Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween and Trick or Treating!

Today was Cade's first Halloween! He was so cute! This is the outfit he wore all day, before his costume.

This was his cousin Owen's last year, its says "Daddy's Little Monster."

He wore this bib too, his Gammy gave it to him. It says, "I'm a little Pumpkin."

This is Cade in his costume. He was a little tiger, people that saw him kept calling him Tigger.

"Rar!!! I'm going to eat you!!" Scary huh? (I decided to try a black and white picture)

His confused face.

Since Cade is just a little too young to have fun with on Halloween, we decided to meet up with his cousins, Ellie and Mason to walk around with them for trick or treating. Ellie was a Lady Bug and Mason, a UPS guy. Everyone LOVED his costume!

We met up at Grandma and Papa's house for chili and trick or treating. So here they are together!

Daddy and Caden following the cousins around while they trick or treat. By the way, this was the 1st time Cade has ridden his his stroller w/o his carrier, he loved being able to see what was in front of him!

Mommy's turn!

Mason (and yes that is a package he's carrying around), Ellie and Lisa trick or treating.

Us walking door to door.

Daddy and Caden after a long night of trick or treating. Cade loved it! (Just in case you didn't catch on, no Cade didn't actually do the trick or treating, we were just along for the ride w/ the cousins)

Another Craft Day

In my last post I mentioned how I had to reschedule w/ Lisa, my sister-in-law, to make a craft b/c Cade was so naughty after his shots. So we got together last Friday and made these really cute, easy crafts.

We went to Hobby Lobby, which is the greatest craft store ever! We bought these snowmen, which were plain white and I bought a plain white star ornament. We then got different types of scrapbook paper to decorate them with, oh and Modge Podge. We then traced each piece on the scrapbook paper and then Modge Podged the paper on! Lisa gave me the idea to make the ornament as Cade's first Christmas ornament, so I made a circle and wrote: Caden's first Christmas 2008. So easy, and so cute. Thanks Lisa!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Cade's 4th Month Check-up

Monday was Cade's 4 month check-up. He was a lot better last time after his shots. He has been so whiney the last few days. Tuesday was his worst day, he cried and fussed all day. I was supposed to go make a craft w/ Lisa, my sister-in-law, but I had to reschedule for tomorrow b/c he was so naughty. Luckily, he was ok enough for Cameron and me to have my mother-in-law watch him that night so we could attend the temple.
So since last time he has improved a lot with his reflux problem, well at least the pain part of it. He doesn't really cry anymore during eating, but he still spits up all the time. So, because of this the doctor changed his medication to a pill, Prevacid, which dissolves in his mouth and he only has to take 1/2 a pill once a day. Oh, and it tastes a lot better, he hated the liquid and would spit it out, he had to take it twice a day. The only thing bad about this change is that it is a lot more expensive, so hopefully it fixes the problem quickly.

2 week check-up: 7.81 lbs 24%; 20.75 in 54%; head 14.6 in 48%
2 month check-up: 10.75 lbs 26%; 23.25 in 60%; head 15.7 in 48%
*4.4 month check-up: 13.75 lbs 19%; 25.75 in 71%; head 16.9 in 63%

So he's a skinny little thing, but at least he has hope of being tall, and he's destined to have a huge head.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I have not been able to go home for Thanksgiving since I was a senior in High School, so for 7 years. This was was due to the short breaks givin during college and teaching. Now that Cameron is done with school and me teaching, we can actually get enough time off to go home to Tennessee!!!! I am soo excited! Cameron has to work on Monday, Nov. 24th, so we will get there at 12:30 a.m. Monday night, or Tuesday morning, whichever way you want to see it. Cameron will leave early the next Monday morning to get back to work. But, Cade and I are going to stay a whole extra week, until Dec. 9th! So anyway, just thought I would share how excited I am! Yay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1st "Real" Food

Cade recently turned 4 months on the 9th. At Cade's last Doctor's appointment I was told that at 4 months he could start eating baby cereal. I had been looking forward to that day ever since. I went out the week before his 4 month and bought him a cute high chair, bowls and spoons. Finally the day before arrived and I couldn't wait any longer, plus I wanted Cameron to be there to record his 1st eating, so I decided to just feed him that night. I was kind of disappointed by his reaction, as you can see in the video why. But, ever since the first time he has been like a little piglet and he loves the stuff. I'll have to add another video later, b/c it's a lot more entertaining now. Oh, this video is a little long, but I knew family would enjoy it. If friends want to watch it, feel free, and enjoy.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Caden's Name Plaque

Tuesday we went to Cameron's brother and sister-in-laws house, Dave and Lisa, for their son Mason's birthday. I noticed while I was there that Eli, their daughter, had the cutest name plaque on her wall. I asked Lisa where she got it and she told me she made it! I was so impressed. I thought about it that next morning, and I thought it would be cute to have one for Caden. So, I took it upon my self to actually do something crafty, all by myself. Not for a Relief Society activity or anything like that. All on my own. I called Lisa that morning and asked her where she got everything and she told me what to do. I took a trip to Michael's, bought the plague, the letters and paint, and today I put it together. It is the colors of his room, blue and brown. Here is what it looks like, and yes, I am pretty excited I actually made this. I even told Cameron I was going to be crafty now. He kinda laughed and said, "ok."
Here's what it looks like above Cade's bed.