Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy 29th Birthday Cameron!!

Happy 29th to this man, a New Year's baby!!!  We actually started celebrating Cameron's birthday a day early.  We went to Famous Dave's for his birthday lunch the day before.  If you didn't know, you can sign up for their birthday club or something, and they send you a buy one entree get one free...so we got a great deal!  We also went out shopping after to buy our New Years outfits.

The next morning I let Cameron sleep in and made hime breakfast in bed.  I tried out a new Breakfast Casserole recipe.  It tasted great!

Then that afternoon after church we had Cameron's brother Dave and his family over for dinner and cake.  Cameron never lets me branch out and make something new, so here's his always requested Yellow Cake w/ chocolate frosting.

I forgot I ran out of candles, so I used the balloon candles from the boy's b-day last  year.

Cameron is one good lookin' guy for being 29 huh?! ;)

Mason, Ellie, Cade and Connor enjoying cake and Ice cream.  Thanks Dave, Lisa, Mason, Ellie and Cassidy for joining us for Cameron's big day!  Oh!  They also made Cameron 2 big plates full of Kim Pop, a Korean style Sushi, it was amazing!

So once again, Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband, Cameron!  I'm so happy he's in my life, he never ceases to make like fun and exciting.  He's a great daddy and friend.  I love you Cam!

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Bonny Day said...

I went to sign up for Famous Dav'es Birthday List and what do ya know..they don't have famous daves in Ga? What??