Sunday, June 13, 2010

Take Me Out To the Ball Game...

So, since I already told you the story of how the party went yesterday due to the horrible weather, I'll just show pictures and tell you about them. I guess I should also give credit to the blogs I found the idea on, just in case you would like to copy the idea too ;) I originally got the idea from "How Does She" and then from there found more ideas from "Cap Creations". They are quite the creative girls.

This is the invitation that my wonderful sister, Bonny, was able to recreate from "How Does She" for the boys. Didn't she do a great job!? Thank you so much Bonny!!!

The baseball cake I made for the boys. It actually took a lot longer than I thought it would. The icing kept getting too warm and then it would droop down the cake. I just had to make sure to keep replacing the icing w/ a colder batch.

The cupcakes with the cupcake toppers I found from "Cap Creations".

Hot Dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks. We were supposed to have the crackerjacks sitting out on the table, but the wind kept knocking them down. So, Cameron came up with the idea to stick them in the box. The hot dogs are in reusable, plastic hot dog holders.

The hot dogs, we got 1/4 lb hot dogs from Costco for the adults, and the smaller once are underneath. Once again the wind kept trying blow everything away, so we had to put the silverware on the napkins and plates, it was supposed to look nicer, oh well, you get the idea.

The presents.

Chef Cameron slaving away. If you look to the left you can see some of the flooding we blocked off.

So after hot dogs we took it back to our place. Here's the set up there.

The boys eating their cupcakes after blowing out their candles. I never got a picture of them together where you can see their outfits! But, they had matching Lil' Slugger rompers on, very cute little guys. I have a video of us singing happy birthday and of the boys eating their cakes, I'll have to add that later. I'll probably just add it to the bottom of this post soon, so be watching for it. (Trick candles were involved this time for Cade;)

The inside of the cake. Half chocolate and half vanilla.

The banner I made, thanks "Cap Creations". I actually wasn't able to put this up at the park due to the wind, so I was glad to have the opportunity to put it up at the house so all my effort didn't go to waste.

I totally forgot to take a picture of all the gift bags together. This was one that was left over.

The cute little "Flinstone Car" (as I like to call it) from Grandma and Papa 'Teve. Cade loves it! Last night he kept sitting in and and calling it his "Buee" (Buddy) and then he would go around to the front and hug and kiss the eyes. It was so cute.

So, I didn't quite get the best of pictures due to it being so hectic, but hopefully you get the idea of everything. There's not even one picture of me w/ my babies! We had lots of friends and family show up, and I really hope everyone had fun. Cade and Connor's little friends that came were: Austin and his mom Susan, Zeke and his mom Kychelle, Jackson and Londyn w/ their mom Linzy, Brooklyn and her mom Annie and finally Gabe and his parents Lindsey and Joe. Family members that came were: Cameron's parents and brother Dave, Lisa, Mason Ellie and Cassidy and his cousin Mike, Andrea, Rylie, Davis and Olivia. I have tons more pictures of everyone who came, but it's all individual groups of people, and it would be a lot to put up. But, I'm going to make a little birthday memory book, and don't you worry, all of you who came will be in there for my boys to always look back at and remember. Thank you all for coming and for the wonderful gifts. I know for a fact the boys had a wonderful time and are loving playing w/ all their gifts.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, the party didn't go quite as planned today. I was very disappointed, to say the least. When I planned this party, what, like 2 months ago? I figured yeah, June, it's going to be so warm outside, it'll be so perfect, the only thing I thought I needed to worry about was it being too hot. Yeah, I was totally wrong, it was almost like winter out today! It was so cold and windy! I planned on doing the party at the park, I did not want to do it at my house b/c I planned the decorations according to the picnic tables and thought the actual playground would be perfect entertainment for the kids. I went to the park around 10:30 this morning to see if it would be ok to still have it there, b/c it had been raining all night. It wasn't too bad, it was a little chilly, not too windy but, their was lots of water filling parts of the eating area, but we could easily block it off w/ tables. So, I thought we were good to go. So sometime around 11:15 we went to the park to set up. It was ridiculous, the sprinklers were going, and the wind was crazy! It took a lot longer to set up b/c of the wind. Anyways, to make a long story short, after we ate hot dogs, and what feels like right after I finally finished getting everything organized and set up, we all decided we wanted to take the party back to our place after all. I was just happy Cameron and I cleaned the place this morning just in case we had to have the party there. So, we packed up everything and all came back to my house. We had the cake and ice cream and then opened presents. The kids I think had a lot of fun, especially once they were in the warm house. I was just so disappointed the party didn't go as planned, I just felt like everything was so hectic. It just really bugs me I guess b/c for the past couple of months I had this planned out in my head how it was going to be, oh well. I think overall it was really good, just not anything like I imagined. But, I must say, thank you to everyone who came, they were quite the troopers! And thank you for the wonderful gifts, the boys have had quite a fun filled day playing w/ all of the wonderful toys and gifts. I really don't feel like posting pictures and video right now b/c I'm so dang tired, so I might do that tomorrow. Just wanted to update ya on how the party went.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Connor's Family B-day Celebration

