Sunday, March 28, 2010

I Am Heartbroken...

A lot of you might not know, but I have been the 1st counselor in the Primary Presidency pretty much since we moved into our new ward. I was also in the Presidency in our last ward for almost a year, up until we moved. For those of you that know me well, then you know how much I have loved my calling! I look forward to going to Primary each Sunday, teaching my sharing time lessons whenever that might be, and everything about it. I have just loved working with the children and the Presidency. Thursday I had to meet with someone in the bishopric, which I figured was fine. I knew, and was expecting the President to get released, but I figured I was fine b/c I had only served for about 5 months. It was not good news! He told me that I was getting released and paused, I responded w/, "And then call me again right?" I was not trying to be funny, I was totally serious. I had no doubt in my mind I was being kept. He said, "No, sorry. The new president has asked for someone else. But, we will have a new calling for you, we just don't know what that is yet." I was heart broken! I had to keep it together b/c I didn't want to cry in front of him and my Visiting Teaching Companion was coming right after, so I didn't want to be all red eyed. (Sorry, I know this is all church talk for all of you that aren't LDS.) I left to go VT right after, the whole time all I could think about was how sad I was and how I couldn't believe I was already released...and "WHY?" That's my big question, is why she decided not to keep me. But, anyways, as soon as I got home I just let it out. The following day I kept feeling really sad and kept wondering why I felt this way, and then I remembered, I was released! I dreaded all weekend for Sunday to arrive. Today finally arrived and I was officially released in Sacrament meeting. It was so hard. People kept saying, "Oh you must be so happy, you get a break! You get to go back to Relief Society!" "Um, NO, I don't want to, I want to stay!" That's close to what I'd say, I didn't yell it though. I still had to conduct in Primary today and Nikki had to teach, which was really weird because the new presidency was in there the whole time watching us.
Sorry, I know I am rambling now, I just wanted to get this off of my chest. (I hope I don't sound too whiny.) I am just so devastated. Cameron said he doesn't think he has ever had a calling where he cared about being released from...well, I never did before either. I guess this just shows how much I loved my calling, I am sure going to miss it, and I know I'll get over it, I'm just still processing.

St Patty's Day...Fun, Fun!

Wednesday, the 17th, for St. Patrick's Day, Discovery Gateway was free for anyone who attended. I didn't find out about this until the morning of, but I decided I really wanted to take the boys anyways, I have been wanting to take Cade to a hand's on museum for a while now. I couldn't find anyone to go w/ me b/c it was last minute (we did end up seeing a friend there towards the end!), so I decided it was worth it to go alone. The boys were both a little cautious at first (especially Connor, he kept crying) because it was so packed, but they ended up having a great time.

I think riding this dump truck was the first thing I could talk Cade into when we arrived, he wanted to wear the hard hat too. After that I couldn't keep him from doing things! He was making the ball go through the tubes in the picture on the right.

They had tons to do! I think his favorite activity was playing with all the balls! Oh they had a craft room where "the boys" made hats. Cade refused to wear his at first, finally I just forgot about it.

Connor knew he was wearing something on his head, and just loved it! He scooted across the floor to get the balls. I'm so glad they enjoyed themselves, it was well worth going. I decided I didn't feel like taking the double stroller, so I had both boys sit in the single stroller. I thought they looked adorable, Cade had Connor sit between his legs :)

Oh, I almost forgot. I forgot to get Cade's car seat out of Cameron's car, so Cade had to sit in the extra carrier that Stacie gave us before he was born. Good thing we had that, or else we would've been stuck at home. Poor little guy, he was so crammed in the seat, good thing he's so dang skinny! He thought it was funny. (This picture was taken the day before, I had to do the same thing.)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney on Ice

