his bed together though, he was so excited, well once he realized it wasn't time to go to bed and we just wanted him to play in it, he loved it!

Can you see the excitement?

Clapping his hands!

More clapping! Yay!!

I took one last picture before he went to sleep that night. The next morning he didn't get out of bed until about 9:15, and that's only when I went to check on him. He was laying in his bed w/ his eyes wide open. Poor little guy, he probably hasn't had one good nights sleep since we moved into our house, until now!

Only One More Month!!

I just can't believe my baby's birthdays are in one month!! Cade will be 2 on the 9th and Connor 1 on the 10th! Time just flies by so fast! Here are some random pictures from the past month.

This was actually on Mother's Day. I'm just so upset that I didn't get a picture of the boys together, Cade was dressed in a suit...they looked so handsome.

Cameron's softball season has started. We finally got to go to a game last Thursday because it was early enough where the boys wouldn't be up too late past their bed time.

Cade loved the whole experience. He made friends w/ strangers, played with a softball and loved watching his daddy hit the ball. I can't even begin to tell you how many times he said "ball" he had a blast.

We love to go on walks around our neighborhood when the weather is good enough. Last Monday, I think it was, we went on a walk and realized Connor wasn't making any noise. We looked at him and he had fallen fast asleep! I just couldn't believe it, he hardly ever falls asleep without putting up a fight, unless he's in bed!

Cade, for some reason, loves to sit on Connor. Connor likes it ok for a few seconds, then he gets extremely mad...I step in and help when Cade doesn't get the hint to get off.

Cade has seriously had a huge shoe fetish lately. He loves to wear mine and Cameron's shoes. He will go into my closet and try on several pairs of shoes and walk around in them.

Cade watching tv in our window seal.

Connor is loving sitting on his knees lately. Actually when this picture was taken, he hadn't figured out how to get out of that position, so he would scream at me until I helped. Luckily now he can get out of his kneeling position on his own. But, I just love seeing him kneeling on his chubby little legs, he is so cute!

Cade trying to be like Daddy. I actually bought him a cheap, plastic set of his own golf clubs at WalMart b/c of this day. Shh...don't tell him though, it's for his b-day ;)

Playing out on the deck, sharing Connor's finger foods.

Cade's goofy face.

Mother's Day

Sunday was my 2nd Mother's Day, and I loved it. Cameron woke up with the boys so I could sleep a little longer. When I finally got up Cameron was finishing up breakfast for me, he said he was just about to bring it up to me when I came downstairs. I just couldn't wait around any longer, we all needed to start getting ready for church. So, he made me wait on the stairs until he had the boys ready with my gifts.
This is what I saw!!!! So cute!!! The flowers were bigger than Cade so he was struggling, and Connor was having lots of fun playing with the card. My boys are so cute!

Cade giving me my flowers!

Aren't they beautiful? Didn't the "boys" do a good job?
After church the boys and I took naps and then we went to my in laws house. The guys, and some of the women, made us dinner consisiting of hamburgers, potato log type things, baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon, chips and ice cream, I think that's it...and it was wonderful!

Lisa just had her third baby Saturday morning, was released Sunday evening and then came over right after!! She was amazing! I couldn't believe how well she was doing. This is Lisa with #3 baby, Cassidy. She is beautiful!

The boys wishing Grandma a Happy Mother's Day!

Grandma bouncing the Cade on a ball.

Connor made his way to the ball and demanded a turn too!

Right before we went home that night. The boys were so tired, this was the best picture I could get of all 3 of us. Happy Mother's day to me!! And, it wouldn't be right if I didn't take the time to wish my wonderful Momma a Happy Mother's day as well. She definitely deserves it! I love you Momma.

Oh, Cameron informed me that he bought me a temple picture that I've been wanting, but it wasn't ready to pick up when he went to get it. They were out of frames so they told him they would deliver it! I was so excited!

Friday, May 7, 2010

More Decorating...

After about 7 months of living in our house I finally finished decorating my mantle and entry way table!!! I've been buying some things here and there for the past while and was really pushed to finish when I decided to put together a potluck luncheon at my house for some ladies and their kids last week. I wanted to have it done, I thought that was a good enough excuse. My living room colors are orange, green and a pinkish red (I'm not sure what the color is called). I don't know if you really care where I got any of the stuff, but I will tell you anyways.
I got most of these items at Ross and TJ Maxx. And, I got the clock at Seagull Book and the little colored candles at Smith's Marketplace.

I still need to find a picture to put in the frame. Actually the frame was just $1 b/c there are some missing tiles, but it's hidden well behind the green mug ;)

Most of the items on the table I already had. Actually, the two taller candles I originally got from Smith's Marketplace for the mantle, but I switched them when they didn't go w/ the other items I got. The mirror (which I have cleaned since then) I have had for a few years, the glass vase, from Pottery Barn, was given to me when I got married, and the limes and balls were left over from decorating my kitchen. Momma gave me the bowl for Christmas and I filled it w/ a bag of stuff from TJ Maxx (I don't know what it's called) and finally the smaller candle is from TJ Maxx as well.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Photo Shoot

Here are the photos that were taken of the boys at Olan Mills. We took them in b/c I had a free coupon, but then I was sucked into buying a few more than just the one free. I am having buyer's remorse now, I wish I would've just gone for the one free photo, especially now that I can view these online! I just couldn't choose just one! Oh and no, I did not buy all of these. I just found out I could get them off of their website!

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