Monday, August 31, 2009

This Past Week.

These are my little Children's Place models! I thought they looked so adorable yesterday for church. Thanks to Momma, Amy Greene and Bonny my children are two very nicely dressed boys on Sundays :) Thanks ya'll. This was after lunch and naps so they looked a little rugged, but at least I got the picture, and amazingly they were both smiling and looking at me! Crazy! (This was also the only picture I got with Cade being nice to Connor or not climbing up the chair, he's a wild child!)

Saturday night I had Cameron give Cade a bath and I walked in on this haha. Cade was having a good ol' time in the bathtub with his new float. He drags this everywhere with him through the house!

Me with my baby!

I made my first Chicken Alfredo Pizza Friday night! It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I joined this website, for free, that makes a dinner calendar for me, or I can make it myself, and then comes up with the grocery list for each week. This was one of the recipes they provided. I've used it for almost a week now, I'm really liking it so far.

Dallas came to visit us Tuesday - Saturday. We had a great time with him here. I think he probably took Cade to the pool with him everyday he was here. He was so helpful with the boys. He even watched Cade one morning for me while I slept in, I actually didn't even know they were awake.

Dallas with my boys. I couldn't get them all to look at me at the same time. At least this picture they're looking in the same direction, at the t.v. haha.
I also gave Cade a haircut, the 1st time I did it all on my own. I think it turned out alright, Cade on the other hand, I don't know if he really liked it. ;) No, he actually wasn't crying like this the whole time, I was finished and I think I took the clippers or something from him so he was mad.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

House Update

They gave us a counter offer asking for a little bit more money than what we offered....We're gonna do it! It's ours if everything works know the financial stuff like the loan and stuff. Yay!! I hope everything does work out, b/c I looove the house. I'll put up pictures of the inside of the house if we for sure get it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We're Putting in Another Offer!

We're putting in an offer for this house today!! I love it! I really hope we get it, cross your fingers!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Leah's Visit and Activities (WARNING: Picture Overload)

I figured it was about time I finish up blogging about Leah's visit. She was here from July 3rd until July 31st! We loved having here here, she was such a big help. She woke up with Cade every morning so I could sleep in and gave him breakfast. She pretty much changed every single diaper of his, and most of them horribly stinky :) She was also the one who bathed and put him to bed each night. Like I said, it was wonderful having her here, it was a nice break for both Cameron and I. We didn't know how we were going to survive without her here, somehow we've made it though, barely ;)

There are a lot of pictures, so bare w/ me. I decided to do it all in one big post rather than several. These are all the activities we did while she was here, after Momma left.

Me and Leah

We went to Gateway mall in SLC and played in the fountain, Leah loved it, Cade...not so much.

He would rather watch than participate.

We went to our apartment pool almost everyday. Cade had a blast with Leah in the pool, it was nice for me too b/c I got to lay out and relax most of the time.

Cade's teeth, he now had 4 up top and 4 on bottom.

On Friday, July 24th, Pioneer Day, we went to Bountiful's handcart day fair. Leah got to ride her first pony, Cade did not want to even pose for the picture!

She got her face painted, which she ended up sleeping in and wanted to wear it to my friend's wedding reception the next day. haha Luckily it smeared off in her sleep.

July 25th was my old roommate's, Jenna, wedding reception. It was kind of a roommate reunion for all of us. L to R: Janel, Carly, Jenna, Erika, and me! It was so fun seeing all of them, I wish we could get to see each other more often.

During the reception Cade ran around non-stop meeting everyone, I mean EVERYONE, there! He enjoyed himself more than anyone there I'm sure. Leah was so good to keep up with him the whole time so I could enjoy myself.

Cameron and Connor, I love this picture!

That next Monday Janel and her daughter Brooklynn came over to visit. We spent most of our time at the pool. Leah watched Cade and Brookie for us so we could just sit and chat, it was great!

Janel, Brooklynn and me with Cade and Connor. I LOVE you Janel, I miss you soo much!

Tuesday we went to Liberty Land, a small amusement park in Lehi. Leah had a great time, this was probably one of her favorite activities. Frog hopper was her favorite ride there, she rode it several times.

She took Cade down this blowup slide.

She rode the go-carts SEVERAL times!

They rode the carousel, Cade was scared of course.

They got to fly an airplane! Cade liked this ride a lot.

They played in a blowup bouncer and played basketball.

Leah rock climbed, she was really good at it.

So was Cade ;) Who was better? I still can't decide.

