Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween Festivities

It took me a while to decorate for Halloween, but I finally got around to it a week and a half before the big day.

I had to end up re-doing my whole front porch due to a wind storm a few days prior to Halloween.  So annoying!

Our ward had a chili-cook-off and trunk-or-treating a week before Halloween.  The boys were so excited to wear their costumes complete w/ the tights and undies.  I was lucky enough to find the tights and undies at Target a day or 2 before.  I had been searching online and at other stores w/ no success.  Target had them great priced.  (They have been wearing their masks and capes for a couple of months now getting really excited for Halloween)

Have you ever seen a pregnant witch?

These boys are such dorks together haha

Connor getting ready to leave for preschool, all dressed and ready for his first Halloween Party.  I brushed his hair and he looked in the mirror and said, "My look like Gampa!"  I guess the side part and flat to his head?
Connor's little class.  He knew 2 boys names and the 2 cute girls at the end.
Connor went home w/ his friend Ryder after school.  My boys just love him!

Halloween day Cameron's work encouraged them to all dress up, this is what he came up w/ for his costume.  A homeless, creepy guy.

I usually always make the boys something special for breakfast for Halloween morning.  I totally forgot to plan anything, but this is what I came up w/...they loved it. 

Cade all ready for his preschool party.

I forgot to plan something special for their lunch too, but luckily I had stuff for Hot Dog Mummies and Zombie blood.

Later that afternoon, Cameron's work opened up all the offices for families to go around and trick-or-treat at each desk.  They got tons of candy!

Soon after we got back Cameron's brother's Dave and Geoff, along w/ their families came over for chili and trick-or-treating.  It was so fun to spend the evening w/ family! 

I went home and left everyone to finish trick-or-treating after a few homes, but this is what they came home w/.  All the kids were very excited to have so much candy.  Honestly, I just need to remember not to buy candy next year and re-use their candy they get from trunk-or-treating and Cam's work.  They each got 3 buckets full of candy once all was said and done.

I just had to add this picture, he's such a cutie.  He thought it was so funny to wear Mommy's hat.