Friday, April 30, 2010

Connor's 1st Haircut!!

Last Saturday we took the boys to get their pictures made b/c I had a free coupon. Anyways, I decided it was time to give my baby his 1st haircut, you know for the pictures. His hair was so long on top, like a Mohawk, and really short everywhere else...well all except for the really long stragglers growing everywhere. I actually cut his hair! All by myself!
Here are some before shots...

Here we go...he did not like getting his hair cut at all!

He wanted to kill me, that or Cameron for taking so many pictures. But seriously, isn't that an evil death stare?

Cade of course was very involved. He actually had no idea he was next to get his hair cut.

He's finished, or pretty much I gave up on was hard to get all the stragglers.

After his bath.

"What? Me, cute?"

No, he knows he looks good ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dog Sitting...

This past weekend, up until yesterday, we watched my in-law's dog, Tucker, for them while they went out of town. Cade looooved having him around. Every chance he could get he wanted to go downstairs in our basement to see "Woof," that's what he renamed him as. I actually wish I could've gotten a picture or recorded him, but he would put his arms up, slant his head and ask, "Woof?" Like he was asking where he was, it was so cute. We went on walks everyday with Tucker and Cade had to be the one holding the leash or he would get really mad, he didn't even want us to touch it.

He took this job very seriously. If you look closely you can see the death grip he has on that thing. Oh and Connor would just hang out of the stroller and stare at Tucker laughing the whole time. They were just so funny w/ "Woof" and they sure do miss him already.

And no, we are not getting a dog. One day when they're old enough and can take care of it on their own, then we'll talk.

A Funny Story...

I love reading funny kid stories, and I thought I needed to start putting some stories up as well. So, I've been meaning to put this story up b/c I thought it was so dang funny! Last Wednesday I was in my bedroom and Cade brings my my deodorant from the bathroom. I said, "Oh do you want some?" I was really curious to see what he was going to do w/ it. So, I took the lid off and handed him the deodorant. This is what he did w/ it...

Apparently he thought it was a huge chap stick! He is in love w/ chap stick, and if he ever finds one, he grabs it, takes off the cap, rubs it on his lips and then proceeds to eat it. Luckily he didn't eat this "'hap stick' but he did keep saying, "Mmmmmm" the whole time he was putting it on. Why? I don't know...what a weirdo, haha, a cute weirdo though! (I didn't have my camera w/ me right then so, this is actually a reenactment in our basement, our bedroom does have finished walls ;)

This is what happened when I took his 'chap stick' away. Just like any other time I take away regular chap sticks, he actually ended up laying on the floor screaming after this was taken, haha. Poor little guy.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

An Update...

So last time I told ya'll how upset I was about being released from Primary and how I just wanted to know why. Oh, just in case you were wondering, NO, I have not been mourning my release this whole time, I've been just fine. But, anyways, I was called in Sunday morning to meet with a member of the bishopric for a new calling! It turned out that they want me as the new Beehive advisor!! For those that aren't LDS, no I am not going to oversee actual beehives, Beehives are the 12 and 13 year old girls in our church. So, I'm going to get to teach them Sundays and plan and attend activities for Wednesday evenings. I was told by some of the ladies I'll be working with that they have had an eye on me for a few months now, and kept saying how they just wished I wasn't in Primary so they could have me. I guess as soon as they heard the news of me being released they snatched me up as quickly as they could. I am very excited to work with these ladies, I already know most of them, and they are wonderful! I am also excited to get to know the girls, they seem like such funny girls, and full of personality. I have not done anything in Young Women's since I was in High School, so it's going to be quite a new experience. What I have learned from this, is God does have a plan for me (other than Primary), he had one all along, I just need to have more faith but, I'm just glad I get to finally see what that plan was. This will definitely be a new and exciting ride for me, I am a little nervous, but more excited.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Cabella's, An Afternoon of Fun...

A couple of weekends ago Dallas, my cousin, Robby, and their girlfriends came to visit. Saturday afternoon we wanted something to do so, we all went to Cabella's, b/c it is just down the street from us. We had a great time.
My "boys" enjoying the fish aquarium.

Paige and Dallas gave Cade some fish feed, he loved that!

They have tons of animals.

Cade's face the whole time, he kept saying, "Whoa...."

Cameron acted like he was going to put him in w/ the bear, he did not like that idea at all! Don't worry I told Cameron he was mean...haha.

I Just Love My Boys!!!

Hugs and kisses!

He loves to make this face at the camera for some odd reason, haha.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spring Is Here! Now, Let's Just Hope It's Here to Stay!

The weather has been so nice the last couple of days, finally!! The boys have liked playing on our deck and enjoying the nice weather. Yesterday I started getting worried that Connor's head was going to get burned, so I went upstairs and grabbed the only 2 hats I could find.

He looks a little girly, but his head didn't burn!

This 2nd hat was too small for Connor, but Cade wanted to wear one too.
So, here he is in his hat :) He kept saying, "Hat, hat."

(There are a couple more new posts after this one, so keep scrolling down.)

Past Month Random Pics...

Last week Cade turned 22 months and Connor 10 months! I can't believe how fast time flies by! Their birthday are going to be here in less than 2 months. So, I thought I'd post some pictures of this past month...there's a lot, so enjoy...
My friend Kristina had her baby last month, so we decided to take them dinner and visit w/ them. They actually named their baby Kade, I think b/c they love my Cade so much! No, they just liked the name. Anyways, this was the first time Cade ever seemed interested in a baby! I was so shocked, he freaked out and put his arms out to imply he wanted to hold him. It was so cute! They said it was fine, so here he is holding lil' Kade. He did not want to give him back and got mad when we took him.

