Friday, June 29, 2012

It's a....

I am 16 weeks and a couple of days in this picture.  I also found out what I'm having around this time.  But...before I tell everyone what I'm having I thought it'd be fun to have everyone guess!  So...what do you think I'm having?  There are obviously only 2 choices :)  I'll tell everyone once I feel like I've gotten a good enough response.  Oh...if you already know please do not "guess."

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Day Family Visit

Bonny and her family came to visit us June 23rd - early early morning 27th.  They were out here for Chad's sister's wedding and decided to extend the trip so they could visit us longer.

Friday, the 22nd, I was supposed to meet up w/ Bonny in Salt Lake to pick up Knox so they could attend her in-laws setting apart as mission presidents for Taiwan.  She knew he wouldn't be able to sit through the whole thing so asked if I'd be willing to watch him, and of course I said yes!  But due to car things than took A LOT longer than expected, thankfully Cameron came to the rescue and met up w/ them to get Knox for me.  Anyways, I finally made it and picked the little guy up.

I then headed home and dropped my boys off w/ a friend and took Knox w/ me to a few hours of outdoor water games for Youth Conference.  He loved running around, and especially loved the otter pops.  Later we met up with Cameron again at Bonny's family's hotel in Salt Lake and had a great time visiting and swimming.

She even kind of talked me into taking Knox home w/ me again so he could stay the night w/ us.  He was so good!  And seriously loved me, until Bonny came around the next day :*(

Cameron made us loaded scrambled eggs for breakfast and Knox gobbled it all up.  Later we dropped him off at Cameron's brother's house, Geoff and Erin, so we could go to Seven Peaks SLC.  Thanks ya'll for watching him!

I didn't get any pics of my own kids, but here's Bonny's other 2 kids, Owen and Hallie.

Sunday we mainly just went to church and hung out all day.  Chad even made us a yummy dinner consisting of steak and ribs.  Monday we went to the Tracy Aviary, it was fun, but hot, at least for me since I'm prego and all.  Oh, forgot to mention, Bonny got the pass of all passes back when they were $10 so we planned their trip around all the included activities.

Later, after naps we went to Trafalga. 

Cameron even got to go, and thankfully he took the boys in the splash boats b/c they totally got soaked.  There were 2 teenage boys who went after everyone.

These 2 were the best of friends.

The next day we went back to Trafalga, mainly b/c Bonny lost her phone there, so we went to look for it.  While we were there we took advantage of playing laser tag (The boys 1st time ever!  They were scared at first but ended up loving it.)

They also did rock climbing.

That evening we went to dinner and then bowling (which is also included w/ our passes).  My boys have never gone before, they completely loved every second of it...well all but the waiting on their turn part.

This was what the kids were doing most of the time.

Connor when he realized it still wasn't his turn.

Bonny, Knox, Owen, Hallie and Chad.


The scores, I didn't get the final scores for the kids, but just know Cameron and Cade were tied!

We had such a good time w/ Chad, Bonny and the kiddos.  Just today my boys mentioned how sad it was that they were gone.  Thanks for coming ya'll!  I hope to see ya'll again soon.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day '12

Happy Father's Day to the most wonderful Father of all time!

I think this candy gram card sums up how we feel about Daddy. ;)  I have made a few of these in my lifetime, but have yet to make one for Cameron, until now!

Cade was just getting over strep throat so I had to stay home w/ him from church.  Cade made this tie for Cameron at a doctors appointment, which I think he only ended up wearing at the end of church, but still quite the effort haha.  I would have liked to've gotten a picture w/ both boys but Cade was napping.

After dinner, which consisted of Steak (Cam's choice, not mine), Jim n' Nicks knock off cheesy biscuits, veggies, and red potato bites we went outside.  Cameron played a little football toss w/ the boys and then started watering his plants.  He takes great pride in our yard.

Usually watering of the plants ends in a little something like this...

Yeah, I'd say Daddy won big time this time.

Just thought this picture was very appropriate for showing what a wonderful Father Cameron is to these boys.  They both laid next to him to watch a movie after Cameron's softball game the Thursday prior to Father's day and totally fell asleep.  Me being jealous was a total understatement...but let's just say that I was.  Isn't this the sweetest thing ever!  They seriously never fall asleep out of their beds and occasionally late night in the car.  Cameron is one lucky guy, and these boys are even more lucky to have him as their Daddy.

Happy Father's Day Cameron!  We love you!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy 61st Birthday Steve!

We celebrated my Father-in-law, Steve's, birthday June 13th.  They stayed the night with us as they were passing through Utah and decided to celebrate his birthday here w/ us and close friends.  I got to make his birthday cake, which tasted amazing but the whipped cream icing totally just wanted to fall off the cake.

The birthday boy and Connor.  The kids found this birthday hat and made him put it on.

Mason, Ellie, Cassidy and the boys.  We all had a yummy dinner of pulled pork and yummy sides.

Make a wish!

The was so thick and really good.  Happy birthday Steve, we love you!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy 3rd and 4th Birthdays!!

June 9th, on Cade's 4th birthday, we went to Planet Play (or Pizza Planet as we like to call it) for all you can eat pizza and fun.  We went their last year for their birthdays as well and haven't been back since then.  We decided what better time to go then for their birthdays again?

Afterward we had "cake."  I picked up a couple of big cupcakes, one for each birthday, and that was their cakes.  (I had every intention on having a big birthday party w/ friends, but it never happened due to funeral, girls camp, me being prego and lazy and other obligations in the month of July.)  This was Cade's cake.  He loved it!

Make a wish!!  They then split the cake and devoured it.  I'm pretty sure I had just showered them and we hadn't gotten them dressed yet.

They then opened up these bubble guns we got them (great deal at Ross).

Connor was determined it was his birthday too, so I guess he got 2 birthdays.

The next day, June 10th, we celebrated Connor's 3rd birthday.  It was on a Sunday so we did all the big events the day before.  But, before leaving for church they got to enjoy Connor's cake.

Make a wish!

I can't remember, but this might have been their lunch ;)  Oh, we had church at 12:30.

Another snack and the birthday boy was ready to go to church.

Cade getting ready for church too.

After church the boys got to enjoy their cheap presents from Target's dollar section.  They especially loved the squirt guns.

We then had a "special" birthday dinner consisting of Hot Dogs, pasta salad, Cheetos and fruit.  Just the right type of dinner for the birthday boy.  After settling our bellies we went on a walk around the neighborhood and ended our day back at home to relax and play.

Happy birthday Cade and Connor!  We sure love you boys and can't believe how big ya'll are getting (or as Connor would say how big and Big and BIG you're getting).