He loved walking around in the harness.

His favorite ride, and buddy.

They rode a rocket ship!

He walked around and visited everyone, of course.

They even got to drive a train! They had a great time!

We took Leah to Red Robin for a thank you dinner. We forgot a sippy cup so Cade drank out of this huge water bottle, he thought he was such a big boy!

Thursday we went to Brigham City to visit Janel at her Grandparents house.

We went to their city pool, the kids loved it.

Friday we said goodbye to Leah :*( Leah, saying bye to Cade.

Saying goodbye to Connor.

We went to the distribution center on our way to the airport so Leah could get some scriptures. Cameron met us there so he could say bye.

Bye Leah, we love you so much. We had a great time with you here, and we miss you, come back soon! Thank you for everything.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our Anniversary Day Festivities

Yesterday was out Anniversary and it was a crazy, busy day! I started out the morning going shopping for a couple of outfits at Ross because I wanted to look nice, and nothing fits me due to having a baby 2 months ago. They didn't let me take the buggy into the dressing room with me, which was dang annoying because I had both kids with me and a lot of shirts I wanted to try on. So, I had to unpack everything and carry everything, and everybody, into a dressing room. Cade did not want to stay in the room with me, he kept crawling under the door and "exploring" who know what! It was so frustrating. But, I found two wonderful shirts that looked pretty good :)

After I got home I changed into one of my new outfits and went up stairs to my wonderful neighbor's apartment, who helped me make this yummy fruit bouquet the night before. We had a primary presidency meeting that lasted until about 9 p.m. and then she and another counselor helped me make this, which we finished around 10 p.m. Cameron just thought we were having the meeting the whole time. Anyways, yesterday I had to stick all the chocolate covered strawberries into the bouquet to finish it up. Thanks Gennaveeve for letting me store everything at your house and for helping me! You're wonderful! Cameron and I planned on meeting up for lunch, so after I finished I went to his office to surprise him. I called just before I got there and told him to meet me at the restaurant. Instead I met him at his car with the fruit bouquet as he was about to drive out :) He was happy and surprised, today finished up the last of the fruit.

We went to Moochies Meatballs and More for lunch. It's a restaurant in SLC that was featured on Guy's Drive-in, Diner's and Dives on the Food Network. They specialize in making authentic Philly cheese steak sandwiches and meatball subs. Both Cameron and I got a foot long Philly. It was pretty good, but both of us could only finish half, so now we have lunch for today too! After lunch I rushed home to get Cade down for a nap, Connor fed and then up to Gennaveeve's (Thanks again, you're the best!) to babysit so......

I could get my haircut! That's right I did it! I decided I would get it done on our anniversary to surprise Cameron, since he has been wanting me to cut it for a while. So this is a before picture of the front of my hair. (I had been wearing it up, so it looks horrible!)

The before picture of the back of my hair (again, it looks really bad b/c it was pulled up).

Ta da!! My new hair! Blonde and short! She cut more than 10 in. off! It doesn't look that great b/c it's flat, you'll see more pictures on down.

The back of my hair.

My hair took 3 hours to finish so it ruined my plan to be at home waiting for Cameron to walk in the door and to surprise him with my new hairstyle :( Cameron got home an hr and 1/2 before I did. He had to go pick up the boys from Gennaveeve, take care of them and wait around until I got home. I felt so bad! We were also late for our dinner plans. Again, I am so sorry Cameron and Lisa. But, when I did get home Cameron said he liked my hair so much better than before and thought it looked really good. I saw these flowers and a card sitting on the table waiting for me. Which means, I missed out on the excitement of Cameron walking through the door handing them to me personally. Ugh, my plan did not work at all!!! But, these are beautiful flowers and I was still happy to get them.

After we got everything ready to go we headed out the door to Lisa's, so she could babysit (thank you sooo much Lisa, you're great, anytime you need us, we're here!) while we had dinner together at...

Red Lobster!! Yummy! One of my favorite restaurants. We got a plenta colada (called that because it's so big!).

And two variety platters. It was soo good! I loved every bit of it. Cameron doesn't enjoy it as much as I do, so thanks Cameron for taking me, I love you :)

Oh and this is me posing to show of my new hairstyle and outfit :)

So, yesterday was such a busy day for me, so rushed but, we had a great time actually getting to be alone together, it was so nice. I can't believe 4 years ago yesterday we were at the temple getting married for all time and eternity, wow, how time flies! I love you Cameron, here's to another wonderful year!