Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Birthday Weekend...

So, I'm calling it my "Birthday weekend" b/c we celebrated it ALL weekend! It was so fun. I think it just feels like my birthday whenever Independence Day is celebrated, and that was Saturday, Sunday and Monday! I had a wonderful birthday, even though I am officially closer to 30 than 20 now. I must say, I've never had a hard time w/ a birthday until now...being 26 is so weird to me!
Saturday, July 3rd
Earlier in the day we had a neighborhood party, we decided to go for an hour, it was full of blow up obstical courses, a water slide, carnival games and food. All this was free to the residents of our neighborhood. We had a good ol' time, especially Cade.
Later we went to the Long's for their annual 4th of July party (on the 3rd) and watch Fireworks at the golf course up the street from their house. We always dress in our red, white and blue. Here are the boys dressed in the outfits from their b-days. I thought it was a perfect fit for the occasion.
Our family waiting for the fireworks to start.

Connor was perfectly content sitting in his seat, at least for a little while, so we just let him be.

Cade was very entertained by the glow sticks.

Sunday, July 4th!!
I did not look forward to my actual birthday day b/c it fell on a Sunday this year. I really look forward to going out to dinner and just doing what ever I want. But, it turned out so fun! After church, and me having to teach a lesson to ALL the young women, I got to go home to the kids already fed and in bed. Cameron had taken the boys home a little early (they were so cranky due to staying up so late for the fireworks the night before), it was so nice to just get to come home and go straight down for a nap myself. After naps, we went to the Long's and had a yummy dinner of ribs and several sides, it was delicious! Then we had my birthday cake, which was a Boston Cream Pie, yum.

Then of course presents. Nancy and Steve put together a sewing starter kit!! Which I'm very excited about!

And, Cameron....he just really spoiled me this year! I couldn't believe everything he gave me. He's just so great. He ordered a Chi for me too (that's what the paper is saying)!! Oh, have I mentioned I love fireworks?

After presents we went outside and did a few small fireworks. Cade LOVED the poppers, he just kept doing one after another. I did not want to go home b/c the one thing I was not looking forward to was a boring evening at home w/ nothing to do b/c it was a Sunday. But, Cameron surprised me w/ inviting our friends Lindsey and Joe over for games! So, we got to play games all night, until like 1 am! So fun! I had a wonderful birthday, thanks Cam, Steve and Nancy!

Monday, July 5th...
we went to a fun outdoor pool. The kids liked the "big bathtub" but wanted to hang on me and Cameron the whole time.

Later that night (I'm so mad I forgot my camera!) we got a babysitter and Cameron took me out for my b-day dinner and a movie. We went to Joe's Crab Shack, which was amazing!!! I love every bit of it, I guess I could have done w/o the sausage though.... Then Cameron let me choose the movie, so we went to Eclipse!!! He's never seen any of the movies before, so he was a little lost, but I enjoyed it. Of course the books are always better.
This birthday was such a fun one, even though I turned 26, I had a great time. Thank you so much for making it so special Cameron! I love you!

GTU Visit #3!!

Lindsey and I decided we wanted to go to Good Things Utah again. We thought it would be a great opportunity to go Friday, July 2nd, to celebrate both of our birthdays. Lindsey's b-day was Tues., June 29th and mine was the following Sunday, July 4th. We had a good time and were excited GTU actually gave good stuff to the audience this time. We got a 4th of July decorative picture, a $5 gift card to Kneaders, Jelly Bellies, and free fries and hamburger to Tony Burgers. Oh, and they mentioned my name at the end of the show for my birthday!

Marti and Reagan, w/ her 2 sons. The other 2 ladies were out on site for a yard makeover, so they weren't there.
And, Lindsey and I got to meet the cast from Vampire Diaries and Castle!!! ;)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Father's Day

I know it has been a while but, June 20th we celebrated Father's Day. I was not very good at taking pictures, I'm so mad! I forgot to take a picture of the boys w/ Cameron and w/ their Papa Steve. This Father's Day was the first I was not just getting home from the hospital after having a baby. So, I thought I'd try to make it a little more special for Cameron this year.
I ordered this tackle bag from Cabela's for Cam's fly fishing gear, and just couldn't wait another day to give it to him. I ended up giving it to him Saturday, the day before. He was very excited, but I was disappointed b/c it wasn't exactly the bag he wanted. But, that's ok, he went back a few days later and exchanged it. I guess the one he wanted has holes in the bottom for his waders to air out in and this one didn't. We also gave him a Fly Fishing A-Z book, a grill cook book, and a couple of picture books about Daddy's (all from Seagull book for really cheap).