Can I just tell you how baby hungry I was?! I told Cameron that and he just laughed, he totally knew I was joking! As much as I love my boys, and thought little Kade was adorable, I am very content w/ my 2 babies at home. :) So, if you didn't catch on, I was totally joking, I am not baby hungry at all, not for a few more years, haha.

I found Cade one morning just laying here.

I got Cade this Cars chair and he refuses to let Connor near it. So, while Cade was asleep one day I put Connor in it, he thought he was such a big boy! He kicked his little legs and giggled like crazy.

Cade desperately needed a haircut, finally we got around to it. Poor little guy, we didn't realize how cold and windy it was until we were out there. I gave him a sucker, and he thought he was in Heaven.

All done, he was frozen.

Sitting in a box.

One of Cade's favorite faces to make.

Matching outfits and both sucking on their pacifiers.

Connor has been getting really good at standing against things lately. I have to be the one to set him against the chair, he hasn't pulled himself up yet.

So April 1st we woke up to a lot of snow. Cade wanted to go outside, so here he is all bundled up.

Connor and Cade saying "hi."

Connor is loving table foods.

So cute.

We spent Conference Saturday with our friends, the Deans.
The boys were in Heaven w/ all the toys.

Last week for about one day the weather was amazing, so we went on a walk. Connor hung out of the stroller the whole time like this so he could see everything.

Last Thursday, the 8th, Connor pulled himself up. Cade and I were upstairs getting ready for bed, and Connor was so jealous. Cameron yelled up at me and told me to look down. I found Connor standing up on the 1st step "trying" to get to us.

Continuing to climb.

We went to the store the other day for a couple of things and Cade decided he wanted to push his own little buggy, I have let him once before when it was just me and him. He thought he was such a big boy. He walks around the store w/ a huge smile, and anyone that comes near him he yells out, "hiey" just to make sure they see him (He combines hi and hey). I turned around to check on him and looked down in his buggy, he had a box of hot wheels he was pushing around, I have no idea where he got it, but he thought he was going to keep them, it was funny.

The Living Planet Aquarium

My friend Merideth invited me and the boys to go w/ her and her son, Owen to the Living Planet Aquarium last Wednesday, the 7th. It was fun, but dang busy! I have no idea why it was so busy, it must have been spring break for several kids or something. A lot of the displays were hard to get up to b/c of all the kids surrounding them. It would be a lot more fun, I think, to go when it's less crowded. I am used to the Chattanooga Aquarium which is amazing! The Living Planet Aquarium in MUCH smaller, I would explain it more like the fish displays at a zoo. But, we still had fun!

I got to pet a sting ray! Kinda creepy, but cool. I tried to take Cade out of the stroller so he could have a better look, but he wanted nothing to do w/ it. He just wanted to view everything from a distance.

He liked staring at the fish, actually if you look closely there is a small shark.

Cade did not like me leaving them next to this small aquarium of fish to take a picture and Connor just enjoyed the ride :)

If you look closely there is a penguin on the left. This is their latest attraction right now, it was completely covered by kids. But, that's ok, Cade once again wanted nothing to do w/ getting close anyways.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter '10

Easter was a very busy day for us! We started out our day w/ the boys waking us up, but Cameron was the one who ended up getting up w/ them b/c he was sweet enough to let me stay in bed. When I decided to get up I brought the boy's Easter baskets downstairs and had them open them. I was really excited for Cade to do Easter this year b/c I thought he'd love it. I don't know what it was, but he freaked out, in a bad way, and just kept screaming. Maybe he just couldn't get the candy in his mouth fast enough? But, Connor, on the other hand, was in Heaven. After the boys enjoyed their Easter baskets, we watched General Conference. Then went to a luncheon and watched Micheal's baby, Cameron's cousin, get blessed. After that we drove to Cameron's parents house, and listened to the 2nd session of conference. We took pictures, had an Easter egg hunt and ate dinner w/ Cameron's family and cousins visiting from California.

Cade, Connor, and Cameron's baskets. I forgot to buy another basket this year, so I used one that I already had around the house for Cameron. The next few pictures are of the boys going through their baskets.

I just love Connor's face in this picture!

One of Cade's temper tantrums that morning. We set up an Easter Egg Hunt for Cade, but he wasn't very interested in finding other eggs, he just wanted to eat the one had found. When we tried to encourage him to look for more, rather than eat his candy, he got mad!

So, we put Connor by the eggs for come "competition." As soon as Connor was involved, Cade took the whole thing a little more seriously. Connor was happy to find this one egg.

Every time he found an egg, he just had to shake it to make sure something was in it.

Connor in Heaven.

All dressed for Easter, right before his nap. He napped while we watched the 1st session of General Conference.

This was on our way to Cameron's parent's house, the only nap Cade had all day!

Papa 'Teve playing w/ the boys.

I think this picture is adorable.

Our family! Cameron's brother, Geoff, took this for us.

My good lookin' boys.

I did a little photo shoot of the boys. I did not get one where they were both smiling together.

Cade didn't want to sit very long, but here are a few I got of him.

Connor's photos. I was very surprised that he didn't smile for me. Usually he is all smiles when he sees the camera.

Easter egg hunt at Grandma and Papa's.

The cousin's and Cameron's cousin's kids.

The family: The cousins, their kids and Cameron's Uncle Mitch.
We had a wonderful day! We were so happy that we were able to celebrate this great day of Christ's resurrection w/ so many family members. Hope everyone else had a great Easter too!