Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving '11

This was my 3rd year in a row hosting Thanksgiving, but this year, by far, we had the largest group.  We ended up having 10 adults and 10 children (plus a 3 week old).  It was crazy, but a lot of fun.  These are the best pictures I could come up w/, I guess I was very distracted by everything else going on.

We actually had 3 tables this year, this main table, another table to fit 4 adults and 2 children, and a children's table, I wish I had gotten a picture of all the tables side, by side.  This was my first time using paper plates and plasticware...I finally gave in.  I was sick of the horrible clean-up afterward, and it actually made it a lot easier!  (Plus we had a lot of help afterward, thanks ya'll.)

This table had 8 kids sitting at it.

I used the same recipe I made last year, turned out great, if I do say so myself.

Right out of the oven, I browned it a lot more than last year.

This year I planned projects for the kids, they made Pilgrim hats (I wanted to take a picture of the kids wearing them all together, but it didn't happen.  I didn't even get a picture of any of the girls hats.) and place mats.

Usually Cameron is the turkey carver, and I think he started out cutting, but his cousin Micheal took over.

The spread, yum!  We had such great food!  And it was so great, having so many ppl really pays off, I feel like I wasn't slaving away in the kitchen as much as I have in the past.  We had Martha Stewart's Herb Roasted Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy (Dave made it, it was amazing!), Green Bean Casserole, Rolls, Scalloped Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Homemade Stuffing, Frozen Fruit Salad, and Deviled Eggs.

The kids eating.

Everyone hanging out after eating.

Having dessert.  We had a pumpkin trifle, pumpkin pie and cheese cake.

Us w/ Cameron's cousin, Micheal and his wife Andrea.

Micheal cut up the remainder of the turkey, he went all the way to the bone!  It was so nice that I didn't have to do it this year!

Cameron's brother Dave and his family, Lisa, Ellie, Cassidy and Mason.

Me w/ my 2nd cousins once removed, Lauren and Alex (I have no idea if that's tell me.  Our moms are cousins.)  We're laughing b/c I was trying to stand on my toes to make myself taller and Alex pushed me down b/c he wanted to feel tall, haha.

Our friends the Strouds, Susan, Vince, Ryan, Austin and, the new little guy, Cole.  It was fun to have friends come over too! 

Our boys are good little buddies.  I tried so hard to get them to sit still so I could take a picture, this is the best I could least they were all looking, haha.

Connor and Cade in their Pilgrim hats at the end of the night.  We had a great Thanksgiving!  Thanks everyone who came, it was so fun to have a full house this year.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Arizona Trip Part II

After the zoo we went back to the Longs.  We had Cameron's Grandparents over for dinner, it was nice to visit w/ them.  While we all talked after eating, the boys played w/ toys.  They were so good.

Wednesday we went to eat at The Indian Village for tacos.

Nancy and Steve w/ the boys while we ate.  Yum!

We totally thought it'd be warm enough to swim while there, but we were wrong.  Apparently we brought in a cold front (it had warmed up a little since we first got there, don't get me wrong, it was perfect weather to just hang outside, just a little too breezy to swim).  But, after the boys naps Wed. we took them to the pool.  We thought we'd try it out, at least once.  The boys only lasted 30 minutes and wanted to go home.

Thursday we all went to watch some Fall Ball.

Cade got a ball!  Not a foul ball, no.  But, it was given to him b/c: While Nancy and I were standing in line for food, Cade walked off.  I looked for a second for him and saw Cameron down a way and figured he had just gone down to him.  I thought nothing of it again until a couple of men came up to me and asked if Cade (who had tears in his eyes) was mine.  I apologized and thanked them for finding him.  I felt so bad!  A few minuted later the men came back w/ a ball and asked Cade if he wanted it (they worked there).  He was so excited, and so was I ;)  I thought it was so nice.

Cameron's Grandparents met up w/ us at the game.

Front: Cameron, Papa Steve, Grandma Gail, Papa Stan.  Back: Grandma Nancy, Connor, Me and Cade.

Leaving the game.

Thursday night (I didn't get a picture) Nancy and Steve watched the boys for us so we could meet up w/ our friends Lindsey and Joe.  We went to dinner for BBQ, walked around the mall then went back to their place and played games. We played this game called Scribblish, it was tons of fun.  I'm not going to explain the rules, but it's kind of like the game "telephone" but through pictures.  The top phrase and picture is what it was supposed to be, but as it went, you can see how it changed.  Cam's picture was a huge hit, can you guess which one was his? We didn't get home until past 1 AM.  We had so much fun hanging out w/ them again.  Thanks Longs for babysitting! 

Friday we hung out at the house and the boys had a great time playing w/ rocks.  Saturday we helped move a bunch of furniture and then the Longs babysat while the boys napped so Cameron and I could go shopping.  We left Sunday and made it home in about 10 1/2 hours.  The boys were really good!  I was surprised b/c for some reason our portable dvd player wouldn't work, so I thought for sure they would whine and complain, but they didn't!  Connor was the one who didn't nap on the way home at all, and you know what?  I think he talked the whole time!  Either to us, to Cade or just to himself, he just talked and talked.  Anyways, we had a fun time.  I'm glad we were able to visit w/ Grandma and Papa for a week, thanks ya'll for letting us come!

Arizona Trip Part I

Cameron had a week left of vacation time, so we decided to go visit the Longs in AZ.  We decided to go Nov. 5th-13th.  I couldn't have asked for the boys to be any better than they were while traveling. They were so good!
Other than Connor getting sick in the middle of the night and throwing up.  He only threw up the one time but we had him sleep in our room and we got hardly any sleep.  So, we slept in and woke up to it snowing, ugh.  We got a late start, at about 9:30 and we were on our way.  A few hours in Connor threw up all over himself, so we had to stop and clean him and his carseat up.  But that was the only other time he threw up, luckily.  Poor guy, it's horrible traveling while sick at your stomach!  I really though he had gotten over it since he only threw up that one time, honest.

Cade was great!  Besides never taking a nap, but he watched his movies.

We stopped at a McDonalds right outside of Vegas.  The boys had a great time playing and having a short break from the car.

Where's Waldo?!  He made me take a picture of him :)
We got there Saturday night, Sunday went to church and then had our friends, the Deans over for Dinner. Then Monday we pretty much hung out some more, did a little grocery shopping and that's it. And Tuesday, Cameron decided that he and his dad wanted to go to watch some Fall Ball and took Cade along. Nancy packed him a backpack full of snack and toys. Cade had a great time and was very well behaved. 

While they did that I decided to take Connor to meet up w/ my friend Lindsey and her son Gabe at the Phoenix Zoo, ranked one of the top 5 in America.  (They just recently moved to Mesa a couple of months ago.)  The next bunch of pictures are of the zoo.

This guy was so fast!  As far as turtles go.

This guy kept coming up to Connor hoping for his sucker.

I doubt we're supposed to feed the ducks, but we gave them some chips anyways.

I had such a good time visiting w/ Lindsey, thanks for meeting up w/ us!