We had a little celebration just for Connor tonight! We celebrated his 1st birthday. For his birthday dinner I made fried rice w/ chicken and egg rolls. Something I knew Connor would especially appreciate, all bite size and easy to chew. Then the boys had their cupcakes and then Connor got one of his presents.

He ate pretty much everything you see on his tray. Oh and he is loving milk. He actually keeps his sippy cup on his tray, with water or anything else he would just throw it.

Singing, "Happy birthday." He did not know what to do about the candle, so I guess he just figured why not touch it?

He looks terrified, but really I think he was just staring into the light. He never really was scared for real. Down below I posted the video of us singing "happy birthday" and Connor eating his cupcake.

Finally digging in.

Cade finally ate his cupcake! He actually had room for it b/c he wanted nothing to do w/ eating his dinner. He thought it was so funny that he had some hanging from his nose. He kept staring at me trying to get me to look.

This is what happened when Connor was finished. Actually, both the boys ended in tears, I can't be sure why. But, he sure did look like the green Hulk here. I immediately had to take him to the bath tub.

After getting cleaned off Connor got his gift. Both the boys were very excited about it, especially Cade, who thought it was his. As you can see in the background Cade was not very happy that he didn't get to play with it right away. I was very excited about this gift b/c it was on sale at Walmart for $14.99 but, I had a $5.00 off coupon, so I got it for $9.99!!! I have wanted a walker/scooter for the boys since Cade was learning to walk. Connor actually took a couple of steps w/ it! Very exciting.

Connor gave Cade a turn, and then followed him around the room.

While Cam and I were relaxing watching TV a little later, we wondered, "Hmm...I wonder what the boys are doing right now, what's that noise?" We turned around to find the boys getting into all the movies. Silly little trouble makers! I can't imagine the trouble they're going to be getting into in the next few years together.

We ended the evening just playing around the house and me cuddling Connor telling him how much I loved him and couldn't believe he was ONE! I do really love my little Connor Wonnor. Happy birthday little guy!

Happy 1st Birthday Connor!!

I seriously cannot believe that it is my baby's first birthday today! It's just so crazy! This is Connor the day he was born, a year ago today!!! He was such a little cutie, and still is.

This was the first time Cade met Connor and the 1st family picture of all of us, a year ago!

Connor is allowed to drink milk!!! I am very excited, this means I finally get to wean him :) Connor was much better w/ drinking milk than Cade was. He took right to it. This may have something to do w/ Connor taking off with Cade's sippy cups every once in a while and stealing a sip or two but, who knows for sure. But, I think he's going to do great w/ the transition.

Connor's birthday breakfast. I thought about making eggs since he is officially allowed to eat them, but he just had them last night, so never mind. I decided to fill his breakfast full of chocolate instead, w/ that cookie cereal and a chocolate chip granola bar. Look at that face! Don't you just want to squeeze those cheeks?

This was last night for Cade's birthday dinner. It was a lot of firsts for Connor. He had his first eggs, his first strawberries and orange juice, and ate up every last bite of everything. I figured it was fine for him to eat all of these b/c his 1st birthday was the next day, right?

Watching us fly the kite last night. He is such a silly kid. I had to put him in the stroller b/c he kept trying to crawl away, in the street, in the dirt pile next to our house and even the deep pit (they're finally building a house next door). Look at that hair, it was seriously so windy.

Just like Cade, he loves to get into things, anything he can fit in.

He looves being outside. But, instead of drawing w/ the sidewalk chalk, he'd much rather eat it.

He is a little cautious when it comes to being in the grass, but quickly gets over it.

He tries so hard to be as mobile as Cade is at the park. Here he is trying to climb up the step to get to the slide.

He loves to, and is very good at climbing up the stairs now. We are lucky though, he usually stays away from them unless he knows someone is up there, then he'll try to follow them.