I also made him a Kneader's Bakery recipe for peach french toast. It was yummy!

Here is the finished product.

I let Cameron sleep in a little bit while I got breakfast ready and the boys fed. Later the boys and I gave him breakfast in bed. After church and naps we went over to the Long's and celebrated w/ them. We had a wonderful day celebrating our dad's and my wonderful husband Cameron. He is such a wonderful dad and the boys love him soo much!

Catching Up on June...

I have so much catching up to do. So, this post is going to have most pictures from June, instead of making several different posts. I still have a few more posts after this to do, so stay tuned in the next few days.
I took Cade and Connor in for their 12 and 24 months wellness checkups on June 11th. My babies are really both slowing down in their growth! It's funny to compare the boys in growth, their head and length have been so consistent and then their weight is a big difference!
Cade's Stats:
*24 months - 22.38 lbs 2%; 32.5 in 9%; head 19.3 in 59%
18 months - 20.94 lbs 2%; 31.5 in 27%; head 19.1 in 71%
15 months - 20.19 lbs 4%; 31 in 47%; head 18.9 in 74%
12 months - 19.4 lbs 7%; 29.72 in 49%; head 18.9 in 90%
9 months - 17.5 lbs 8%; 29 in 76%; head 18.3 in 83%
6 months - 14.94 lbs 9%; 26.25 in 34%; head 17.5 in 65%
4 months - 13.75 lbs 19%; 25.75 in 71%; head 16.9 in 63%
2 months - 10.75 lbs 26%; 23.25 in 60%; head 15.7 in 48%
2 weeks - 7.81 lbs 24%; 20.75 54%; head 14.6 in 48%
Connor's Stats:
*12 months - 21 lbs 23%; 30.5 in 74%; head 18.5 in 69%
9 months - 19.48 lbs 33%; 29 in 76%; head 18.1 in 71%
6 months - 18.63 lbs 72%; 28 in 93%; head 17.3 in 58%
4 months - 16.63 lbs 76%; 26.5 in 90%; head 17.3 in 58%
2 months - 12.69 lbs 66%; 23.75 in 72%; head 15.7 in 42%
2 weeks - 7.69 lbs 20%; 20.5 in 42%; head 14.2 in 27%

Connor loves eating his own food. He's big into taking bites out of bananas right now too.

Cade started crying, so I ran up stairs to find him covered in desitin. I guess it wasn't as fun to play w/ as he expected.

One day for FHE we decided to take the boys out to "play" golf. Connor wanted to participate so bad.

Cade and Connor both enjoying their "buddy."

I was invited to go w/ a couple of friends of mine to Thanksgiving Points Animal Farm. This was the boys right before we went in. I thought Cade might want to walk most of the time, so I brought my single stroller.

But, instead he was terrified of being up close to most of the animals, so he hid in the corner of the stroller. He liked watching from a distance and would not let me put the shade up.

There were 2 other little boys around Connor's age. They sat and "talked" while the other kids played in the little play houses.

Cade in jail. The little houses were definitely his favorite part.

Connor riding the pony, he made me take him off early, he did not like it.

Cade of course watching from a distance. He even got comfortable enough to climb up and watch w/ his friend Austin.

Riding a tractor.

Connor surprised me at how good he balanced on the tractor.

Both boys did not like this fake cow. ;)

I bought the boys hats from Children's Place for $.99. I've been wanting to get one for Connor b/c he's so bald, and I knew if I did Cade would want one too. I was excited to find them so cheap.

Cade thought it was so cool to wear both hats together.

I ordered from diapers.com and the boys had a great time playing w/ the huge bubble wrap that came in the box. I stuffed them up their shirts and they just continued to play like everything was totally normal.

Recently Cade has become such a big cuddler, like he will stay w/ us longer than a few seconds. He loves cuddling and watching tv, especially w/ Daddy.

On the 19th we finally pulled out the kids baby pool and floats, it was finally consistently warm enough to do so. The boys had a great time! I was just excited to finally use the stuff I bought at the end of last Summer for really cheap!

Cade was so good to make sure Connor kept his hat on so his little bald head wouldn't burn.

A few days later on the 22nd I had a couple of their little friends over to play in the pool w/ the boys. They enjoyed homemade Popsicles, Connor kept wanting more, even after they were all gone. I ended up staying outside for about 3 hrs and my shoulders and legs got so burned that I couldn't walk or move my arms for a couple of days. It was horrible. I sure learned my lesson about using sunscreen on myself!