Monday, September 28, 2009

We Closed!

Finally after about a month we were able to close on our house! We went in at 10 am this morning and signed all the papers. I am so excited. They said that we could probably get the keys by 4 this afternoon if everything goes through. Which means we can get started on taking things over to OUR NEW house today! The big moving day will be tomorrow. So....Let the moving games begin!

Friday, September 25, 2009


So, we didn't get to close today....
The bank we got our loan from failed to communicate w/ the bank that we're buying our house from about us wanting to close today. The only time that bank could do it today would've been this morning, but our loan bank still had some paperwork that needed to go through this, we have to wait until Monday to close. Which means...we can't move in until Tuesday!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing?!?!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We're Closing on the House!

So I finally have some news! We are going to close on our house on Friday, but we still won't be able to move in until Monday. For some reason I guess the money and paperwork won't go through until then. It's annoying that we won't have the weekend to move in, but at least we are getting a house!!! Anyone who is willing to help us either pack up the truck in Taylorsville, or unpack in Lehi you're help will be more than appreciated! And, of course you're more than welcome to help with both! Anyways, I am so excited to finally move into a house. Our apartment seemed to shrink after I had Connor, we are so crammed!

So here is a link to the pictures of our new home that are on my facebook. I really didn't feel like uploading pictures, so just click on the link! We feel so blessed to be getting such a wonderful home. Once we move in, any of you are welcome to come and visit. In fact, I am so excited to share our home w/ visitors!

Friday, September 11, 2009

15 Months Old!

My baby turned 15 months old on Wednesday! Today was his 15 month check up. Poor little guy had 2 shots and a prick of the finger. He did not like it one bit! While we were there he was non-stop! He would not stay still, he tried to jump off the bed several times, he tried to run out of the room, play with their computer, and anything else he could get his hands on. He is a very curious and energetic child, he sure does keep us busy, but we love him.

Here are his stats:
*15.1 month: 20.19 lbs 4%; 31 in 47%; head 18.9 in 74%
12 month: 19.4 lbs 7 %; 29.72 in 49%; head 18.9 in 90%
9 month: 17.5 lbs 8%; 29 in 76%; head 18.3 in 83%
6.4 month: 15.19 lbs 8 %; 26.25 in 34 %; head 17.5 in 65 %
4.4 month: 13.75 lbs 19%; 25.75 in 71%; head 16.9 in 63%
2 month: 10.75 lbs 26%; 23.25 in 60%; head 15.7 in 48%
2 week check-up: 7.81 lbs 24%; 20.75 in 54%; head 14.6 in 48%

He's about 4 lbs under weight! He hardly gained any weight in 3 months. So, to fix this, I am now required to put him on a high calorie diet, the total opposite of what we all try to do for ourselves. I am to put butter and cheese on anything possible and mix heavy whipping cream into his milk each day. So, I have to try and fatten my boy up, he's too skinny for society :)

The next few pictures are from the past few weeks.

I had Connor lying on this boppy earlier today and later found Cade lying on it with Connor's blankets. He was sure loving life!

Trying to read.

He loves getting into he climbed into the dryer!

I mentioned in an earlier post that he loves carrying this float around with him everywhere he goes. He is such a funny little kid, we sure do love him!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Done!!

Today I was able to pay off the last of our hospital/doctor bills!!! I am so excited, it's so stressful knowing you have so much to pay. Babies cost so much! Thanks to Fidelity Security Life Insurance and Aflac I was able to pay the bills and have a few thousand left over!! :) Which will come in handy with getting our new house and furnishing it. It feels so good :)