Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Buh Bye Gammy!

Ok, I know it's been a while since my mom left but I'm just now finishing up her visit. It was so wonderful having her here to visit and help out. She stayed 12 days this time, so it was a few days longer than last year, but it still just flew by and was not long enough. Momma is so fun to have around and busy busy, as you can see in all the past posts. She is a planner and had everything planned and written down in her spiral notebook of everything she wanted to do while visiting. I think we did pretty much everything she planned. My kids loved having her around, especially Cade. She loved holding and taking care of both kids. She woke up with Cade every morning and woke up with Connor at nights. I was really able to catch up on a lot of missed sleep because of that. Connor had previously been waking up every 2 hours!!! So, she only brought him to me once in the middle of the night and early morning, which really helped. Thanks Momma! Oh, she also had me keep him out of my room for now on, so he is sleeping in the hallway now, which has really helped on us both sleeping better now.

We did a lot of other activities while Momma/Gammy was here. We went swimming at my apartment pool almost everyday, we went shopping a few times, we visited her good friend a couple of times, went out to eat a few times (she had to go to Cafe Rio and Jamba Juice), , visited temple square, visited the Longs a few times, hmm...I might add other stuff as I remember, I'm sure Momma will remind me :) We did do something everyday though, it was a very action filled visit.
Momma and Connor, they hit it off from the very start.

Momma's last day, July 14th. Connor was staring at the ceiling for the longest time and eventually...

fell asleep in that same position.

Cade saying goodbye to Gammy.

Bye Momma, I love you!

Connor saying goodbye to Gammy...

Gammy trying to give Connor a kiss goodbye but,...

I guess Connor wasn't satisfied with just a little kiss on the cheek haha He turned his head and planted a big one on Gammy.
Thank you Momma/Gammy, we loved having you here, the boys still miss you! Thank you for coming and helping out so much, I love having you here. Come again soon, PLEASE!!!!

Oquirrh Mountain Open House

The morning before Momma left, Tuesday, July 14th, we went to the Oquirrh Mountain Open house. It was beautiful inside!! It was one of the prettiest temples we've ever seen. I'm so glad Momma insisted on going. Afterward we drove through my favorite community ever, Daybreak! I looove their houses, they're so cute, I would take pretty much any house in Daybreak.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Provo Canyon

Saturday, July 11th, all of us met up in the Provo Canyon for a foiled dinner picnic. We met up with my mom's best friend growing up, Kathy and her kids. We had a great time, it's so beautiful in the canyon!

Cade loved "decorating" the cookies Gammy brought for dessert.

Connor stayed like this the whoooole time! He loves to be outside.

Cameron went fly fishing earlier in the day and he met up with us for the picnic. Cade loves his daddy, he gets so excited when Cameron comes "home."

Momma with her childhood friend, Kathy. She's a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

This is the Place Heritage Park

Friday, July 10th, after Good Things Utah, us and the kids went to This is the Place Heritage Park for a free day of adventures. We rode on the train that gave a tour of the park and walked around a lot! They had tons of booths set up for kids to do different activities. It wasn't very stroller friendly, but good thing I had 2 wonderful helpers there so I didn't have to push at all! :)

They had a smaller train that looped around a small pond and over looked the valley, Leah and I rode on it with Cade. Cade was scared at first, but ended up thinking it was ok.

Here we are together!

Cade looooves his stroller, and even more water bottles. It was a hot hot day, but we had a great time!

Brotherly Love

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Good Things Utah!!!

This year I started watching Good Things Utah faithfully every morning at 10:00 am. I love it!! I have been wanting to sit in the audience for a while now. I thought that with Momma being here it would be a great opportunity to do so! So I went on their website and we were given tickets to attend for Friday, July 10th. Leah babysat so we could go, thank you Leah!!! We had a great time. Although, only 1 out of the 4 hosts were actually there, Angie, who is one of my favorites so it was alright. They also had 2 guest hosts to sit in. I'll have to look up their names later, but they are on ABC4. The guy is Tim Shoemaker from Homes Today and the 2nd lady is Barbara Smith from ABC4 news.

I love this lady!! And she's just as friendly and outgoing in person as she is on the show! The 1st picture is of us getting to meet the hosts after the show. Angie asked how we knew each other, if momma was my sister or friend? I said, "she's my mom" and they all freaked out! Momma told them she even had 10 kids and so I told them I just had my 2nd and the guy said, "what? I thought you were 16!" haha So anyways, there's a funny story. Oh, and they even showed me and said my name on the show to announce my birthday, I was one of the "birthday babies." I can't wait to be in the audience again, it was fun.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Visit to the Zoo

Wednesday, July 8th, Gammy, Aunt Leah, Me, Connor and Cade went to the zoo with Aunt Lisa and cousins, Mason and Ellie. We had a great time. Here Cade is eating his snacks and watching the camels. Cade and Connor were wondeful! Cade was happy just as long as he was in the stroller, he loves that thing!

