Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cade's Preschool Graduation

Cade graduated from his first year of Preschool Wednesday, May 23rd.  We are so proud of him!  At times, well...most days, he was really hard to get out the door and to preschool.  He pitched fits about having to get dressed, put on shoes, eat breakfast or whatever else came in the way just b/c he said he didn't want to go to preschool.  But every day he went he came home excited about something he learned and did.  He always had a great time and completely loved his teachers.  In fact, if you've ever been to the Legacy Center than you've seen all the pictures of past Miss Lehi's and he was certain those were pictures of his teachers :)

He was so excited!

Getting ready to sing.  He did a great job singing, at times I could even hear him over the rest of the kids.

Connor was not sitting unless he was up close and had a clear view of Cade.

Standing in line waiting for his diploma.

This was the best I could get out of him, but he looks cute anyways.  He got a diploma and a gift bag of treats and goodies.

Look at that cute smile!

Afterward he gave his gifts to his teachers and took a picture w/ them. (Miss Heidi, Miss Mackinzie & Miss Sherry.)

I found these cute Thank You tags from Pinterest and tied them onto bags filled w/ flower earrings I made.  The boys (yes even Connor) were very excited to give them to the teachers.

Congrats Cade!!!  I can't believe he only has one more year of preschool and then he starts Kindergarten!  These boys are growing up so fast.

Monday, May 21, 2012

First Part of May

Connor and I went to occasional story times at the Library while Cade was at Preschool.  The last one we went to was a fun puppet show for a couple of books.  It was so much fun.  Connor was up front in the orange, he loved it.

I tried to get one good picture of the boys in their matching ties, this is what I got out of it.

Cameron frond a great deal on this tent and brought it home.  We decided to set it up that evening for family home evening.  It was fun.  Even the neighbor kid decided to come join in on the fun, and hop into every single picture ;)

Connor looks adorable in his hand-me-down suit from his cousin Owen.  He's a stud!

Saturday, May 19th, we decided to take a last minute trip to Trafalga and invited our friends the Duckworths to come along.  We got to ride on bumper boats.

Yeah, they totally soaked us :(

I couldn't resist taking a picture of the kiddos on the frog hopper.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cade's Preschool

The last couple of days of preschool Cade's teachers planned 2 full days of fun!  Connor and I finished our errands early so we went and joined in the last few minutes of each day.

May 15th was Cade's Field Day, he had a lot of fun. He even participated in his first potato sack race.

The other kid killed him, but he still had tons of fun.  Cade decided to turn around and go back as soon as the other kid about lapped him.  Whatever works right? :)

Then they played a game of duck, duck, goose and invited Connor to sit in and play too! (He's the one in the pink shirt.)

Connor being chased.

A couple of days later Cade's class had a teddy bear picnic.  Cade was excited to bring a sack lunch to school.

Connor even wanted to bring his own teddy w/ him (He calls it his baby and takes it everywhere he goes).

The last little bit of school we joined in on Cade's school fun.  Connor was invited to join in on the parachute fun.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Cameron and the boys always spoil me on Mother's Day!  I love when I have a special day to myself.  Early that morning I had to meet to help out with the youth at the Developmental Center.  It was so much fun, I love helping out w/ the disabled, they have such sweet spirits.  I was disappointed that I didn't get to sleep in and get breakfast in bed, but Cameron made up for that when I got home.  He made delicious loaded scrambled eggs, hash browns and french toast made with thick cinnamon swirl bread from Great Harvest Bread.

I also got a beautiful bouquet of roses, and a pearl necklace w/ matching earrings.  A couple of years ago I found out about a free pearl necklace deal a place in Provo was having so I went and stood in line to get me one!  So, when I found out they were doing the same deal again this year I jumped at the chance to get another strand and give it to my mom.  I told Cameron about the deal and he somehow snuck down there w/o telling me to get the matching pair of earrings they were also giving out for half the price.  He said he figured since he was there he might as well give me an extra strand of pearls since it was free.  What a wonderful surprise!  I had no idea, what a tricky guy he is. :)

Cade planted a flower in preschool for me :)

This is the flower I got from the Developmental Center, but the boys wanted to give it to me in a picture too. 

We went to church soon after this, and left a mess in the kitchen.  But, I came home afterward only to find it spotless!  Cam said he came home for a few minutes from church to clean it just so I could come home and relax.  I thought that was so sweet!  He then made a yummy steak dinner consisting of grilled green beans w/ mixed bell pepper and onions, a broccoli salad and huge baked potatoes.  We later went on a walk as a family and hung out together.  It was such a perfect day.  Thanks boys!!  I love ya'll!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rest of April

Goofing around :)

Geoff, Erin and Cora came to visit us from Arizona, Wed, April 18th, for Erin's graduation from BYU.  The boys love having Cora over, and Erin was nice enough to bathe them all.  Don't all cousins need a bath picture?

Friday we joined Erin for her graduation.

Great job Erin!  You did it!

I can't remember what Cade was whining about here, but this is his classic whine face I see several times a day.

The boys first lunchables.  I decided to start buying these for the boys the days I had to go grocery shopping, that way they eat quickly and then go straight to bed for naps after, AND they're only $.99!!

Cade had a field trip to the Lehi Fire Station, Thursday the 26th, and got a cute fire hat.  Connor was pretty jealous until he remembered he had his own fire hat (a construction hat). Oh Connor is in his undies b/c he had wet himself and I had only cleaned him up and changed his undies by that time.

Monday, April 30th, the boys went for a dentist appointment.  They did great!  So much better than they did the first time.  AND!  No cavities, again!