Saturday I took Cade, along w/ a couple of friends and their sons, to Disney on Ice. I'm not sure who was more excited, Cade or me...wait who am I kidding, I was for sure!!! I have never been to any ice skating show before so I was dang excited! Cade had seen a few commercials advertising it and every time he would get very excited because this year they featured Cars! He would start pointing and yelling, "Ca, Ca!!" (Car) He would then get so mad when the commercial would end. So, I told Cameron we had to take him to see the show. He didn't really think it sounded like a lot of fun so insisted I find a friend that would be willing to go. I finally got my friend Merideth and her son Owen and another friend, Susan and her son Austin to go. So we all went Saturday, even though it was terrible weather, a mixture of rain and snow. Merideth and I went to Gateway beforehand and had lunch at the food court. Then we proceeded to carry our sons, while holding an umbrella, all the way to the Energy Solution's was a much longer walk than I thought. My arms are still sore today. Susan was a lot smarter, she parked across the street. But anyways, we had a great time. Mickey and Minnie were the first act, which was great b/c Cade is a huge fan. He did get scared a couple of times, like when their car backfired and another time during a scene in The Little Mermaid. I think it must have been all the excitement. The first half consisted of Mickey Mouse, then Cars, The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. All the boys were seriously in a trans the whole time and loved it! The second half was all Tinkerbell, I think we were all bored during that part. The boys all played on the ground together, but at least they were still good. But, we had a great time and I would for sure recommend it to anyone!

All of us, Susan and Austin, Me and Cade, Merideth and Owen.

9 Months Old!!!

Connor turned 9 months old on the 10th! I can't believe how fast kids grow, I know I have said that before, it just amazes me how fast time flies. Connor is such a sweet little guy, I just love having him around. We had his 9 month check-up on the 10th as well, so here are the results from his check-up.

Connor's Stats:

*9 months - 19.48 lbs 33%; 29 in 76%; head 18.1 in 71%
6 months - 18.63 lbs 72%; 28 in 93%; head 17.3 in 58%
4 months - 16.63 lbs 76%; 26.5 in 90%; head 17.3 in 58%
2 months - 12.69 lbs 66%; 23.75 in 72%; head 15.7 in 42%
2 weeks - 7.69 lbs 20%; 20.5 in 42%; head 14.2 in 27%

So, I really don't know what happened. He looks like a huge kid to me! How in the world did he go under his average weight?! I love calling him my "Fatty Bojangles", not to be mean, I love that he is big! Can I not call him that anymore?
But anyways, here are some of the things he has been learning how to do the past few months. He is sleeping great, he goes to bed somewhere between 6 (his choice not mine) and 7 pm and doesn't wake up to eat until about 5 am and goes back to sleep again until about 7:15- 8:30 am. He sits up great and knows how to get back down on the ground from a sitting position. He rolls around to get places and scoots to get to most. He loves to watch, follow and bug Cade, his face totally lights up when Cade enters the room. He eats his baby food great, and anything else offered to him. He loves finger foods and last week he had his first table foods. He loooves to eat! He laughs a lot and is so much fun to have in our family. We love our "little guy", b/c I can't call him my "Fatty Bojangles" anymore right? And, here are some more pics of Connor that I enjoy:

Trying to brush his "teeth" like his big brother Cade.

Daddy styled Connor's Mohawk into an actual Mohawk :) after his bath.

He has the greatest smile! Many people have threatened that they are going to take him from me, I have to keep a close eye on this guy ;)

Why I Blog...

I try to blog about big events, milestones and just about anything I feel like. I view my blog as a family journal, so if you ever wonder why I blogged about a certain thing, that's why. Sometimes I don't care if other people care about a certain post (don't get me wrong, I love getting comments and hearing from ya'll!) but, I want it on here as a memory for me to remember. So, a few weeks ago I made my first blog book! I think it turned out great. I used Blurb to make it, it uploads the posts straight from your blog, all I had to do was organize it. I started from my first post ever, in May 2008 and ended at Cade's 1st birthday, June 2009. I'll make my 2nd book starting w/ Connor's birth and ending at the boy's birthday in June this year! I am just so excited that I finally got the first book done and am excited to make my 2nd book.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Connor's Nursery!

