Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Years!!

We spent New Year's Eve w/ a few friends. It was a lot of fun! A few days prior we were talking to our friends, Annie and Regan, about plans for New Year's Eve and realized we didn't have plans. So, I told them I'd co-host if they would provide their home. They were ok w/ that, so we actually had plans, for the first time in a long time, for New Year's Eve!! We had lots of food, games, and fun!
Everyone who attended clockwise: Annie's brother and his wife, Regan and Annie, Gabe and Kychelle, Annie's other brother and his wife, Jon and Lori, Me and Cam.

Right after the ball fell!

Cheers to a New Year!!!!

We even had a few fireworks, this might or might not be a roman candle.

Me lighting huge fireworks! They might or might not have been legal.

Jon had had these fireworks for 4 years, and finally found an excuse to talk his wife into letting him use them! We had tons of fun, I am so glad we were able to actually do something. Thanks Duckworth's for putting it on!
Happy 2011!!!

Snow, Decorating Cookies and Fun...

I just wanted to start out by complaining about the horrible snow plowing in our neighborhood. Do you see how far away the plow plowed from our driveway? We live on a cul-de-sac so I guess they think they only need to worry about 1 side of the street! The snow was so deep that Cam was kept getting his car stuck when he was trying to leave for work. He wasn't able to leave until 11:30 that morning (Dec. 30th)!! I was so frustrated that I kept calling Lehi City to talk to someone about their horrible plowing job, but no one answered. I left a message and a few hours later...

This showed up! That's right, I was pretty excited they actually listened to me and came back. This time they spent a few extra minutes and went a lot closer to the driveway, much better! It's so nice to be listened to every once in a while ;) (Oh our Christmas lights and hanging down b/c of one of the many wind storms we get.)

Later that day we decided we wanted to decorate sugar cookies. The boys loved it!

Especially the sprinkles!

The finished cookies, amazing right? I had some old gel frosting as well, so I thought I'd try it out on the cookies. Needless to say, they turned out pretty great! I think I'm ready to become a professional cookie decorator ;)

Connor enjoyed eating the icing, he wanted nothing to do w/ eating the actual cookie though!

The next day, the boys found their new favorite past time :)

Cade seriously carried this bag of toys everywhere he went until the handle broke. Now he carries them in a backpack!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas Videos

Like I said in the last post, I didn't get any pictures of the boys coming down the stairs b/c we recorded it. So, as promised, here's the recording!


The workbench from Papa and G'ma.

Christmas Eve, the boys trying out their new PJ's and seeing how high they can jump. One of the first things the boys like to do when putting on shoes is to see how high they can jump!

Finally...Our 2010 Christmas Post!!!

Christmas Eve we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner, then we came home, opened Christmas Pjs then put the boys to bed. Cameron and I stayed up and watched "It's a Wonderful Life" and other Christmas movies on TV while we wrapped presents. We had a wonderful evening. Oh there are lots and lots of pictures, so just know you were warned!
I snuck downstairs later that night to see if Santa had come. Look what I found! ;)

We got this for a great deal! And, so far the boys have loved it!

Papa 'Teve and Nama Nancy (Cam's parents) gave this to the boys.

The boy's Cousin, Mason, gave his tricycle to the boys. Thanks to family and of course Santa, the boys had lots of presents to open.

I don't have a picture of the boys coming down the stairs b/c we recorded it instead. I'll be posting that next. This was the first thing the boys ran to.

Connor was very excited about the bike!

We finally got them interested in their stockings.

Connor was most excited about his tooth brush.

Finally opening presents. Look in the background! ha He did not like not being the one to open the presents. Most of the Disney Toys are from Gammy (My momma). The boys loooved everything.

I didn't end up making the boy's Christmas ornaments this year. I let them pick out some really cute ones from Target instead. Cade picked out this really cute monkey w/ a ducky floatie. It is totally him, he loves animals!

You can't really see Connor's, but I kinda picked it out for him, but he didn't seem to mind. It's a little boy, and it says brother on it. The little guy totally reminded me of him!

Bonny gave me this rug! Very cute, thanks!

Half way through we decided to take a little break and eat breakfast. Cameron's Grandma Jo gave us the plates and his Mom gave us the cups. So, thanks to them, I actually had something to decorate the table w/.

We carried out the tradition of Cameron's family for Christmas breakfast. I made their yummy Egg Strata.

Finally back to opening presents! Stacie, Cam's sister, gave us these 3 wonderful Disney movies! Before Christmas we only had 1 Disney movie, so thanks so much Stacie and family!! The boys have loved watching them. I also gave the boys Toy Story 3, which I got for $8.99 from RC Willey!

I have to tell you, ever since Christmas Cade has been carrying around all the Disney Cars and characters in a bag or backpack, everywhere he goes! He won't let them out of his sight!

This was one of my best purchases, I would have to say. It's originally something like $50 and it got it for just under $20 when Kohl's had a huge sale on everything! It includes Buzz, Woody (or Buddy as Cade calls him), Jessie and Mr Potato Head. Cade is getting really good at putting all the Potato heads together, he loves them.

This was the last gift the boys opened. They loved everything the opened. Thank you Gammy, Gampa, Papa and Gama, Stacie and Mason for adding to their Christmas. From start to finish it took about 2 hours!! I loved taking our time, it was perfect! The boys wanted to play w/ everything they opened before moving on to the next thing. We figured why not? That's the fun part of Christmas, why not drag it out? I'll have to take pictures of everything Cameron gave me, he was amazing!

Later that day we had Dave (Cam's Brother), Lisa, Mason, Ellie and Cassidy over for Christmas Dinner. This was my first time making ham, so I used my mom's recipe. I forgot to take a picture of the ham before cutting it up, but this was the finished product!

The table setting, all thanks to Nancy!

The drinks, Cameron made his "famous" wassail.

The yummy spread! We split up the meal again. Lisa brought funeral potatoes and her families tradition, rice pilaf. I made the ham, frozen fruit salad, rolls and Cameron made a salad. I forgot to take pictures of the desserts, but I made cheesecake squares w/ fresh strawberries and Lisa brought a yummy pudding cake.

The kids!

Us at the end of the night! Cameron gave me the earrings and the "boys" gave me the scarf. I have to say, I was so sad and worried about having to spend Christmas alone this year. But, it turned out perfect! I mean, of course I'd rather spend it w/ more family, but it was wonderful! Christmas morning was great b/c it lasted so long and then we got to enjoy each others company. And, it worked out perfect that Dave and his family were able to come for dinner! I know it's already been a month since Christmas, but I hope everyone else had a wonderful one as well. Thanks Cameron for making it such a wonderful day, I'm going to give you all the credit ;). Love you!