Friday, April 15, 2011

Pacifier Free Zone!!!

We finally have a pacifier free house!!!  (As I'm writing this post, Connor can see the pictures and is screaming, "My Nana!!" and hitting me. He calls his blankets by the same name, I think he came up w/ it from referring to it w/ "Night, Night," maybe?)  Anyways, last Tuesday, April 5th, was the first day he went w/o it.  The first few days, for nap time and nighttime he had a hard time falling to sleep.  He cried a lot, and finally cried himself to sleep.  He still has a little bit of a withdrawal.  I've been wanting to get rid of it for a while now, just didn't want to go through the process.  He had been waking up a lot during the middle or the night or early morning crying screaming for his paci!  Finally early Tuesday morning I got up to help him find it, I couldn't find it anywhere!  That's when I decided we would no longer be using the pacifier.  The searches for a paci every nap and night time was exhausting!  Waking up to help him find it, ughh!!!  I was done!  You know the odd thing?  Usually throughout the day, everyday, Connor would come across a pacifier in some random spot in the house (He usually only used a paci for naps and bedtime).  We hadn't found one anywhere up until a couple of days ago, which made it a lot easier to keep them away from him :)  Connor found one today, I wasn't paying attention, and he must've been sucking on it for, what, 10 minutes, at least, before I took it from him.  He was not a very happy little man.  I've felt bad b/c the past 3 days he's been so sick, and it would've been so nice to just give him his paci for comfort.  But, I've been strong and resisted the temptation.  Here are a few pictures I found w/ his plug in his mouth...

Cade took these last 3.  He loves to take my camera, w/o my knowledge, and take pictures.  These are some I found on there a couple of weeks ago.

Connor was so cute and sweet w/ his paci, it really made him feel like my little baby.  He was so cute when he tried to talk w/ it still in his mouth, or when he'd quickly take it out to say something and instantly put it back it.  Or, when he just sat there rubbing his face w/ his blankie and sucking on his paci at the same time, so sweet!  I was actually a little sad to take it away.  But, the negatives outweighed the cuteness. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Totally '80's Continued...

These pictures were taken by Annie...

This was a matching games one of the other couples put together for all of us to play.  Very cute idea.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Totally '80's!!!

My friend, Annie's, husband asked me to "help" plan her birthday party for this past Friday, April 8th.  She decided she would love to have an '80's themed party that included old school games, dancing and fun!  I had a lot of fun studying up on decorations and styles from the '80's.  I had a lot of help from the movie 13 Going on 30! :)

Annie is so cute!  She had a photo center set up so we could all take "yearbook" photos!  Aren't we just so dang cute? ;)

Horrible picture, but welcome to a blast from the past!!

Yes, that's right, slap bracelets!!

Yearbook photo center.

We had everyone bring appetizers, yum!

Yeah, that would be Regan, Annie's hubby!  The sad thing is, that's his normal daily wear. 

The birthday girl taking yearbook photos.

Yes, that's right, we played pin the tail on the donkey!  Everyone was in charge of a game, this was mine.

The one thing Regan made sure to be in charge of was the birthday cake.  He made it all on his own.  It was a yummy ice cream cake!

All the gals L-R: Jamie, Amy, Kristie, Lori, Annie, Jen, and me!

All the guys: Grant, Paul , Steve, Regan, Cameron, and Aaron.

Dang! I wish we could dress like this everyday!  Although, my hair was killing my by the end of the night!

Me and the birthday girl.  Happy Birthday Annie!!!  I had a ton of fun!

The rest of March, and into April...

Here's a little of what we've been up to lately...

A while back, we had the opportunity to watch baby Cora (Geoff & Erin's) for a few hours, we loved it, especially the boys!  This is how I was able to get her to sleep!  She's so sweet.

Ok, I just had to share this!  He's such a little cutie!  He was posing for the picture saying, "Cheeth!" (Cheese)

Then he decided to fun away from me, so of course I had to take a picture of his chubby bum!

I tried to catch Connor still asleep, but by the time I got my camera and came back to take a picture, this is how I found him.

He didn't know what to think about having a camera in his face right when he woke up.

During General Conference a couple of weekends ago, we entertained the boys with a conference packet.  This is one of the activities found in the packet.  They were entertained for a couple of minutes anyways ;) 

Last Wednesday the boys and I planted some seeds for chives.  We got a couple of packs from the yogurt I bought them.  They had the directions and told us everything we needed.

The boys were not very good at pouring water.  It got everywhere!

And yes, those are Cade's undies and pants on the counter.  He had just gone potty and didn't want to wait to plant his seeds before putting them back on.

I got the boys a couple of bubble wands from the dollar store.  Of course they broke one before we even got to play w/ it.  And!  While I was in the house cleaning some glass that broke, they decided they needed more bubbles and poured out the whole big bottle of bubbles that I had just bought, that day!  Good thing it was just a dollar, right?

We got this beauty from my in-laws when they moved.  I really do love it!  It's an antique children's pedal car, I believe it's from the 50's.  But, I decided we needed to get rid of it.  It just took up space in our garage, and every time the boys played w/ it they hurt themselves.  It's made of really sturdy tin, just like cars back then.  It's missing the 2 wooden ladders and the chain for the bell and it's really pretty rusted, other than that it's in great working condition!  So, I did a little bit of research to see what people was saleing these cars for, it ranged from about $35 to close to $300, depending on the quality.  I didn't think ours was too bad off, so I decided to put it for sale on KSL for $100, thinking I'd get $50, maybe $75.  While I was posting the add, I got a call!  He offered $50 w/o seeing pictures (I was posting the pics while he called).  I told him I was hoping for a little more ;) and told him to maybe check out the pictures first.  About 10 minutes later I got another call, this mad offered $85, which was more than I expected!  But, since it was still early I figured why not try for more?  I told him I'd like to wait and see if I can get more and I'd let him know.  He didn't want to wait and see, so he offered the full price!!  What?!  I took it, but now I'm just wondering how much more I could've gotten out of this thing!  I mean, it was sold w/ in 10 minutes of posting the add.  I got several more calls later, but had to tell them it was sold.  Anyways, turns out this man has just gotten into restoring old toys and wants to get new ladders and a chain for this car.  Display it on a shelf in his garage and then pass it down in his family w/ time.  Cool right?!

Silly Connor!  He was actually screaming for help until I took this picture.  Somehow he got stuck like this!

A few nights ago, the boys both wanted to wear the "Melmo" pjs, so I decided to split up the pjs so they both had a little of both.  They didn't want to compromise at the time, but they both were happy by the end.