Thursday, January 28, 2010

TN Part IV: Christmas Day

I love Christmas morning with my family. Walking down the stairs to see the beautiful Christmas tree w/ all the many presents under it, it just makes me happy! Here are the pics from Christmas day...

Presents and stockings for everyone!

Our little family, the boys in their Christmas pjs.

Everyone opening their gifts.

This was Cade's attitude all morning. He was so grouchy!

We had Christmas dinner at Bonny and Chad's house. We had tons of food and fun. My Grandma, Uncle Jacky, his wife Shannon and daughter Aubrey also came.

Hunter sporting his bling he got from Santa.
Bonny and our cousin Aubrey.

Grandma with Aubrey and Connor. They are a couple of months apart.

The kids table.

If you look closely you can see Owen's face in the cat door, haha.

Me tickling Connor, he laughs so funny. Actually, I'm going to put a video of his laugh up later.
Christmas evening, my family!

TN Visit III: Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we have a get together with tons of yummy finger foods. I didn't get any pictures of the dinner. we then got to open up 1 gift each, and of course they are pjs! This is of everyone opening their gifts.

Connor mainly wanted to eat his. Look at his eyes! haha
I got Connor and Cade matching monkey pjs. They were adorable. I have pictures of them together on Christmas day.

We played games. This one was "Don't eat Pete."

Daddy showed the kids some of his magic tricks.

TN visit, Part II: Random Pictures

These are a few random pictures taken before Christmas with my family.

I didn't really have to bathe my boys during our visit because either Momma, Leah or sometimes Hannah would bathe them for me! It was great!

Hannah and Leah liked to take over my camera, so I actually have tons of pictures of them. Here are a few.

Momma and Connor. Bonny and Chad were so good w/ my kids. I snuck this picture while they were playing with them.

Spencer and Connor.

TN visit, Part I: Visiting Santa

I've been back in Utah for almost 2 weeks now. I went home to TN to visit my family, the kids and I got to stay for 4 weeks, Cameron stayed for the first 2 weeks. We had a great time and we miss my family very much, especially the boys. Cade walked around my family's house like he owned the place, it was funny. Anyways, the next few posts will be about our visit. I'll start out w/ visiting Santa.
Bonny, her kids, me and my boys went to visit Santa Claus at the mall. I was really interested in seeing how Cade would act with Santa this year, last year he was great. Sadly, he acted pretty much how I expected. He did not want anything to do w/ Santa. He didn't even want to sit on the same chair, so of course I couldn't get him to sit in his lap. Connor leaned on him, it was cute.

This is Connor's 1st Santa Claus picture!