Friday, April 5, 2013

After Baby Help

I'm sad to say these are the only pictures I have from my Nancy and Momma's visits.  I don't even have any pictures from Thanksgiving b/c I sadly washed my phone and destroyed it.  Here's the story... about a week and a half after having Maddox, I was feeding the baby, who then decided to spit all over me and the bed then, I was changing his diaper in which he decided to poop and it squirted all over, he then pee and it went all over.  Seriously, this happened all the time w/ this kid...I hardly had a diaper where he didn't poop while changing his diaper!  It was crazy!  I've never been pooped on or peed on more in my life..that's including my 2 previous children combined.  There was never one poopy diaper w/o having another one a few minutes later...but that's a whole different story.  Back to my bed... so after swimming in his nastiness, I threw off my bedding and threw it in the washer.  A while later I realized I hadn't seen my phone...I searched for it, couldn't find it and then had an instant memory of my phone being in bed w/ me.  I quickly went to the washer, which had just been completely filled w/ water and just beginning it's first cycle.  I reached in, went all the way to the bottom....ugh...I found it :(  It had been completely submerged   It was ruined!  Well after days of trying to save it, it was ruined.  No way of taking off any of my pictures or anything.  Luckily I had saved most of the hospital pictures and other important pictures to facebook.  But, like I said earlier, these are the only pics I have from their visits.

Nancy, my wonderful mother-in-law, was on call to come help out after I had the baby so she came to help out the Saturday, Nov 24th, after I had just a couple days after Thanksgiving (which was a lot of fun, but sadly I lost all those pics.  We spent it w/ Dave, Lisa and their kids, Geoff, Erin and Cora, and Cam's cousin, Micheal, Andrea and their kiddos.  They pretty much did everything!  We provided the space and they brought everything.)  She was so helpful, and totally took care of the boys while I caught up on much needed sleep.

The boys loved having her here.  Nancy stayed til the next Wednesday, just in time for my mom to come and help out.  Thanks Nancy for all your help!  We loved having you here.

Momma got here Wednesday, November 28th (2 days before my actual due date).  That next Monday she stayed w/ Maddox while we took the boys to Thanksgiving Point for Family Home Evening to visit Santa's Reindeer.

We met up w/ Geoff and Erin.

Checking out the ice sculpture of Frosty the Snowman.

We had ice cream and steamers after.

Later that week Cameron stayed w/ the baby while the boys and I took Momma to Temple Square for the Christmas lights.

The tabernacle choir was practicing in the conference center, so we decided to go listen for a little while.  The boys were wondering why the conductor was "dancing."  haha He totally was getting into it.

During his photo shoot!  Look how sweet!

Momma stayed til Saturday, Dec 8th.  We loved having her here.  We got to get out of the house a little bit, to a little bit of Christmas shopping, but mainly we relaxed at the house.  I love my momma! 

What a good big brother.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Maddox Stephen

Isn't this the cutest birth announcement ever?!  My cousin-in-law, Andrea, offered to make me any style announcement I wanted.  I found something like this on Etsy and she recreated, but made it even cuter!

Below are pictures taken by my good friend, Lori.  Didn't she do an amazing job?  Little Mad man was 11 days old here.  Oh, and there are a ton of pictures, I just posted them all b/c they're all so dang cute!


Maternity Photo Shoot

My wonderful friend, Annie, offered to take my pictures, and of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity for her to work her magic and make me look amazing!  She does great work huh?  If you ever want her to work her magic w/ you or your family you should totally book her, check out her website here.

We took these exactly a month before I had Maddox, so Oct 19th.  She made it so fun taking pictures.  I loved every second of it :)  She even helped put together my outfits and did my hair and makeup!  Like I said, she's amazing!  Thanks again Annie, you're the best!