Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TN Visit Part IV Bye!!

The next few are all random pictures that Leah and Hannah took.

Oh!  While we were there all the girls went out to watch Breaking Dawn!  Momma, Bonny, Hannah, Leah and cousin-in-law Kelsey.  While Bonny and Momma were waiting in line for consessions, the rest of us decided to go ahead to find seats.  The guy taking the tickets stopped us and asked if we had a parent w/ us.  We went ahead and said yes, that she was getting popcorn.  He then told us to step aside and wait for her to come before we went in.  I was like, "well can't they just go in w/ me?"  He then asked, "Well how old are you?" haha!!!  I answered, "27."  haha He looked a little emberrased and said, "Oh yeah that's fine."  What in the world?!  How old did he think we were?!?  Plus it's not like it was a rated R movie!  Why would we have to wait for our mommy? 

Another time while we were out to dinner w/ the couples, one of Hannah's friends showed up w/ her mom.  Hannah introduced me and told her I was her older sister.  She was like, "What?  How old are you, you look like you're 15!"  And then looked at Cameron and said, "and you know what that makes you look like?" haha what?!  I haven't gotten that young in a very long time!

We got to go watch LeGrand wrestle in Regionals Friday night, the 10th.  I talked Hannah into going w/ us, and Leah wanted to stay home and watch the boys for us.  We had a good time.

I couldn't resist taking a picture.  I thought this was adorable!  All the brothers were all lined up, aren't they cute?  Spencer, Dallas, LeGrand and Hunter.

LeGrand ended up placing 2nd at Regions and went on to place 2nd in State the next weekend.
The next day we left Cameron home w/ the boys and the girls went shopping for dresses for Leah's first Stake dance!!  Didn't she look amazing?!  Way better than I did at her age!  Momma also got me a skirt, 2 shirts and a belt!  She's amazing!

Look at that creeper in the background!

These were both their outfits they came up w/, so cute!  Oh, Hannah is 17.
Sunday, the 12th, we had everyone over for a big dinner before Cameron and I took off to head back home.

Audrey had left for the week to go back to Knoxville and she surprised me by coming back that day to say bye. I was very excited.

Finally after all the festivities Hannah and Momma took us to the airport.  Momma, Hannah and Leah all wrote me the sweetest notes!  We were very sad to say goodbye.

Thanks so much family for putting up w/ us for so long!  I only wished we could've stayed forever!  I loved every minute of my visit.  Can't wait to come again.

Monday, February 27, 2012

TN Visit Part III

Wed., Feb 1st, we met up w/ my friend Danielle and her kids for lunch at Chick-fil-a.  My sister-in-law Audrey and Kayleen came too.  It was so fun!

Left to Right: Anndi, Kayleen, Caleb, Connor and Cade.
Danielle, me and Audrey.

That night I took Leah out for her birthday dinner (she turned 14 Jan. 12th).  She chose Chili's and we even got a free dessert after.

I can't remember where I had been, but I came home to find this!  The kids were outside having a picnic in the tent Gammy bought them.  Oh, Bonny and her kids came Thursday the 2nd to visit until the next Monday.  Cameron also got into town late that night.

Friday, Feb 3rd, we all went out on a couples date.  At least it was supposed to be, but we ended up having a couple singles come ;)  My cousin Robby and his wife ended up coming to visit for the weekend and they brought Carlos, so Hannah went too.

We all went to Demos' for dinner.  Everyone who went: Bonny (Chad had to stay in GA), Paige and Dallas, Daddy and Momma, Spencer and Audrey, Robby and Kelsey and Hannah and Carlos.

After dinner we walked around downtown.  It was so much fun!  We came across a musician and stayed to watch his show.  He ended up calling Cameron to the front to be his helper.  He was so good and so funny!

He had Cameron play some tricks w/ an orange.  Then he borrowed money from some guy, did some tricks w/ it...

Had Cameron examine this orange for any cuts, put it in a bag and then later the money ended up being inside of the orange!!!  You had to be there for sure, but it was pretty amazing!!

What's a downtown picture w/o Elvis?!

Leah was nice enough to watch all of our kids for us!  She even bathed every last one of them!  She took this picture and shared it w/ us while we were gone, it was so sweet.

Tues, the 7th, we went out to dinner w/ Paige and Dallas.  We went to Jim n Nicks (my 2nd time, and Cameron had never been).  It ended up that Cameron was very upset after tasting the food.  He couldn't believe he had never eaten there before, he said it was the best brisket he had ever eaten.  It really was so good.  We also had a great time hanging out w/ just Paige and Dallas.  They were a lot of fun.

I came home to find Leah asleep on the floor.  I guess she figured sleeping in the hallway was better than sleeping w/ Hannah.

