Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Happy 6th Year Anniversary!

Cameron and I just celebrated our 6th year anniversary Saturday, Aug. 20th.  It seems like just yesterday we were sealed for all time and eternity that wonderful, hot, Summer day in the Nashville, TN temple.  Cameron and I have so much fun together, he still makes me laugh everyday.  We've had a wonderful 6 years together thus far.  This year we didn't get to spend very much time together at all. :(  He was still having to work the fair parking, so Erin and I decided to go up and visit our guys together.  We had a great time!  This was the most we got to see them in the 4 days they were gone.

We first visited the petting zoo.

This was the only animal I could get Connor to pet, I'm thinking he thought it was a rock. haha

Cade made Cameron carry him on his shoulders.

Geoff, Erin and Cora...I love having them around!

Erin decided it would be fun to hold a tarantula (She actually wasn't freaked out at all until Cora tried to grab the thing) and...

talked me into doing the same thing.  I'm smiling, but really, I'm freaking out, that's my excuse for being so tense that I have a double chin.  I was so freaked out I didn't even want to look at it in my hand.  As soon as the picture was taken I made them take it away.

It was so nice sitting around relaxing together, actually having time together w/ our hubbys.  They had great, free stuff for kids to do.

I love this man!

They could've spent the whole time playing w/ these ducks and water pumps.

Aren't they adorable?

Uncle Geoff waiting in line to see the clown and have a balloon motorcycle made.

I love this picture!  Look at his rolls on his neck!

Trying to hula hoop.

Cade finally made it to the front of the line.  (I don't have nearly as many pictures of Cade b/c he was so grumpy so usually he was throwing a little temper tantrum or scowling.)

Connor wanted a sword and a holster.  He's saying, "Down now, please." He was a little freaked out when he almost fell off the hay.

Our cute family!  Don't you just love how the sign is missing the "L" in family?!  So, even though we only spent a couple of hours together on our special day, it was still a wonderful day.  Happy Anniversary Cameron, I love you!!

Cameron gave me this beautiful plant for our Anniversary.

Isn't it gorgeous?


Geoff and Erin spent a few nights w/ us while our husbands were working the Davis County Fair Parking, Wed. Aug. 17th - Sat. 20th.  They were gone from 7-11 each day! ugh  So, while they were gone, Erin and I got to spend a lot of time together.  Her being around made it a lot easier being a single parent.  We did lots to entertain ourselves!

We went to Thanksgiving Points Animal Farm.

Connor got to help feed a calf.

Cade tried to hit a goat.

And had to be the one to push Cora around.  He surprisingly did a pretty good job.

I've never gone before when they've given horse and buggy rides on an actual old time buggy!  It was fun!  It's always been a huge buggy for tons of ppl.

Cade decided he wanted to ride a "big horse."

Very cute!

We also went swimming at the Lindon Pool.  It's so fun, and perfect for kids.

I hear, "Momma, look at me!"  I turn and found this... :)

The boys looooved having Cora around.  Sometimes they tried to love on her a little too much, or tight.  Friday, the 19th, was Geoff and Erin's 3rd year anniversary and mine and Cam's was Saturday, the 20th.  Sadly none of us got to go out and celebrate, but we did visit them at the fair Saturday...

Family Visits

All the Long family got together for the first 2 weeks in August.  Stacie and Brandon came all the way from WA and Geoff and Erin came back a little early from an internship in CA.  The rest of us were already here in UT.  We had a great time getting together!  Papa Stan and Grandma Gale (Cam's Grandpa) came the second week so we could all celebrate Papa Stan's 90th birthday.

All the sister-in-laws met up at the Alpine Splash Pad Friday, Aug. 5th.  Here are all the cousins.
Connor loved it!

Cade of course had to throw a few temper tantrums.

When we were getting into our car Cade was eyeballing this tractor, so the guy who was driving it got off and asked if he'd like to get on.  He was so excited!

Tues., Aug. 9th, we all decided to take advantage of the $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point.  We started out at the Children's Gardens.  The little girl to the right names herself the safety police and would tell any child climbing on the rocks or breaking any rules what to do.  haha

Oh the children's garden has this fun Noah's Ark splash pad, the kids loved it.

After the gardens and a quick lunch at Del Taco we made our way over to the Dinosaur Museum.  After losing Connor a couple of times and Cade freaking out a couple of times b/c he "thought" he was lost we still ended up having a lot of fun but, were all very tired.

We didn't get a picture of Lisa in this picture, b/c they had to leave early.  This was me, Erin and Stacie.
Thursday we decided to meet up at Temple Square.  Cam got to go to this activity b/c he works down the street.


Cade refused to take a picture w/ the other kids.

Wednesday night at a Young Women's activity I learned how to make these flowers.  I wore them the next day, my sister-in-laws commented on them so, I told them I could teach them the next day!

So, that next day Friday, August 12th, we all got together to celebrate Papa Stan's 90th birthday.  Us girls sat around a couple hours making flowers.  We had a lot of fun together.

This is what I came up w/.   Thanks Stacie and Lisa for providing fabric!  (I will be adding pictures w/ Papa Stan and Grandma Gail when I get them.)