Sunday, October 31, 2010

Recent Crafts

I got this idea from my friend Erika. I can't find the website where she got the idea from but, I did it a little different though. I got this framed cork board from Hobby Lobby while everything was 50% off, I forgot to take a picture of it w/o the fabric. I then unscrewed the back off, hot glued the fabric to the cork and then screwed it back in.

I then put push pins in all over and hung my jewelry from it. I finally have somewhere to put my jewelry!!! It's like a piece of art too.

My next project I planned was to recover my throw pillows, so here is the fabric I picked out.

I finished the project in one day, just a couple of days after buying the fabric. I was pretty happy w/ the way they turned out.

And last but not least, I made a tutu for my witches costume. I will talk more about that in my next post.


This post is all just a bunch of randomness.

This is my friend, Gennaveeve, who used to live above us in our last apartment and also my Primary president. Thursday, October 7th, she had a few friends over for a "Tea Party," a going away party, she just moved to South Carolina.

The next evening Cade threw up out of no where! We were sad b/c Cameron and I were supposed to go out on a much needed date. But, instead we got to stay home w/ our poor little sick baby. He threw up all over the house! Not fun, for him or us. After many hours we finally found him asleep like this on the floor, poor little guy.

After a while we thought we would try to put him to bed but he threw up again. So we decided to make a little bed down stairs close to us so we could keep an eye on him.

Cade loved his yogurt.

Connor made me take a picture of him too.

Because we couldn't go out the weekend before, Cameron and I decided we would go out the following weekend. We went to a restaurant we hadn't tried before called, Q4U, a bbq place. Every Friday they roast a pig, here it is! It was good too ;)

After we went to the Marble Slab and shared a banana split. It was yummy, and fun!

Cade loved his ice cream, can ya tell?

I got the boys a few outfits for fall/winter, they're a bit big so they can hopefully wear them next year too. This is the best picture I could get of them together "posing."

Silly Connor Wonnor!

Cade wondering what's wrong w/ Connor's shirt. Oh, the boys love to read!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Visits

I am so glad I decided to get a Thanksgiving Point membership. It's nice to have a place to take the boys during the day if we're bored. We have gone quite a few times w/ in the past couple of months.
Monday, September 20th, the boys and I went w/ a friend and her son to the children's gardens at Thanksgiving Point. This was the first time we have gone, we had a lot of fun.
They have a big Noah's Ark where they got to splash around.
A tiny little house, w/ an upstairs.

The boys had fun looking at the fish.

Friday, September 24th, I went to the Animal farm at Thanksgiving Point. The boys always love seeing the animals.
Watching the ducks.

Playing in the "Dance Hall."

Reclining on the cow couch and eating their suckers before going home.
Saturday, September 25th we went to Thanksgiving Point's Pumpkin Harvest. Everything was free, and the boys had a great time.

They had a pumpkin contest for the biggest pumpkins. Their were pumpkins even bigger than this!!!

People even literally carved the pumpkins! This one was the coolest.

There was a water sculpture that all the kids loved playing w/. There were levers and buttons everywhere that made water squirt out.

Cade didn't know what to think of it though.

We even got to go into the big bounce thing.

Cade loooooved it!

They even had free crafts available for kids. Cade really like the glue stick.

Leaving to go home, all the boys were so tired, even Cam ;)

Thursday, October 7th, we went to the Dinosaur Museum w/ a friend and her two boys.

One of their favorite parts, playing w/ the dinosaurs.

And of course they had fun playing in the sand and water w/ their friend Austin.

Connor looked so little and cute in his apron.