The next day we took the boys to their first pet store.  They had so much fun!!  They loved talking about all the animals after.  *Sidenote, Connor made me hold on to take this picture just so he could put his hood on.  As soon as I finished taking the picture he took the hood off again.  It was pretty cute.  Also, I got these sweatshirts for bog1free at H&M!!  They were also $5 on sale, so I got them for $5 total!  I also got them 4 long sleeve T-shirts ($8 total), 2 button up dress shirts ($7 total), so I got a great deal!

I'm not a cat lover, but if I had been in Utah when we found this cat I would have been seriously tempted to take him home!  This little guy would follow our hands behind the glass w/ his paw, it was so sweet!

TN Part II (Georgia)

I headed to Bonny's Thursday morning on the MegaBus.  I only paid $20 round trip for Cade and I! (Connor got to stay w/ Gammy). It took me to Atlanta, so Bonny had to pick me up and take me back from Columbus, where she lives.  So here's a little story.  Wednesday we saw on the news that a Mega Bus had been involved in a major accident w/ some of their passengers being sent to the hospital somewhere near Nashville.  We wondered if it would affect my bus but he hadn't heard anything about it.  So, my dad took us to the bus stop at the normal time, although I was only 5 minutes early, rather than the 15 recommended minutes.  I got really worried when the time became 10 after 9 and no Mega Bus in sight!  I called customer service, which didn't know anything, and transfered me a couple times to other people.  Finally, they told me to call back.  After about 40 minutes of waiting we found out they were going to arrive about an hour and 1/2 late.  So, being the nice flexible Daddy/gampa he is, he took us out to breakfast at Panera Bread.  Finally after much stress and anticipation the bus arrived and we were on our way.  When we arrived in Atlanta Bonny couldn't find us b/c of the odd address that Mega Bus supplied us, so after about 30 minutes of searching, we finally found eachother and we headed to her house.

That night Bonny made the most delicious smothered Pork chops, mashed potatoes and green beans!  Yum, I'm hungry just thinking about it now.  Then we rented and watched a movie after the kids went to bed.  The next day I was woken up about 6:30 their time (4:30 mine) w/ the kids getting ready for school.  For the life of me I can't remember what we did that morning until we picked the kids up early from school to go eat lunch w/ Chad (Bonny's hubby).  Then we played outside for the next few hours, or the kids did while Bonny and I made button earrings.  That's right!  We went to Hobby lobby before picking up the kids!

I'm so mad I forgot my camera in TN, b/c these are the only pictures I got to take w/ Bonny's camera.  Didn't get any pictures of the 2 of us together though :*(  Bonny has a huge front, back and side yard, and the kids had a blast outside.  Hallie, Cade and Owen were the best little buds, and they were so patiant w/ Cade.

Little Knox! Love this kid!  And, he loved me, apperantly he doesn't go to just anyone, but he would me!

They also have this huge play/sun room.

After playing and crafting, we met up at Chad's work to swim.  He's the aquatics director at the college there.  It was such a fun pool!  Bonny and I swam a few laps after trying out the lazy river for a while.  Then we got dressed ate and left the kids w/ Chad.  He was so nice to get them home and put to bed all on his own!  Bonny and I got to have a girls night and watched One for the Money, a cute chick flick.  We then returned home to watch an Affair to Remember.

The next day, Saturday, we left Knox w/ Chad and headed to Atlanta.  We met up w/ our good family friends, Amy and Stagg Greene, for lunch where they treated us to California Pizza Kitchen.  Yum!  Then our cousin, Anna, met up w/ us and we did some shopping at H&M, some other shops and finally Ikea.  We picked out a few items for my mom, which I brought back that night.  Anna drove me to the bus station and I headed back to TN, they were on time this time. 

We had a great time visiting Bonny and her family!!  I only wish it was a longer visit.  Cade still talks about visiting his cousins and all the fun we had.  Thanks so much for letting us visit.

Connor had the time of his life by himself.  My family were so scared that he'd be horrible and cry the whole time b/c I was gone.  I figured he's actually be better b/c I was gone.  It ended up that I was right!  They said he was so good.  And, Gammy got him a happy meal one day and a Burger King Kid's meal the next.  This is a huge thing for him, I think I've probably bought one for them to share, ever!  Thanks Momma for keeping him for me!
Oh, while I'm on the subject of Bonny, let me show you what she gave me for Christmas!

As soon as I got home I had to find a place for them.  This was one of Bonny's own creations, she came up w/ this idea herself!  Amazing right?

She designed it especially for my 1/2 bath downstairs!  Perfect right?  (FYI, the other picture was her idea too)

Then she made this "L" plaque, I found the perfect spot above my kitchen sink window.  Perfect!  Thanks Bonny!