Monday, February 22, 2010

Valentine's Day '10

We decided to celebrate Valentine's day Saturday, but when Cameron came home Friday after work he decided he couldn't wait to give me my gift then. He gave me a beautiful bouquet of roses, a sweet card and my first ever gift certificate for a massage!!!! It's actually a stone massage, so I'm very excited to see how that goes. I was so surprised!

Aren't they beautiful!?

So, Saturday Cameron planned out our date. He surprised me with where we were going to dinner and planned out when we were watching a movie after. He took me to Tepanyaki, a Japanese grill! If you have never been to a Japanese grill before, I highly recommend it. It's like a dinner and a show all in one! And sooo good.

Starting out the show...

He shaped the rice into a heart for V-day.

An onion volcano.

After dinner we went to watch Avatar in 3D. This was our 1st ever 3D movie, we thought it was great. We were really stylin' in our glasses!

The boys getting their Valentine's gifts from Mommy and Daddy. Cade was not interested in his stuffed animal at all, he went straight for taking off the sucker.

"Yum, yum!"

"Hi, yep, if I was left like this all day, I would be a very happy baby!" This was his first sucker ever. And, yes he's probably a little young still to have one, but it was fun, and he loved it!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Last Few Weeks...

I thought all these pictures were great, so I figured I'd put them all up. There are a lot!
Cade likes to climb into Connor's bouncer and have a good ol' time.

How Cade isn't a little fatty, I'll never know. He is constantly eating!

So happy!

Why he's making this face, I have no idea? He loves to eat, especially pancakes and cottage cheese. It looks like he's pointing to his food and is asking, "What, you expect me to eat this junk Mom?"

I love when babies start moving around in their sleep and I get to walk in and find something like this, Connor is so dang cute!

In Daddy's Shoes.

Cade loves to eat chopped ice, hold his blankie and sit in the Bumbo.

I was looking through pictures of Cade when he was the same age as Connor and found this picture of him playing w/ his toys in his basket.

So, I figured I should start doing the same w/ Connor, and well, he loved it! (I just noticed they're wearing the same outfit!!!!)

Doesn't his face just look like it is screaming trouble?

"I am getting so good w/ my fork/spoon, but I still like to eat w/ my hands."

One morning I was busy doing something and I went into the kitchen to find Cade under the table and...

Connor under the bar just giggling at each other :)

I could not get this picture to upload the correct way, sorry. But, this just shows how much Cade adores chocolate!

I couldn't get this picture to go in right either. But, I love this picture!

He has quite the tongue.

Wearing Mommy's hat.

Lovin' him some cupcakes.

Connor trying to take Cade's book, and of course Cade won't have anything to do w/ that!

My happy smiley boy!

One Sunday we decided to go for a walk w/ the boys. Connor wore this Horse outfit to keep warm.

This boy loves to eat!

Cade playing peek-a-boo.

"I'm 20 months old today!"
The boys and I went to the Legacy Center Pool, in Lehi, with Lindsey and her son Gabe.

I'm 8 months old today!

"I love, love, love to eat finger foods."

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our Own Little Christmas

We couldn't take all the boy's gifts w/ us to TN so we decided to have a little Christmas before we left. We never had the time so we ended up waiting until me and the boys got home Jan. 16th. When we walked in the house all the gifts were already set up!

Cade ran straight to the basketball goal. He loved it! After he played with that for a little bit, both the boys decided to take a nap.

After their naps the present opening began. I wish I would have recorded Cade. He was so funny! He kept saying, "Ew, wuza?" And running around like a mad man :)

After he opened each gift he had to play with the toy. It was like he forgot there was other presents under the tree, because when I reminded him he got excited all over again. (Oh we got this train and most of the other gifts from a children's consignment shop, Kid 2 Kid and a few from Wal-Mart. We got great deals!)

Connor was happy playing with the bags and wrapping paper.

Cade took every toy to Cameron so he could open the packaging, like the boxes and plastic ties. I tried to help him a couple of times and he just got mad and ran to Daddy. He's such a daddy's boy.

Still happy!

It made me so happy this year because he was so into opening his presents and ripping it open by himself.

Waiting for Daddy to open the box.

The after math.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

TN VIII: Finishing out the Visit

Ok, I took so many pictured and did so many things while in TN. I could do so many more posts, but I'm just going to finish up in this one. I'm picking my favorite pictures from the rest of my visit.

Bonny and me! She is so great. I don't think anyone has as great as a big sister as I do, and I'm being serious! I can't tell you how many times she took my kids and changed their diapers w/o being asked, fed them and just played w/ them and took care of them. A couple of times Connor had a huge blow out in his pants and she took him with a smile on his face and cleaned him up! I cannot do that! She is wonderful and I'm so grateful for her.

Connor started sitting up really well while we were there.

Bonny and Momma with the kids during a wrestling tournament for Hunter.

Hunter placed 2nd at the tournament.

I was able to be there for Leah's 12th birthday! I haven't been able to be with her for her birthday since before I got married. We had a yummy ice cream sandwich cake.

Owen and Hallie loved Connor. They were so sweet to him.

Us watching Hannah cheer at a freshman basketball game.

Hannah and the boys at her game.

Me, Bonny, Momma and Camilla went to watch New Moon the last full day I was there, only to find out it had gone out of theaters the night before, ugh. So we watched Blind Side instead. It was soo good, such an uplifting movie. I highly recommend it.

Saying goodbye..... So sad :( We got to the Greenes Dec. 19th and left my family's house Jan. 16th. We were there for 4 weeks! We had such a great time.

Everyone woke up to say bye.

Daddy usually gets to take us to the airport with Momma, but he had to go to a wrestling tournament for Hunter. Cade loved his Gampa. Thanks for putting up with us for so long and taking such good care of the boys for me. We can't wait to visit again. We had a great time with everyone, we love ya'll!