Thursday, August 26, 2010

Visit To Rexburg & Dallas's Graduation

We left Thursday, the 22nd, for Rexburg. On the way I guess the sun was in Cade's eyes so Leah came up w/ the brilliant idea to use the visor from the stroller to cover Cade up ;)

We first met up at a very shallow lake by the sand dunes. Connor loved it!

Friday was the graduation. I love how BYU-Idaho does their commemoration. After everyone walks in they have the students turn around and clap for their professors to show their gratitude. The speaker was President Hinckley's son, Elder Hinckley.

Us after the commemoration.
Dallas walking up to receive his diploma for BA in Business Administration.

He did it!!! I was so proud of him!

Everyone who attended. The very left was Dallas's long time roommate, Mike, and his wife. Then all of us, including my cousin's, Carlos and Robby and his soon to be wife, Kelsey.

My family! We were all so proud of him. Congrats Dallas!

My Family's Visit Part I

My family finally arrived to Salt Lake City Thursday, July 15th, after their looong drive from TN!!! My mom wanted to meet up in SLC first because my cousin, Carlos, and brother, LeGrand, had to leave on a shuttle to Rexburg, ID that evening. So, she wanted them to see the sights of downtown before they left. This was me, the boys and Momma on top of the Conference center overlooking the Salt Lake Temple.

Leah and Hannah.

LeGrand and Hunter (I don't know why Carlos wasn't in the picture).

Hunter and Hannah gave the boys a bath the next night. I guess it takes 2 to bathe my boys!

They took over my camera. Isn't this a great picture?!

Saturday we went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point, I'm a member so everyone got 1/2 off!! This dinosaur was so big I couldn't fit it all in the picture!

Me my Boys!!!

Connor is so dang cute!!! I tried to get Cade to get in the picture, but he wanted to watch from the safety of the stroller.

Monday, the 19th, for Momma's birthday we all went to Good Things Utah. Momma loves the show, she says that she's the one that got me hooked to the show...who knows? This was my 4th visit, 3rd visit this Summer!!

That evening we celebrated Momma's 49th birthday w/ her best friend growing up, Kathy and her family. I don't know why I didn't get a picture of them. We made a southern meal consisting of pulled pork and several yummy sides. I made strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Singing Happy Birthday!! (They were trick candles hahaha)

The birthday banner the kids made for Momma. I took it off a week later and it peeled my paint off the wall!!!! Oh can be fixed I guess ;)

Cade wearing Gammy and Mommy's jewelery, his Daddy was so proud.

Connor sat himself in this swing, along w/ the blanket and Cade's sippy cup (he's such a stinker)! I couldn't believe it!

Daddy finally arrived Wednesday night, the 21st. He didn't get to come out w/ everyone else because he had to work. The boys helped Gampa flatten the air mattress the next morning so we could get ready to go to Rexburg for Dallas's graduation.

Leah's Visit July 7th - 14th

Wednesday, July 7th, I finally got Connor a car seat!! After almost a month of him being of legal age to face front, he finally made the transition. I was excited because I found this car seat off of for $30, but I got it for only $20!! Anyways, he loves sitting forward, just like his big brother, Cade.

So, my little sister, Leah, got to come a week earlier than the rest of my family. She flew out all by her self and got here on the evening of July 7th. She didn't get to see the boys that night because they were already in bed but, the next morning the boys were very excited to see her. She took them out on our deck and took a few cute pics of them in their little car.

Later that day we went to the park. Look at Connor's face! haha

Leah was quite the little monkey! As you can see a storm was rolling in so our visit to the park was cut short.

That evening we went to Arctic Circle before watching Cameron's softball game. They give out free ice cream cones, so Cade got to enjoy his 1st ever ice cream cone. He loved it!

Sadly their game was forfeited because the other team didn't show. But, Leah entertained everyone w/ giving me a makeover.

The next day, Friday, we went over to my sister-in-laws house to visit. Leah loves her and he kids, and they love her. So, we went over to play in the water, the kids had a great time. Leah took turns taking the boys down the slip and slide. Look at their faces, so funny!


Connor, Leah, Ellie, Mason, Cade, Lisa and the newest little one, Cassidy.

Monday we were invited to go to the Splash Pad in Alpine with a friend from my ward. The boys were surprisingly very brave and loved it all.

Wednesday I was able to take Leah and Cade to Cawabunga Bay, a water park near by. I was excited because I had a coupon for moms to get in free w/ a purchase of another ticket, so I got in free! My friend Nikki was nice enough to watch Connor so we could better enjoy ourselves. Cade ended up being scared of everything after a while though.

Cade and I

This is all Cade wanted to do after a while.

Cade did not want to take this picture at all! But, we made him anyways.

He wanted this car.

So did Leah.

Leah thought this was the coolest toilet! It was a mini one, just for kids, only in Utah right?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Upadate...

I have so much to blog about. I have all of last month and this month. After my birthday my family visited me for Dallas's graduation then I went to girls camp and now I'm here in TN visiting the fam for Dallas and my cousin, Robby's, weddings. I feel like I have been on the GO like crazy! I will be doing a lot of catching up when I get home, I'm here until the 24th though. Anyways, I was finally catching up on friend's blogs when I decided I should do a little post of what I was up to. My Daddy is in the hospital right now w/ Kidney stones so I am "teen" sitting and have a little extra time on my hands. Daddy has had a horrible kidney stone for over 5 weeks now and finally couldn't take the pain anymore so he took himself to the emergency room finally today. They said the stone was something like 1cm and so way too big to pass. They are still waiting to figure out what is going to happen w/ it all. Anyways, just thought I'd do a little update. Oh, and I am loving my visit here, just sad Cameron couldn't come w/ me and the boys :(