Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve & More...

We have the tradition, like most everyone does, to open our Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve! This year it was just us, but it was still a lot of fun. It really got Cade excited for more presents. He kept asking, "More Pwesents?" This is what the tree looked like w/ our pjs underneath. The boxes in the back are just decorative.

I got the Black Friday deals on pjs and house shoes for the boys, great deals!

Cam's not big into actual pajamas, so I always get him a nice pair of basketball shorts and this year a matching shirt.

Cade knew exactly what to do!

Cade trying to "help" Connor.

Connor in his Cars get up and Cade in Mickey Mouse! I could not get them to pose together, this was the best I could get.

Cameron picked my cute pj bottoms out from Downeast Basics! He did a great job, love them!

We should've been wearing our pjs too, but oh well. This is our family picture in front of our fireplace.

The day before Cameron got off work early so we decided to go to Cabala's and walk around. The boys love seeing all the stuffed animals and fish.

I thought Connor looked so funny, but oh so cute ;)

A few days before that we looked out on our deck and there was a huge cat sitting there. The boys sat and stared at the thing for the longest time. The cat had to've been from a family with kids b/c it was not faced one bit when the boys kept banging on the glass. (Oh be looking for more, I have lots more to post. It's just taking me a while b/c my external hardrive stopped working in the middle of this post.)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter, the Past Few Weeks...

The boys loove to play in the snow! They also loved trying out their winter boots. Especially Connor, the first thing he did when I put them on was "jump" and squat in them. They pretty much go up to his knees so they hold him up.

My friend, Nikki, invited us to go w/ her and her son, Ryder, to story time at the library. It ended up being a Fancy Nancy Christmas. There were lots of little girls dressed in their fanciest. The boys had a lot of fun! Oh I love this picture of Cade!! He's so handsome.

We did a little "cake walk" for treats. The boys had loved it. This is their cute little friend Ryder.

The boys going through their treats during story time. After they made bedazzled snowflakes.

Playing outside while Cameron put up Christmas lights. The boys got to try out their new gloves and hats, they loved them.

Cade had fun playing w/ a flag he found.

A couple of Saturdays ago we attended our Ward's Christmas party. The boys had a lot of fun, other than seeing Santa. Cade screamed so loud when Santa walked in the room. Then he wanted nothing to do w/ sitting anywhere near him.

Connor didn't like the idea of Santa either.

Cameron trying to console Cade when we entered "Santa's workshop."

We got somewhat of a good family picture. We just couldn't get the boys to sit in Santa's lap, this was the best we could get.

Sunday I dressed the boys in their Christmas best ;)

Like I said, the boys love their winter boots!

Last night a couple of streets in our neighborhood had a party. We first went to a friend's house and hung out for an hour and ate lots of treats. Then we all met outside by a huge bond fire to roast chestnuts, sing songs and mingle. Oh the street we had it on is called Chestnut street, so they called it Roasting Chestnuts on Chestnut.

The boys had a great time playing w/ all the kids in the snow.

Cameron had to leave for a little bit for church duties, so we missed out on a family picture. We had so much fun! I even got to see a friend, Thad and his wife Lindsay, that I haven't seen since college!

Cade loved eating the snow.

This is what I have to deal w/ every single day! The boys love to push the chairs around the kitchen to get into stuff. Today I decided I would just put every chair on its side. It worked ok for Connor, but Cade could lift up the lighter chairs. I'm still working on a solution to solve this problem.

Cute little King and Shepherd

Sunday, the 12th, we were invited to a friends house to be a part of a little nativity program. Connor was asked to be a Shepherd and Cade, one of the 3 Kings. I know they have almost the same costume, but I worked w/ what I had :)

Have you ever seen a Shepherd w/ a pacifier? Well, now ya have!

This was probably the only time Cade stood with the other kids during the program, and I think this picture was taken before he was supposed to go out. He kind of did his own thing.

Connor on the other hand wanted nothing to do w/ standing with the other kids at all!

I ended up having to sit up there w/ them.

Enjoying refreshments afterwards.

Even though my boys weren't that great during the program, we had a lot of fun! It was so cute and I was very grateful that we got to participate.

18 Months Old!!

This little guy is growing up so fast! Just look at those pj's! They are just a bit snug huh? They use to be big on him!

Doesn't this face just scream trouble? He is such a busy, busy little man! I can't tell you all he does during the day, I can't even keep up w/ the kid. He is non-stop, well maybe that's not completely true.... The past little while he has been big into snuggling and randomly coming up to Mommy or Daddy to give hugs. I love it! He use to never let me touch him! Now he comes and initiates the move.
He is also really starting to talk a lot! Some of the things he likes to say are: nana (blanket and pacifier, we think b/c he is referring both of them to Night night), baba or baull (bottle), Momma or Mommy, Daee or Daee-o (Daddy, Daddy-o, he and Cade like to call Cam Daddy-o sometimes, it's cute) and one of his first sentences that almost makes getting up in the middle of the night to find his pacifier worth it is, "Where nana go?" It makes me smile every time, even though I am about ready to throw that pacifier out the window! Another big phrase is, "Set, GO!" (For ready, set, go!) He says this anytime he is about to do anything, like run, jump, etc. He loves Cade and will pretty much do anything Cade wants to do, and thinks he can do anything Cade can do, which is not always true, like trying to jump off the couch for example. He is also BIG into pushing chairs, stools, boxes, ANYTHING up to counter or table to get into ANYTHING & EVERYTHING! It drives me crazy, I don't know how to keep him from doing this. All day he is pushing these items around the kitchen! But, mostly he is just such a sweet little guy, we love him so much.
I took him to his 18 month check-up on Monday the 13th.
These were his results:
*18 months - 26.88 lbs 64%; 33" 71%; head 19.1" 70%
15 months - 25.38 lbs 62%; 32" 77%; head 18.9" 74%
12 months - 21 lbs 23%; 30.5" 74%; head 18.5" 69%
9 months - 19.48 lbs 33%; 29" 76%; head 18.1" 71%
6 months - 18.63 lbs 72%; 28" 93%; head 17.3" 58%
4 months - 16.63 lbs 76%; 26.5" 90%; head 17.3" 58%
2 months - 12.69 lbs 66%; 23.75" 72%; head 15.7"42%
2 weeks - 7.69 lbs 20%; 20.5" 42%; head 14.2" 27%

So he is above average in everything! He is a big boy. We love him so much and we are very glad he is a part of our family.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Decorating...I love it!

We decorated for Christmas the Saturday and Sunday after Thanksgiving. I couldn't wait to decorate! I have been wanting to since before Thanksgiving, but I figured since I was hosting Thanksgiving I should probably wait at least until the day after. But, Friday came and went, and I was just too tired to decorate. Cade loved "helping" decorate the tree!

And, like always, I left the Angel for Cameron to put on top of the tree.

Our finished tree!

With no flash. I love the way it looks w/ the lights turned out and all the glitter sparkling from the Christmas lights.

The boys enjoying a snack in front of the tree and fire.

They have done amazingly very well w/ not getting into the tree, at least not too much.

The stockings were hung by the chimney w/ care... (I hope to make some homemade sometime.)

A student of mine (from when I taught) made these letters for me!

The entry way table. My mother-in-law has given me most of my decorations!

The entry way. I just got this rug a couple of days ago, I was so excited b/c it had all my colors in it! And, it was marked down 20% off.

My nativity scenes. Don't ya'll just love the feeling of your homes w/ Christmas decorations!? I just feel like it's so much more homey, I love it!