And finally, I just love that big bum of his! haha He is very quick and gets away from me during diaper changes. I thought this pose was so dang cute so I just had to grab the camera. He really does like going through all the books, whether that is just to throw them all over the ground or to actually look through them.
Connor is such a joy in our lives. He is growing up so fast. I just can't believe all he is able to do. He already says a few things, "That" is his biggest thing he says. But, he is already so verbal. He has a big personality and is so much fun. Connor loves Cade so much and will follow him anywhere he goes. He is a big Mommy's boy and will choose me over Daddy, or anybody else, if given a choice. We just love him so much and couldn't imagine our lives w/o him.
Happy 1st Birthday my little Connor Wonnor!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cade's Family B-day Celebration

Last night we had a tiny celebration for Cade's birthday. Even though we are having a big birthday party for the boys Saturday, I didn't want the day to go by w/o celebrating his big day some how. So, I made him a special dinner, one that I thought he might appreciate. He had a little cupcake (I bought 2 cupcakes from Smith's, one for Cade and one for Connor's b-day, that way I didn't have to make any) and opened one of his 2 presents we got for him.

This is the dinner I made, or should we call it "Brinner"? It consisted of cinnamon rolls, scrambled eggs with green onions, mushrooms, sausage and cheese mixed in it and finally strawberries and bananas mixed with a little bit of strawberry yogurt. Everything sounded like something Cade would actually eat, it's really hard to get him to eat dinner. So, he loved his eggs, finally I got him to try the cinnamon roll, which he loved the top of, and would not try the fruit. Oh well, he ate most of it! If you can see Connor in the background, he was loving it! I'll talk more about that in my next post though.

The baseball cupcake.

Cade knew exactly what to do.

He loved the baseball ring and had Daddy wash it off right away.

But, to my surprise he did not want to eat the cupcake! He threw it!

I couldn't figure out what was wrong but, I put it back in front of him...

He pointed to the candles I had taken out so, I handed them back to him. He stuck them back in, so, that's what was wrong, he wanted the candles.

But, come to find out, that wasn't all he wanted. He made me light the candles again, only so he could....

Blow them out again...and again....and again....and again....
So, instead of continuing pictures, I had Cameron get out the video camera. I posted the video at the bottom. After we finally got him to stop w/ the candle blowing, he got to open one gift. He got a ball popper, he was very excited, but dang me, I forgot to get batteries! Oh well, he had a good ol' time playing w/ the balls.

After baths and getting dressed for bed, we decided to take the boys out to fly their kite. It was a little too windy, the $1 kite could not take the wind. Look at Cade's face, it looks like he's trying not to fly away in the wind too.

Cade ended the evening pushing Connor in the stroller. He loves walks, even if he's the one pushing ;)

And here is the funny! Oh, he never actually ended up eating the, we decided to save it for him to eat when Connor's eating his tonight. That way there is no jealousy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Cade!!!

Today is Cade's 2nd birthday. I know I keep saying this, but seriously, 2 years!!! He keeps going around holding up his pointer and thumb and saying, "do, do." (For 2) That's the only # I can ever get him to say, so I guess it's good he just turned 2. We're going to have a little birthday party just with our little family tonight (b/c we're having a big b-day party Saturday), one present and a cupcake, just to celebrate his actual birthday. I'll put pictures up of that later.

Can you believe that this was one year ago today? It's just so crazy to me how fast time flies! I'm just so grateful this isn't me this year :) Look how tiny Cade was (and don't pay any attention to how huge I was), and little Connor Wonnor was ready to pop out in just a few hours from when this picture was taken, now we're going to be celebrating his 1st b-day tomorrow!

This was today. I had a friend (thanks Annie!) babysit Connor so Cade and I could take Cade out to lunch and grocery shopping, just the 2 of us. We went to Iceburg and ate lunch and got a free shake, b/c it's his b-day, he didn't like it and only ate a few bites, oh well. Then we went to Smith's, where in the middle of shopping we both needed a little potty break. I was so happy to see they had one of these seats in the stall. Cade thought it was the funnest thing, is it weird I took a picture in the bathroom? haha

Cade saying, "Cheeth" (Cheese) for his b-day, it was so hard to get a decent picture of him today. He has a little lisp, it's so dang cute.

His curious, "What are you doing," face. He's always so curious about everything around him, he's very observant. Actually I just talked to one of his nursery leaders from church last night, she said he is so good, there are no complaints at all. She explained he just sits there and observed most of the time...I was not surprised to hear that at all. As busy as this kid is, in large groups he does love to observe everything.

Loves playing in things, boxes, laundry baskets, closets, anything he can fit into.

He loves wearing shoes. One of these days I'm going to post pictures of all the many shoes he tries on.

Probably his most favorite thing of all is being outside. He loves to draw with sidewalk chalk, taking one at a time and carefully using each color until he has gone through the whole pack.

Look at that face, don't you just want to squeeze it? He makes the funniest faces, and I love those little teeth, they're so funny. He loves, "Cos" (cars), especially when he gets to be outside, at the park and pretend he's driving one. I just love this little guy!