Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Drum Roll Please.....

I finally got around to taking pictures, b/c my house was clean enough and organized enough to show you! Now, you get to see my Christmas decorations and our house, a double whammy.

This is the view of my living room from the front of the house.

Our wonderful, comfy new couch. (No, there won't be anymore floral couch backgrounds!)

(Cade loves our new chair.)

This is our new table! We bought one just like this, but shorter, on Black Friday from RC Willey. They were out of stock everywhere in UT, so we had been waiting. We found this table on KSL for much cheaper and it came with 4 chairs. So, we got our money back, settled for a taller table, and bought this one Monday! We love it, so far!

My kitchen, I love it!

The entry way to the 1/2 bath, garage, and basement from the kitchen. Our 1/2 bath.


The pictures that Stacie, Cam's sister, took. This is our entry way.

The left wall in our living room. This little corner is a work in progress.

My new buffet/console table in the entry way and my new chair both from Target!

Our fireplace, I still need to get Connor a stocking.

Our staircase.

The boy's bathroom. I'm still waiting for my shower curtain from Ikea to come back in stock.

Our Master Bath.


I didn't put many picture of our bedroom, or even the boys bedrooms, b/c I haven't decorated them yet.

So, there ya just had the grand tour. Now get off my back (Janel)!! haha j/k Hopefully this is what ya'll wanted to see, let me know if I missed anything ;)

Our First BIG Snow

For family home evening, on the 7th, we decided to take the boys out to play in the snow. Needless to say, Cade loooved it! He did not want to come back in and threw a huge fit when I did get him into the house.

Cade and I stayed out a little longer than Cameron and Connor. Cade liked to eat the snow off of his gloves. He also heard people outside, pointed and asked, "Eww wuzza?" (Ew, what's that?)

Cade still picking the snow off of every ones clothes. This was only after the fight of bringing him back into the house :)

Temple Square and Gingerbread Houses

Last Friday night we met up with Dave, Lisa, Mason and Ellie to see the lights on Temple Square. We first went to In n Out, and it was of course yummy, then we went to look at the lights. It was very cold, but I had a good time. Mason sang Christmas Carols while we walked through the huge crowds of people, it was hilarious, but dang cute.

Poor little guys, they were so cold!

Saturday we had our Annual gingerbread house contest with Lindsey, Joe, Geoff, Erin and another couple (Joe's friend, theirs was the best.) Which one is the best?! Well, ok, it was really no contest. The one on the right was the best, but what about 2nd place? Can you guess which one is ours? From Left to Right: Joe and Lindsey's, Geoff and Erin's, Ours, and the other couple's.

This one was ours!

6 and 18 Month Check-ups

This picture has nothing to do with the boy's check-up, but I love it! Cade can't get enough of the snow, so occasionally I'll let him go out by himself on our deck and then put Connor in front of the sliding glass door so they can watch each other. Cade has a blast out there and Connor loves watching whatever Cade is doing. This is him coming to the door and knocking on it to say hi to Connor, it's so cute when he does this!

Cade is growing up so fast! I can't believe he's 18 months old! Last week I got to take the boys to their check-ups together because well their 6 and 18 month b-day were a day apart! Oh, he loves sitting in this swing!

Cade's Stats:
18 months - 20.94 lbs 2%; 31.5 in 27%; head 19.1 in 71%
15 months - 20.19 lbs 4%; 31 in 47%; head 18.9 in 74%
12 months - 19.4 lbs 7%; 29.72 in 49%; head 18.9 in 90%
9 months - 17.5 lbs 8%; 29 in 76%; head 18.3 in 83%
6 months - 14.94 lbs 9%; 26.25 in 34%; head 17.5 in 65%
4 months - 13.75 lbs 19%; 25.75 in 71%; head 16.9 in 63%
2 months - 10.75 lbs 26%; 23.25 in 60%; head 15.7 in 48%
2 weeks - 7.81 lbs 24%; 20.75 54%; head 14.6 in 48%

So, as you can see, the last few months he hasn't grown very much at all! His doctor still wants him to be on his high calorie diet to fatten up. He's certainly our little guy, and we love him!

Cade has had a runny nose for a few months now, diaper rashes on and off all the time, eczema and acid reflux. Due to all of this the doctor started thinking maybe he has some kind of allergies, she was thinking most likely dairy allergies. So, I took him in the next day to a wonderful allergist to be tested. To test these allergies the nurse scraped at his back in several different places and actually put the content (for whatever was being tested, like cats, dairy, nuts etc.) on it. The bottom right one was something that everyone should react to, so this is what they compared the others to to see if he was allergic to any of them. It ended up being that, no, he's not allergic to anything, thank goodness! So, he gave me prescriptions for ointments and medicine for his skin and runny nose problems.

Connor is seriously getting soo big! Everything went well for him at the doctor, he's doing great! He is such a smiley little guy, we just love him.

(This rattle is probably his new favorite toy right now)
Connor's Stats:
6 months - 18.63 lbs 72%; 28 in 93%; head 17.3 in 58%
4 months - 16.63 lbs 76%; 26.5 in 90%; head 17.3 in 58%
2 months - 12.69 lbs 66%; 23.75 in 72%; head 15.7 in 42%
2 weeks - 7.69 lbs 20%; 20.5 in 42%; head 14.2 in 27%

So, where he came from, we have no idea! These boys are total opposites, I just can't believe how different they are in size and personality. We love these boys so much, they've got such fun personalities.

Oh, Christmas Tree....

I continued the tradition I started last year in making the kids an ornament for the tree. This is Connor's ornament to celebrate his 1st Christmas. I got a plain wooden snowman and modge podged scrapbook paper on it. I think it turned out pretty good, it was a lot harder than Cade's last year though!

This is Cade's for this year. It was soooo hard to get him to hold his hand still enough to make it, good thing Cameron was there to help!

We only had our 4 foot tree from previous Christmas's, I didn't think that would work so well in our new house, so I bought a tree. I really wanted to get a real tree, but we're leaving the 19th to go to TN and I didn't want to have to take it down before we left, so I settled for this beautiful pre-lit tree. So, I finally got around to decorating our tree the 3rd! I didn't have a tree topper so I got one from Hobby Lobby the next day, (I complained to Cameron that we didn't have one and he asked what happened to the one we had last year! haha We still had it, but it's only like an inch long, I didn't think that would work so well haha) I made Cameron put it on. He doesn't help decorate the tee, so I like to save the tree topper and make him a part of it some how.
My boys!!! I love these guys!
A close up. If you know me well, then you know I love watching Good Things Utah pretty much everyday. They have the best ideas. They said it's all about layering this year when trimming your tree. This is one example they gave in stacking 3 different ribbons together, holding them together w/ wire and then sticking them in empty spots in the tree. Here's what it looked like when I did it! I really like it.
Here's the finished product. I should give a few thanks to Nancy, who gave me the beautiful ball ornaments and a few others and my mom who gave me pretty much all the other little ornaments.