Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Special Visit and My Cute Boys...

This was sitting out on the kitchen table when I got home Tuesday night from visiting my family in TN. Isn't Cameron so sweet? They were beautiful, and the card was so sweet. He gave them to me in honor of our 5th year anniversary, August 20th (which I had missed due to being in TN).

Wednesday, September 1st, Janel came to visit me!!! She pretty much stayed all day and stayed the night w/ us. It was so much fun. I picked her and her little girl, Kate, up from the airport. Then we came back home, hung out while our kids napped. Then I got to babysit Kate while she visited her sister-in-law for a couple of hours. That night, when she came back, we put our kids to bed Cameron was nice enough to stay home w/ them so we could go shopping! Then we stayed up late talking. The next morning we hung out for a little bit and then I took her to her grandparents in Provo. I was so happy we got to hang out, and for so much time! I miss you already Janel!

Cade loved the "byebee" This is Janel's cute little Kate.

I love this picture, she looks like such a big girl sitting up like this, haha.

Cade is huge into watching his "Shows" on the portable dvd player and sitting in his swing. It makes it nice when I want to watch my own show.

I'm so glad I put this picture so it could remind me to talk about Cade's pacifier. We officially weaned him the day after my family left. So, July 27th I believe. He was down to his last pacifier and I was just going to stop giving him any pacifier once it broke off, it was ripping off. But, I got so sick of trying to find it every time he went to bed. So, for nap time this particular day I was so tired and frustrated w/ them I just said, "You know what, you have to go to sleep w/ out it today, I'm sick of trying to find it." So he cried for only like 5 minutes and fell asleep. It went so well that when I found it later that day, I didn't give it back. He found it a few days later and held it up and announced, " 'er it is!!" Poor little guy, he had been thinking about it all that time. Well after he found it, (I feel so bad about this) I asked to see it, (there was no way I wanted to go back to him having a pacifier w/ him doing so well w/o it!) and I ripped the nipple off! Isn't that horrible of me?! I said, "Uh oh, it's broken." He then tried to put it back on, and kept asking, " 'elp, 'elp, eeze!" (Help, please) I felt so bad, I really did, you just have to understand, he was doing so well w/o it. He then tried to suck on just the nipple of the pacifier and chocked a few times. I finally had to say, "Sorry it's broken, it can't be fixed. Say bye, bye." And threw it away. He was devastated. I know, it sounds horrible, but he's been doing just fine w/o it. There was only a couple of times where he tried to settle for Connor's pacifiers (he didn't like the brand Connor used, luckily). Eventually he has totally forgotten about it.

Maybe he'll be a swimmer, just like his mommy!

These kids are big into dumping out their whole toy box, it's a good thing Cade can help clean.

Cade loves his "Juice"

These boys love their blankies, and "bobos."

Can I just say, I am so lucky to have such good lookin' boys in my life?!

Cade and Connor got into some chocolate in the house, so I sat them in their chairs outside.

Yesterday we finally took the boys out to play with their Mickey Mouse splash pad I bought from a garage sale a while back. Connor was soaked and so cold!

Cade was very cautious and hardly got wet.

Cameron turned off the water for a second, I sat them on the pad, and then he turned the water back on...haha


Cade finally decided he had had enough and wanted to cuddle w/ Daddy.

Cade on the other hand decided he was thirsty.

After drying off he decided he wanted to take his car out for a spin.

So did Cade.
Finally, I believe I'm all caught up!!!!! Thanks for sticking w/ me through the many posts.

A Long Family Retreat

Cameron's parents decided to plan a fun get away weekend for the family. They rented a cabin in Island Park, ID. It was very roomy and a lot of fun. We got to stay Friday, September 3rd - Monday, the 6th. Our drive there was not fun at all, I believe Connor screamed most of the 6 hours! We were very happy to arrive.
Friday evening after dinner the guys went fishing. Jackson was the only one that caught anything! And, it wasn't just anything, it was a big thing, about 20 inches! He was very proud of it. He let the older guys know how sad it was that he was just a little guy who caught a fish and how funny it was that they didn't catch anything.

All the older guys were very envious. This was Brandon, his daddy, and the guys cleaning out the fish. What a fun job!

My cute little guys. The boys were so good as long as it wasn't time to sleep or drive.

It's bath time!

Look at those huge eyes!

Cade loved playing w/ his cousins.

We went to Yellowstone w/ everyone which was a lot of fun! Well, actually it could have been better. Every time we were driving in the car Connor screamed and screamed and...well you get the picture. If you've ever been to Yellowstone, then you know there is lots of driving, so that part was not fun. We saw these elk on part of our drive and all decided to get out of our cars.

Cameron was trying to point out the elk to Connor so Connor decided to point too. Dang cute!

We did not know how chilly it was going to be until we got out of the car. We certainly did not dress for the weather.

It's a good thing we brought jackets. Us in front of one of the geysers.

Waiting and waiting for Ol' Faithful. Yes, it was cold.