What's up with this camel's hump?!

This peacock was walking around everywhere. I was eating my lunch and looked away for one second and turned back around to this peacock's face right up to me trying to take my food, it freaked me out! haha

Leah said she took this picture because it looks like the penguins are making a heart.

We sat and watched these elephants eat for a while.

The kids played with this floating ball for a while before Mason and Ellie went home. Cade lost his hat here!! ugh

Aunt Leah and Cade hatching from an egg.

One of the gators got loose!!! I saved my baby though, don't worry :)

Aunt Leah, Gammy and the boys saying goodbye to the zoo. We had a great time.

Some of Our Adventures

Momma and Leah finally arrived July 3rd!!! We had an action packed 12 days while my mom was here. The next few posts will be about our adventures during that time. Leah is actually still here for another couple of weeks!

While they were here Leah dressed Cade...

And Connor :)

They both made sure Cade was fed everyday, and he really enjoyed his yummy food. Momma actually really spoiled him while she was here, she made him french toast every morning! I was afraid he'd expect me to do the same, so far he hasn't complained.

We went and had a wonderful dinner at the Garden Cafe at the Joseph Smith Memorial building. We posed by Joseph Smith himself :) Cameron was there, but he took the picture.

After dinner we went and walked around Temple Square.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Connor's Blessing Day July 5, 2009

We had Connor's blessing on Sunday, July 5th. I would've waited until next month but we wanted Brittany's Momma and sister Leah to be a part of the big day. Connor had his Daddy bless him along with other family members and friends.

Here is Cameron with our 2nd born son after Connor's blessing.

Daddy and his two boys. (Cade was the size of Connor just a year ago, crazy!)

Our growing family.
The guys who stood in the circle for Connor's blessing, well at least the one's that stayed for the pictures. Left to right: David Long, Cameron, Steve Long, and Paul Dean. Our good friend Landon Sullivan and family friend Brother David Dean also stood in the circle, but both had to leave before pictures.
All the friends and family who were able to attend. Left to right: Steve Long and Cade Long, Ellie, Lisa, Dave and Mason Long, Cameron,Brittany, and Connor, Leah and Cheryl Sommers, Nancy Long and Paul Dean. Not pictured: Brother and Sister Dean and Landon Sullivan. Thank you to all those who were able to attend, we really appreciate it!
Cameron's family members who were able to attend: his brother Dave and his family, Lisa, Mason and Ellie and his parents Steve and Nancy.

Brittany's family members that were able to attend: Her mom, Cheryl and sister Leah.

Fourth of July Celebrations

Every 3rd of July we have a huge get together at the Longs. They have a cook out and then we watch fireworks at the golf course near their house. We always have tons of fun!
Cade enjoying all the yummy food. I'm not sure if the food ended up mostly in him or on him.

Trying out our mosquito net. Cade thought it was a lot of fun being behind the net.

Our growing family waiting for the fireworks to start.

The Long family!

My mom (Gammy) and Leah came in early that morning so they got to attend the annual party. It was a lot of fun w/ them there. It was such a long wait, about 3 1/2 weeks after having Connor, for them to come. (More to come about there visit)

Papa Teve and Grandma with Cade.

Connor during the firework show.

Gammy and Aunt Leah keeping Cade warm. Ok, actually I think Gammy was trying to use Cade's body heat, for some reason they were freezing!

Cade's face during the fireworks, "eww wuza?"
My Little Firecracker!!!
The next day, the 4th, was my 25th birthday. Cameron and Leah watched the kids for Momma and I so we could go shopping for clothes for me and cake ingredients. Later Momma watched the boys for us so Cameron could take me to dinner. I forgot my camera so I didn't get a picture from our date.
After dinner we rushed back to go to the Long's for cake and presents. Momma made me a yummy ice cream cake but it wasn't completely frozen by the time we had to leave. So, we had this cake that we didn't use from the night before that momma made, a Hawaiian cake, that we used instead. It was yummy, but not nearly as good as the ice cream cake we got to enjoy the next day. I'll add pictures of those later, I forgot my camera so I took them on the Long's camera, I'll have to get those from them :) Thanks momma for the cakes!
Cade enjoyed the cake!
My cute little baby boy, Connor.

I love fireworks, and it doesn't feel quite like my birthday w/o them. So, Cameron bought me some as a birthday present and I put on a little show for the family and some neighborhood kids. It was fun!