Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bonny got to spend Easter w/ us, due to not checking out the calendar good enough before booking the trip.  Sad for her, but great for me!!! :)

Easter morning we woke up to the Bunny's visit.  "He" even left Bonny a basket!

The boys getting ready to go down stairs for their Easter Egg and Basket hunt.

Cade found his in the bathroom.

Connor found his under the chair.

Daddy even made everyone a special Easter Breakfast consisting of French toast and scrambled eggs.

We were invited to Dave and Lisa's house for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt.  Dave made us his special Korean meal!!

The kids sitting at their own cute table.

And Easter Egg hunt on....

Cousins!  Ellie, Cassidy, Connor, Mason and Cade.

Thanks Dave and Lisa for having us over!  It was tons of fun!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bonny's Visit

Bonny got to come and visit me April 3rd-10th!!  It was so much fun to have her!  We were actually supposed to have a roommate reunion but most people ended up not being able to make it, and she had already bought her ticket, so it ended up being a week full of just us :)  I'll have to add more pictures when I get them from Bonny, so keep checking back...she was a lot better at picture taking than I was.

We met Cameron Thursday for dinner in SLC for dinner.  We went to a place that had been on Man Vs Food, Bruges Waffles and Frites.

Bonny and I decided to try out the "Machine Gun" sandwich (spicy lamb sausage, fries and Andalouse mayo on a baguette).  Huge and yummy, probably won't get it again, but good for a one time thing.  The waffles were amazing!

Cameron finished them off for us when we got too full.  And yeah, they were a bit messy, haha, he spilled it on his tie!

After dinner, Cameron was sweet enough to take the boys home while Bonny and I finished off our full day of shopping at City Creek Mall, we were very excited to go to our first Tiffany store.

Saturday we had a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt.  The boys had a lot of fun.  Bonny stayed at our house visiting w/ an old roommate, Tanya. (Later we hung out some more, I'll add pictures later)

After getting all the eggs they could, we headed home.  Aren't they so cute!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last of March

The last couple of days in March was Conference weekend.  Which every 1st conference of the year Cameron gets to have a Dominican Republic mission reunion.  It's really fun for him to catch up w/ old mission buddies.

Connor had a great time.  Oh, a quick story!  Cade needed to go potty, so I foolishly told him to go ahead all by himself.  A little while later he comes back in, bends over w/ his bare bum in the air and hands me toilet paper and said, "Wipe my bum!"  haha  I quickly grabbed him and took him back to the bathroom to help. :)

The next day, March 31st, I met up w/ our good family friends, the Greenes.  They were in town for conference, so we met at the new City Creek Mall in SLC for dinner.  It was so good to see them and catch up.  I love this family!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

March Catch-up

At the beginning of March we got one of the bigger snow storms of the season.  One of the only times the boys got to play in it.  This was Connor making and throwing tiny snow balls.

One of our many trips to the Dino Museum.

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this little cutie!  I thought he looked so cute.  This was my first tie I attempted to make before starting to sale them.

I bought the boys a couple of kites from the dollar store last year and the boys kept finding them (still in the package) and asked if they could fly them.  Finally one day I said we could for Family Home Evening that night.  They loved every second of it!  This was the only time we got to fly the kites though, sadly they didn't last past that night, I guess you get what you pay for.

One of the only times we actually got the kite off the ground.  A couple of weeks later I got the nicest compliment from a lady in our ward.  She said I am such a cute fun mom, I was a little thrown back and asked what she was talking about.  She said I'm always doing fun things w/ my boys!  I was still confused so I asked her to clarify.  She gave me the example of how I took the boys outside to fly kites!  haha I then had to explain to her that that was the one and only time those specific kites were flown, due to breaking.  But, wow, nice compliment right?!

Connor's way to eat a hamburger.

Saturday, March 24th, Cameron's mom Nancy came to visit us.  She of course got to work on our flower garden for us :)  She has the greenest thumb I've ever seen.  Sadly we don't have that.

While we were pulling weeds Connor had a great time playing w/ his bike...

and this neighbor kid came over and Connor tries his hardest to keep up w/ everything he did on his big bike.  It was so cute!  The big kid would ride his bike up the hill and little Connor was right behind him on his, suddenly yards ahead the older kid would turn around and fly down the hill.  So, of course Connor would turn right in his own tracks and fly down the hill as well, trying to do any bike trick the older kid did.  He kept saying, "I'm playing w/ my fwiend Mommy!"

Later that night Cam's sister, Stacie, came to stay a  couple of nights.  Sunday we had a great time just hanging out until 1:00 church started.  The boys loved having their cousins over, especially Jackson.

After church we had Cam's older Bro. Dave and his family over so we could all have dinner together.  We put a kid table out on our deck.

Phones w/ games were a huge hit w/ the kids.

Cassidy, she is the cutest little girl!  I couldn't resist putting this picture up.

Everybody: Cameron, Dave, Lisa, Cassidy Mason, Stacie, Ellie (in front) Chloe, Grandma, Clair, Lexy, Me Jackson and Connor.  I think Cade was somewhere off to the right refusing to get in the picture.

The girls :)  They thought it'd be fun to both get on my back.  Stacie was a little worried that I was holding them together, b/c actually this was the day we announced to the fam I was pregnant!  We had a great time w/ everyone, we were sad to see them go so early the next morning.