Friday, May 27, 2011

TN Visit Part 1

I don't think I have mentioned yet, but the boys and I got to go to TN for 3 weeks!  Here's the story:  I hadn't seen my family for 8 months (since Aug. for Dallas and Robby's weddings) and I didn't think I would get to go home anytime soon b/c of how expensive tickets are.  One day I was thinking about how wonderful it'd be to be able to fly home one last time before Connor's 2nd birthday, you know, while he's still free.  So, Tuesday, April 12th I searched for flights, and you know what?!  They were amazingly cheap starting that following week!  What?!  I haven't found them that cheap in a long time, especially for that last minute.  So, I called Momma and asked, "How would you feel if I came home in a week?"  She freaked out and said, "What are you talking about?"  Anyways, we finally agreed on us coming home in 2 weeks and staying for 3!  Cameron didn't seem to mind, considering I never get to go home.  So, we left Tues., April 26th and came home early morning Wed., May 18th.  My prayers were answered and we had a wonderful time!

At the airport on our way to TN.  The boys couldn't wait to get on the plane!

My first morning in TN w/ Audrey and Kayleen. 

I finally got to meet Kayleen, she was born in December.  I gave her a few cute headbands and big flowers!  Isn't she darling?

Thursday we went to Columbus to visit Bonny.  On the way, near Chattanooga, we saw a ton of tornado wreckage.  Oh, I forgot to mention, Wednesday we had horrible tornado weather, I loved the thunderstorms, but was so grateful that we didn't get an actual tornado where I was.  Notice how every sign flew out except for one, crazy!

The guard rail was totally balled up like a piece of aluminum foil.

It was so nice to have Leah in the van...

usually Connor is horrible on road trips, but she was able to entertain him and keep him under control.

Bonny's house was so fun, the boys loved every minute of being there.  Her yard was huge and she has tons of toys.

Friday, Bonny and I went to a yummy Mexican buffet! It was so good, and it was so nice to get out alone w/ just Bonny.  We also went to Chad's (Bonny's hubby) work to see his pool and rock climbing wall he oversees.  While we were out Momma and Leah watched our kids and had a picnic.  (Cade is in timeout, of course ;)

Me rock Climbing at Chad's work. I actually made it all the way to the top!!

Later afternoon we left Bonny's to go to Atlanta to visit the Greenes.  We accidentally went an hour out of the way, b/c of a wrong road, so on the way we found a lot more tornado damage.  It was crazy b/c it was out in the middle of no where!

This was a trailer park, it was so sad.  On trailer was totally turned upside down.

Saturday, Amy treated us to a deluxe medi/pedi.  It was amazing!

Saturday night we got to go to a cultural event for the re-dedication of the Atlanta temple to talk about the south through the centuries.  LeGrand was lucky enough to be asked to be apart of it, it was so cool to be there.  The prophet was there and spoke a little to us.

LeGrand's group dance.

We found LeGrand, in a group of thousands of youth, just in time to say goodbye for our road trip back to TN.

Leah stayed w/ my boys while we went to the cultural event.  We went back to the Greene's home for one last goodbye.  I got a horrible migraine from not eating or drinking too long, and I ended up throwing up right outside there house.  Sorry again Greenes!  (Mitchell was totally distracting the boys.)

Us w/ Amy, Mitchell and Stagg.  Thanks for the fun ya'll!  We ended up getting home around 1:45 a.m.  After throwing up one last time out the window of our moving van, and finally eating.  (And before any questions arrive, NO, I am not pregnant!  I get head aches a lot, and they turn into migraines if I don't eat or drink.  That is is!)

Stay tuned...This was only the first 4 days!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Easter Outfits

This year I was not very successful at getting good pictures of the boys.  I rushed before church to get a few shots, and planned on taking more, of them and a few family shots, when we went to Dave and Lisa's house (Cam's brother and wife) for Easter dinner.  But, on the way to their house Cade threw up all over himself and the car.  We ended up having to turn around and go back home.  I was so dissapointed, we had been looking forward to going there since it was planned.  So we sat at home taking care of Cade and ate hot pockets and rolls (I was in charge of bringing the rolls) instead of the yummy ham dinner we intended on having.  Anyways, these are what I have of the boys (I'm still so sad we didn't get out family pictures!)...

The only shot I got of the 2 together :(

Love this one!

So handsome!

He has such a mischievous face.

I tried to get a few pictures after church, but w/ no success...

Easter Outfits (Preview)

A little preview of what's to come.  I was in the middle of uploading the boy's Easter pictures when I got an Error saying I have used my free allotted storage space so, I had to purchase more!  What?!  I can't believe I had to purchase more already!  At least it's only $5/year to buy more.  Anyways, it'll take up to 24 hrs to process, so sometime in the next few days maybe I'll finish.

Easter Morning 2011

This year my momma, Gammy, and of course the Easter Bunny ;) provided everything for the boy's Easter Baskets.  She had sent so much stuff in a package for them, that I decided why spend more money on things when they already have enough? 

Didn't she do a good job?

The Easter Bunny left a trail of jelly beans to lead to the boys Easter Baskets.  We got this idea from our friends, the Duckworths. 

The boys had fun following it, but really didn't get the idea at all.  They wanted to sit and eat them instead of eat and follow.  Next time I will have to spread them out A LOT more, that way there's less to eat.

They finally found their baskets!

Gammy wrote sweet little notes in each of their books.

I hid Cameron's basket in the oven.  It actually didn't take him long at all to find it.

We finally cut the boys hair before church, so they'd look nice in their Easter clothes.

Our Easter breakfast, Stuffed French Toast. Yum!