"Well, that was fun, let's go!"

Everyone else went ahead to see Yellowstone Falls after seeing Ol' Faithful, so we just went back to the cabin. We could not deal w/ another minute of Connor's screaming. I know you're wondering what I'm talking about...this was the only time we got him to sleep on the drive. He woke up before we even left the park, and yes, screamed the rest of the drive home.

Cade did not like his screaming at all. He wasn't that great in the car either though, so he didn't have much room to complain.

Cade LOVED this bean bag.

Everyone who came. Steve and Nancy, Erin and Geoff, Stacie, Brandon and their kids, Jackson, Chloe, Claire and Lexy. (Dave, Lisa and their kids couldn't make it because of a death in Lisa's family. We were so sad they couldn't make it, but we totally understood.)
Cameron was actually still in bed when we took this picture. We had a long night the night before, or should I say every night we were there. Connor would wake up somewhere in the middle of the night, let's say 2 am or so, and decide he wanted to stay awake for another couple of hours!! Our last night, he woke up at midnight and stayed awake until 3 AM and then decided he had had enough sleep for the night and wanted to get up at 6:30 for good. What a stinker! I think he probably kept a lot of the adults up during the night, sorry! So, anyways, that is why Cameron was not in the picture, he took 2 hours of the shift that night and was still passed out in bed, very understandable. Oh, I have to tell this one story: One night Connor woke up screaming and woke up Cade too. We could not find his pacifier anywhere so we took him out of his bed and turned on the light. Connor noticed Cade and decided he wanted to go over to his bed and play with him. They thought it was so fun until we got on to them and told them it wasn't play time, kinda sternly b/c we were so tired, it was the middle of the night! Anyways, a little later Connor decided he wanted to play with Cade again. On his way over to Cade's bed, Cade starts screaming at Connor, "No Yoyo, NO!!!"(that's what he calls Connor, why? Who knows.) and holding his arms out to stop him. He was so scared he was going to get in trouble again. As tired and frustrated as I was, I couldn't help but laugh.
Overall we had a great time, I only wish Connor had slept better at night, that way Cameron and I would have had more energy throughout the weekend. We were so tired. But, we were very glad to have such fun quality family time. Thanks so much Steve and Nancy for putting together such a fun family retreat.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hannah and Hunter's 16th B-day and Random TN Pics

I'm really sad I didn't get more pictures, but due to me forgetting my camera charger, I guess that's what happens. Here are just a few pictures I managed to take...
Hunter and Hannah celebrated their 16th b-day August 19th!!! I can't believe their actually 16!! It's just crazy to me. So, Saturday the 21st, we decided to throw them a surprise b-day party at Ci Ci's Pizza. They had a lot of friends and family show, it was a lot of fun.
Waiting for Hannah and Hunter to show.
The Cake.

They were totally surprised!

Such a dang cute picture.

Hannah, Connor and Hallie.

These boys loved their Aunt "Yaya" (Leah). They sat outside on the swing during a thunderstorm, they loved it.

I got to hang out with a few of my friends from High School the Saturday before I went home! Because my camera died Bonny let me use hers. So, I was so excited to take a picture w/ them, but when they arrived that camera died too! This was a picture I managed to take right before they dropped me off, and then it died again. Anyways, I hung out w/ my good friend Katie and her hubby Chris, who we went to High School w/ oddly enough, and Derrick and his woman, Megan. We had such a good time, at least I did, talking and catching up. We went to Cat Fish House, where our friend Adam was working, and then just talked and talked. It was a lot of fun to see them again.

Cade and Owen trying to get into medicine.

Me and Camilla at Olive Garden.

Robby and Kelsey - Aug 20, 2010

This year sadly I had to miss our 5th year anniversary due to being in TN. But, I was so happy I was able to attend my cousin, Robby's, wedding. He decided he wanted to get married on my anniversary, I guess b/c that day has been worked out so great for Cameron and I, who knows? ;)
Kelsey and Robby Garcia
August 20, 2010
Nashville, TN Temple
All of us girls!!! Can you tell which one is the Momma?!

Me, my Auntie Shayna (Momma's sister, and mother of the groom), Momma, and Seren

Me and Cade during the reception, this was all I could get him to eat, fruit and cake.

Connor during the reception, yep, not a happy camper. Haha isn't it funny how Daddy can just go on w/ his conversation like everything's normal?

Finally the boys found something fun to play w/. This was the first thing they found that made them happy and kept them entertained and out of trouble, ice cold water. I could care less that they could get hypothermia, as long as they were happy, I was happy too!

The cake w/ bright green frosting, yeah all over them, Kelsey even got some on her dress.

She even wore bright green Nike's!!! Isn't that great?! haha Oh, their colors were green and black, just in case you didn't catch on.

What they drove off in, haha!!

He really couldn't get out of there fast enough!

On the way home, peace and quiet, all the kids fell asleep. My cute little niece, Hallie, even fell asleep on me, so sweet!