Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Connor's 2nd Birthday!!

We celebrated Connor's 2nd birthday Friday, June 10th.  Seriously?!?!  How does time fly by so fast?  I know by the size of the kid he could easily be 3, but what in the world?  My little baby is 2!!  He has become the sweetest little guy and so easy to deal with, most the time.  He is a huge Momma's boy and loves to be around me.  He randomly comes up to me and gives me hugs and kisses, I love it!  He adores Cade and tries to do anything he can do.  He is the biggest cluts and is constantly tripping over his own feet or bumping into walls right in front of him.  He's always got bumps and bruises somewhere on his body, usually on his forehead!  He loves animals and gets really excited when he sees one, as long as they don't come near him.  I love this little fatty, he so fun to kiss and squeeze!

I made him a special birthday breakfast consisting of pancakes and eggs. (I tried to do this for Cade's birthday but he refused to let me and only wanted cereal!!)

We spent the morning and early afternoon over at the boy's good friend's house, Ryder,  and played in their little pool and splash pad.

Connor lasted A LOT longer than the rest of the kids.  He played in the pool all by himself well after everyone else was done.

Nikki, Ryder's mom and my good friend, surprised the boys with a lunch of pizza.

Cade and Ryder eating together.

Cade and Connor's swimsuits are the same size but Cade's has a really hard time staying on, even w/ it being safety pinned!  Poor skinny guy.

We went to Planet Play that evening with a few friends, Deans and Duckworths.  It consisted of an all you can eat pizza buffet and arcade games, tons of fun!  We had never been there before and we thought it'd be better to take them there, rather than a quiet restaurant.  (We went out of town the next day so I didn't feel like cooking.)  Connor's cake was an Oreo cream cake.

Cade helped him blow out his candles.


The boys had a great time!  Thanks to our friends who came, we had a lot of fun.  Happy birthday my baby boy!  We love you so much!

Cade's 3rd Birthday!!

Thursday, June 9th, we celebrated Cade's actual birthday!  I can't believe he's 3 already!!  He's becoming such a big boy and so independent.  He likes to try to everything by himself and refuses any help, most of time.  He's so loving and cuddly, when he wants to be.  He's very strong willed and a great leader, but then again, he can sit back and observantly watch others do their thang (he's a very observant little guy).  He's a great big brother and loves Connor so much, it's honestly a love/hate relationship, but love definitely wins.  He amazes me everyday with the new things he has learned to do.  I just love this little guy!

During the day we went to the Animal Farm at Thanksgiving Point with a few friends.  The boys had fun riding the ponys.

This was Cade's first time riding the pony w/o me walking along side him.  Such a big boy!

Connor wanted his turn so bad, but when I put him on he wanted to get off right away.  I didn't let him and he eventually learned to like it.  (We haven't been since last year.)

This peacock was crazy!!  He was mad at one of the other birds the whole time and kept fluttering his feathers and squealing at him.

I'm pretty sure this guy is albino.

The dance hall.

We went on our first wagon ride, I can't believe we've never gone on this before!  The boys sat their quietly the whole time just looking at everything.

We ended the day with Cameron's Softball game.  I didn't want to make cakes for the boys since I had already made one for their party, so I bought 2 little ones for their actual birthdays.  I got Cade a yogurt bundt cake.  We sang "Happy Birthday" and had him blow out his candles at the game.

We ended up going to In-n-Out for dinner after the game.  And no, they don't serve corn dogs now, we bought them across the parking lot at Wienerschnitzel, a lot cheaper than the burgers and the boys like them better.

Happy birthday Baby Boy!!  We love you so much!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Boy's 2nd & 3rd Birthday Party!

Cade and Connor's birthday isn't until the 9th and the 10th of this week, but we went ahead and had their birthday a little early.  We celebrated w/ a few of their friends Friday, last week.  I decided to have it a little early b/c every year since having them, either in the hospital or at home for parties, the weather has been cold, windy and even snowing!  We're also taking our first vacation together as a family for a 1 1/2 years coming up this weekend.  So, I thought, why not try it early?

I just can't believe my babies are going to be 2 and 3!!

I went with a balloon theme b/c this party was totally thrown together last minute.  I think I gave everyone less than a week notice about the party.  I would've planned a few weeks early, but I went to TN last minute instead, so that took all of my attention.  I was totally inspired by these invitations I found at Target, and was then able to find lots of decor that went along.

Due to the horrible weather we had last year, I decided to go ahead and tell everyone (on the back of the card) to come to my house in case that happened again.


I totally had bought balloons, but it turned out to be so windy that my $6 balloons all flew away!  Yeah, it was such a nice day until the party started.  Then the wind started blowing like crazy.  At least it wasn't snowing!

Zeke, Cade, Connor and Jackson.  We had pizza for dinner.

Merideth and Owen, a friend from college, were able to come!

I made the boys a yummy ice cream cake.  I needed color and Bonny totally gave me the idea to polka dot it w/ skittles.  Oh, and she also told me about these great new writing pens to write w/!

(I gotta give credit to my friend Annie for taking all the cute pictures while I was doing the cake thang.)

It was so windy that I couldn't get the candles to light.  Cade was so sad :(

It was sad for me b/c every time I asked Cade what he wanted for his birthday all he would do is act like he was blowing out candles.  Poor guy.  But, I think I got one candle lit for a split second so he was able to blow that out!

Connor got over it quickly.

2 layers of devil's chocolate cake w/ the center of Moose Tracks ice cream drizzled w/ caramel and chocolate syrup.  The icing is cool whip mixed with marshmallow cream.

All the gifts!  Thanks so much everyone for all the great gifts and for everyone who came.  The boys love everything!  Just so I remember later, all the kids who came were: Owen, Ali, Londyn and Jackson, Zeke, Brooklyn and Korbin, Brooklyn and Beckam, Austin and Ryan.

I provided sidewalk chalk and bubbles for the kids to play with.

Adult time while the kids play on the playground.

I tried...I tried so hard to have a family picture.  This is what I got :(  At least Cam looks good!

Silly Connor thought the chalk was more food I think.

Playing w/ all their toys after the party.

I tried to get them to pose for the camera.  Cade did a great job!  So sweet!  I just love these boys!