Sunday, October 16, 2011

Witches Night Out & A Haunted Circus

A group of girls and I went to Witches Night out at Gardner Village Saturday, October 15th.  I went last year and thought it was so much fun that I wanted to go again.  I wore the same costume I wore last year, w/ a few changes, including the hat.

 Top L to R: Kychelle, Natalie, Rachelle, Jamie, Me, Cassandra, Heather. Front L to R: Emily, Amy, Annie and Lindie.

All the girls who went to dinner.  We first went to dinner at Johnny Carino's.  A friend of Lindie's (front Left) met up w/ us, Adriane was so fun!  Very outgoing and not shy at all.  Three of the girls could only make it for this part of the night (Emily, Jamie and Natalie), and then went back to their busy lives.  It was fun having dinner w/ just the girls.  Everyone was staring at us in the Restaurant, but it was still fun.

All of us posing at Gardner Village.  It was so fun to go out w/ all of these great girls!  I had a great time, hopefully everyone else did too, and I'll for sure being going next year too.

This year we decided to go to Strangling Brother's Haunted Circus.  We got 1/2 off tickets online, which made it a great deal.  This huge clown was trying to scare everyone, but I made him pose in a picture w/ us.

We went w/ our friends Gabe and Kychelle.  Oh, we first went to dinner at Good Wood BBQ and then headed to the haunted circus.  The clown wouldn't get out of our picture, he really wanted to pose w/ us.

Finally he left us.  Overall I thought it was a lot of fun.  Our friends were totally freaked out and thought it was the best they've ever been to.  But, I personally thought it should've been longer, but I think that about all haunted houses.  It was very well put together and thrilling (I got startled 2 or 3 times, which is great for me)!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Connor's Big Boy Bed!

We decided to switch Connor over to a big boy bed Thursday, October 13th.  If it were up to me, I would've kept Connor in his crib forever!  He still hadn't figured out how to climb out of his bed and he loved it.  But, it was broken on the right hand, back side corner.  So, I had to keep it together by leaning it in the corner of the 2 walls.  But, b/c of this Connor was able to easily play w/ his blinds and look out of the window, so the blinds kept breaking! ugh!  And he kept kicking the broken side of his bed and it made a hole/dent in the wall.  Does this make any sense at all?  Anyways, so it was either buy him a new crib or move him into a toddler bed.

I set it up earlier in the day, he wasn't very excited about it.  When he saw what I was doing, he pointed to his crib and said, "No I want my bed, not that bed."

By the time bedtime rolled around, he got a bit more excited, with Cade's help...

Cade was so much more excited than Connor! haha

He even kissed Connor good night.  It was so sweet!

I told Connor and told him to close his eyes and go to sleep.  He certainly pretended to do so!

I only caught him getting up once.  I heard his door open, I walked over to it and found him just standing there.  I got onto him and told him big boys are to stay in their beds.  He said, "Ok Mommy." Got sad (as shown here) and went to sleep.  Never heard another peep until morning.  He's really liking his bed now, he's doing really well w/ it too.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Monday, October 10th, we went to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point for FHE with our friends the Schramms.  It was fun hanging out w/ them and letting our kids get to know each other a little better.

They had these huge bouncy things, 1 for young kids, 1 for older kids, and 1 for adults.  Here's Connor enjoying the young kid bouncer.

Cade went over to the older kid bouncer, and Connor decided to join in.  Just to give you an idea of how huge this one was....Connor had to climb up it.

It started sprinkling.  But we still had fun.

Oh my gosh!  I had to go through the bouncer things w/ the boys (which normally I wouldn't mind, but it was all wet)!  Anyways, this one I felt like I was climbing out of a birth was horrible!  Look closely behind me, that kid was pushing me through, obviously I was going to slow for him.  Actually, I didn't mind, b/c I was scared I was going to get stuck it was such a tight squeeze!

The last one I didn't go through w/ Cade, but he went w/ Ben and one of his daughters.  They came out and we waited probably a good 5 minutes for Cade, who never showed up!  Ben had to go back in and get him (the last part was too hard for him to climb up to get out).  Thanks Ben.  This was Cade coming out, he was very excited.

The boys loved watching these singing animals.

This was the only picture I got of them watching the animals, but they were in a trance watching, loved it!

They had a pig race, but before starting they asked for volunteers.  They chose Cade, and they put us in charge of cheering for one of the pigs.  I can't remember the name of our big, but it was something like Sponge Bob Square Pig or something.

After that we went on a tractor train ride.

Then looked at pumpkins.

And a very creepy clown.  The boys were terrified!  They had a haunted house outside of the entrance of the train ride, and this is what we came out to.

I think Cade was still thinking the clown was going to come after him, haha.

Lastly, we got to ride horses.

Connor was so tired he cuddled w/ me, I loved it of course!

And Cade got to ride on Daddy's shoulders.  We had a great time, can't wait til next year!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


This is how I found the boys one day watching TV.  It was so cute!!

They love their Daddy.

My Halloween decorations.

The boys eating Thai Noodles.  Connor liked it more on him than in him haha.

Cade saw Connor and tried to put some noodles on his face too.

Connor going outside to help Daddy clean out his car.

Cade sick :(  I can't remember right now what he was sick w/...I'll have to ask Cameron.  Whatever it was he got over it quickly.

We decided to go to Cabella's one Saturday.  The boys love it there.

haha They thought they were really doing something, but as you can see this machine was out of order.  I love free entertainment!

I almost forgot!  I hardly ever get to go home and visit my family, so when people come all the way from TN to Utah and actually go out of their way to come and visit me, it means a lot to me!  It makes me feel like I'm at home, at least for an hour or so.  The Sutherlands, a family from my home ward, came out to show their daughter, Sabrina, the BYU campus and all the UT sights.  And, they came out of their way to come visit me!  They first met me at my house, and I gave them a tour (as requested by Momma), and then we went to the Thanksgiving Points Deli for Ice Cream.  They have $.50 icecream cones and kids get free kid's cones.  Brother Sutherland was so nice to treat us.  And it was so nice to sit and talk to them for an hour or so.  It was so fun to catch up on them and what's been going on in TN.  Thanks Sutherlands for coming to visit me, it really meant a lot ;)

The boys helped me make and decorate cookies.

I tried out a new recipe.  Connor loved it!  Cade not so much.