Monday, March 26, 2012

Potty Training Round II

Connor had been asking to use the potty for a while now, but whenever I'd put him on he'd just sit there for a few minutes, say he was done and get really excited like he'd done something huge.  So, finally Monday, Feb. 27th, I decided to actually do it, I started potty training my baby!  I had all the supplies ready from throwing the pull-up party and had also let Connor pick out a pack of his very own underwear, he decided on Toy Story undies, he loves Buzz. 

Watching TV and sitting on his little potty (no he never used it).

Trying out the big boy potty.

And finally some underwear shots!  Cade wanted to be in the pictures too.

They came up w/ these poses themselves.  And yes, Connor's undies are on backwards, he thinks the pictures has to be on the front, he does not like the idea of not being able to see it.

Or maybe he just likes the thong feel? haha

Cade wanted a bum shot too.

I had to add in this picture, I thought it was adorable!!!  Anyways, the first week I think was a little tough, Connor kept having accidents whenver he was wearing anything.  I don't know what happened but it finally clicked in his head and he hasn't had an accident since.  And!!!  He even potty trained himself at night, only after about a week!  I would put pull-ups on him but he started waking up to go to the bathroom and has woken up dry ever since.  Amazing right!?!  The only drawback to potty training is at naptimes and bedtime he continually wakes up to "go potty."  It's so frustraiting!  He gets up a million times to go potty, and no he doesn't actually "go" everytime, but the time I finally refuse to let him go he messes in his pants!  Ahh!  I don't know what to do about it.  So for this reason, along w/ the fact that he just doesn't want to, he doesn't take naps hardly anymore!  But, other than that, he's doing amazing!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Connor for some reason thought it was so funny to make this face when I was taking pictures.

Cade's muscles.

See...what'd I say?

Cade even got into the game. :)

This is Connor's face when he's asking a question he already knows the answer to.  I can't remember what he was saying, but I can only imagine he was saying, "This Cade's bike?"

Cade's preschool gave Cade all his missed work so we could work on it while in TN.  Yeah we didn't do a single thing until we got home.  Cade's showing off his chef's hat and a worksheet here.  I thought the chef's hat was so cute!

Having a picnic on our kitchen floor.

Feb. 24th I threw a Pull-Ups Potty Dance House Party.  We had a pretty good turn out and a great time!

We had a potluck luncheon...

And even learned the Potty Dance!


Yeah he thought he was pretty cool wearing Mommy's boots.

Yeah, this kid is obsessed w/ the Ipod, he's holding on top of his head.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Cade was lucky enough to get to go to Preschool on Valentine's day.  He was so excited to go into school that day for his fun Party!  He couldn't wait to hand out his Valentine's.

I don't know Connor's reason for making this face.  I was trying to get a picture in his Valentine's outfit, and this is what I came up w/.

While Cade was at school, Connor and I did some last minute grocery shopping.  We had been driving my in-laws Land Rover, they left at our house to sale, for a while b/c my battery in my car was dead.  So, on our way back to pick Cade up the Land Rover just died and I was forced to park it in a little gravel parking lot (which ended up being private property) and it refused to start back up!  I didn't know what to do!  It was just starting to snow and we were not dressed for it.  But, while we walked the few blocks to pick Cade up I tried to get ahold of someone who could pick us up.  Finally I was able to get ahold of my friend Amy who was nice enough to come all the way to pick us up, she even brough gasoline from my garage, just incase that was the problem (which it wasn't).  She picked us up at Cade's school then took us back to the car, got our stuff and took us home.  Anyways, this is a picture of my boys w/ her son, Chandler.  They thought it was pretty cool to ride together.  Thanks so much Amy!  You were a huge lifesaver!

**Oh the next day my inlaws got a call telling them their Land Rover had been abandoned on Private Proberty and they were going to tow it if it wasn't moved.  I was babysitting a few kids at the time so my friend Kychelle was nice enough to come over and watch my kids along w/ the others so I could take care of it (thanks so much!!).  It ended up that I still couldn't get it started so AAA came and towed it to a shop which fixed the old fuel pump and gas gage.  I think that was it.  But, the good news is, it is now running great and has been recently sold!

This was the boy's Valentine's lunch, they loved it!  Complete w/ a PB&J heart sandwich, heart shaped strawberries, grapes and candy hearts in mini red cupcake liners.  This was all thanks to a few ideas I found on Pinterest.

I felt like all I did Valentine's day was shop, clean and cook!  But this is what I came up w/...our first ever fully decked out Valentine's day table.  We decided to just stay in that evening and I'd cook a special meal.  (We had just gotten home from TN, we had been eating out all we wanted, we didn't feel like it was something we needed.)

Dinner included Crock Pot Chicken Parmesan, Cheesy Garlic Bread Swirls, a green salad and heart shaped strawberries.

The boys ate pretty much everything in front of them. In fact, I think Cade actually out ate Connor for the first time!

And for dessert? I made Cheesecake bars topped w/ fresh strawberries! Yum!

Cameron brought me home these beautiful tulips and a really sweet card!  The boys gave Daddy the alligator card and the other one was to Cam from me :)
Aren't they beautiful?!

We had a wonderful Valentine's day!