I finally finished Connor's Nursery! Nothing fancy, but I think it's cute.
I decided I didn't want to use the same bedding for Connor as I did for Cade b/c I figured I could just use Cade's for his toddler bed he'll be sleeping in. And, I wanted to decorate Connor's totally different! So, I finally finished. I didn't have a bumper or a crib skirt until last week. I bought his blanket from Ikea back when Bonny was here visiting in August and I haven't been able to find anything "cheap" that matched. I finally found this bumper/skirt set off of KSL classifieds from a little family for only $25 and they're from Pottery Barn! I was so excited, and thought they matched perfect!

This is his blanket from Ikea, Cameron said that it's a little girly, which I can see, but I loved the colors! Doesn't the bumper match perfectly?!

So, I finally got around to making Connor a name plaque, like I did for Cade when he was a baby. I am very excited with the results. I really slacked on getting around to making it, but I finally made it last night. I painted, and modge podged scrapbook paper on the plaque (I thought the colors were perfect!). Then I painted each letter and glued them on, along w/ the lion (I can't take credit for painting that, it came that way). Oh, I also sand papered the edges of the paper so it had the distressed look. I love it! I just feel bad that Cade's is so plain, I remember being so proud of that at the time. I just have to remember that I've done a few more crafts since then, and have learned about modge podge. But, I think it turned out great and I am very excited about it.

I hung it this morning after Connor woke up, I couldn't wait to see it on the wall. Cameron made fun of me, but hey, that's just me! Nancy, Cameron's mom, made the quilt hanging over the edge the bed for Connor when he was born, she's an amazing quilter.

Connor's newborn hand and foot print, I finally hung them.

My wonderful glider rocker, I would recommend to any mom to have one of these in a nursing baby's room.

The entrance to his room. Bonny actually gave him the alligator hooks. I don't really know what to hang from it, but I think it looks cute how it is anyways.

This is the window in Connor's room, I would really like to put curtains over them so it blocks out light during the day. But, it is such a cool shaped window that I don't want to cover them up. Does anybody have any ideas of how to put up curtains but still show the shape of the window?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Boys!

My boys!!!

Cade loves to rough house with Connor, and most the time Connor doesn't mind either.

Trying out the play mat as a crawl through tunnel.

This is how we usually find Cade if he's tired. If we ask him if he's ready to go night-night then he runs and gets his pacifier and blankie. He KNOWS if he's ready to go to sleep.

After baths. So, can you tell which kid is which? I don't think they look too much alike, but every once in a while I can only tell the difference between them by looking at their hair. Connor's the baldy, or actually I should say he's the one w/ the Mohawk. (Not so much in this picture) Oh a fun fact: Cade's picture was taken a year ago today! Weird!!!

After taking a bath.

Brushing his teeth after his bath. I love his blue eyes.

My happy baby.

My boys wrestling on our bed after Cameron got home from work one day. I was downstairs getting dinner ready and just heard a lot of laughing and so I had to run upstairs to check it out, this is what I found.

Cade has found an easier way to play basketball. He likes to carry my stool around to easier reach things to get into them too. Look how skinny he is!

Connor and Daddy.

My Nun boy.

I wouldn't doubt that Cade was actually trying to headbutt Connor here, that's something he really loves to do.

Connor has really started getting good at scooting. (Video to come soon.) He's really trying to get to that ball. If you remember, Cade rolled around forever to get to where he wanted. Connor does that too, but his scooting is over taking the rolling.

This is what I dressed Connor in this past Sunday. I thought he looked adorable, but Cameron said he looked like a sissy boy ;)

I've had a lot of request to put more pictures of me up so to show what I look like since having Connor. I haven't done any full body shots, so I took this one on Sunday. I'm feeling content with how I look, except for my stomach, but I don't know if that will ever go away. I have been doing P90X, I haven't done that great the last couple of weeks, and I have been trying to eat better. So far I have lost all my baby weight from both pregnancies plus all the weight I gained since getting married! I really don't know how, I look back at wedding pictures and really think I look tiny and don't know how I could be the same weight. The only thing I can think is that I had a lot more muscle then. Anyways, so in total I have lost about 43 lbs since having Connor! (33 lbs of baby weight from 2 babies + 12 lbs from getting married!!!)