Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pioneer Day '12

The fun thing about living in Utah is that we get to celebrate a 2nd holiday in July.  We celebrate Pioneer Day, July 24th, which was the day the Mormon Pioneers first settled Utah.  It's so much fun, it's practically a 2nd 4th of July b/c people don't have to work, there are activities through the day and fireworks.  We decided to spend the night before w/ Cam's parents in Park City.  The next day we got to go to an activity at their park that included a yummy fried chicken dinner, games, a live band, and crafts.

Cade and Connor even got to participate in a sack race (Connor's 1st and Cade's 2nd).

Cade didn't finish last this time, but Connor was pretty close.  We had a great time!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Leah's Visit Part II

Sunday photo shoot.

Cade putting together his huge spiderman puzzle.  I was impressed, he didn't get much further than this, but still great! 

Monday, July 16h, I was asked to appear on the Daily Dish and Good Things Utah to share my Momma's Southern Banana Pudding and Oreo balls.  It was so fun to have Leah go w/ me!  She even go to appear in the kitchen w/ me for a 20 second clip.
The yummy Oreo Balls.

Tuesday we went to the Animal farm w/ Erin and Cora.  I think Leah even had a good time :)

This was so sweet!  Connor took Cora over the bridge to see the pigs.


Afterward we went to Ikea to eat, b/c kids eat free every Tuesday.  (That night we did lots of shopping!)
Thursday we went to Seven Peaks, it was so much fun!  I felt bad for Leah though b/c any of the big slides she wanted to go down she had to go by herself b/c I'm prego and the boys were too little.


That evening we went to watch Cameron play softball.  I thought this was adorable!

Friday, July 20th, before Leah left for the airport we went to a local splashpad.

Notice how Connor put on his sunglasses.

Afterward my friend Nikki watched the boys and Leah and I went to get pedicures.  We even got nail art, Leah's are the orange and pink.

Saying good bye to "Yaya."  My friend Amy watched the boys so I didn't have to take them w/ me to the airport and I could help Leah walk back through security.

We loved having Leah here!  It was such a quick trip, but we crammed in a lot anyways.  I sure hope she had fun, but I know the boys and I did for sure.  We love and miss you "Yaya!"

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Leah's Visit Part I

It's been 2 years since Leah came out to visit us.  She finally got to come July 11th-20th.
Right after Leah arrived we grabbed a lunch and Noodles & Co. and then headed to Park City to visit the Long's while Cam's sister Stacie and her family were in town.

We forgot the boy's swimsuits so they got to swim in their undies ;)

Friday we went to Trafalga. Leah took Connor out on the splash boats and got soaked.
Cade did not want to get wet, so he didn't go, and then got very mad when someone squirted him. haha

Leah helped the boys rock climb.

Connor got up really high!

This use to be Leah's favorite ride, I'm not sure if it was this time, but the boys sure had tons of fun w/ her.
Stay tuned for more of her visit...